Who Is This Dude?

Hey, nice to meet you. Thanks for being here and wanting to know a little more about me, I think that’s very cool.

Let me first tell you a bit about this blog. SocialMouths is my vehicle to deliver free advice on what takes to be successful online. I mostly talk about blogging, social media, web traffic, content marketing, conversion and email marketing.

The goal is to provide massive value on a weekly basis with a 0% bullshit attitude.

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What Others Have Said And Some Interviews

A couple of mentions and other places I have been featured on…

How To Contact Me

  • Best and fastest way is email
  • Find me online, usually on TwitterFacebook or Google+
  • Voicemails are completely eliminated from my life so don’t even bother

Again, thanks for stopping by and I hope you have fun and benefit from what I do!

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