My Life Without Klout

klout This is a guestpost by Brad Shorr from Straight North.

Like many social media participants, I “joined” Klout without really knowing it, without really caring one way or the other. Towards the latter half of 2011, Klout became quite prominent — and controversial. Despite a lot of criticism of it from people I respect and my own ill-defined angst, I kept playing along.

Eventually I decided not only that Klout has fatal flaws, but also that I needed to put my money where my mouth is and disconnect from it. So I did.

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Using Curation To Increase Your Influence

how to curate web content This is a guest post by Dave Gallant.

With over 70% of web users curating content instead of creating it, digital curation can be a powerful way to increase your overall influence across the web.

In this post, I’m going to share a few unique techniques I’ve discovered to increase your influence using digital curation. But before we jump into the “how”, you need to be certain the content you’re curating is exceptional.

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How To Stop Talking About Influence

Klout Influence Score Influence was one of the most used and abused words of 2010. I probably contributed with my share too.

But it seems like lately everywhere you turn there is a discussion about it, either to redefine the term, to analyze how it should be measured or simply to say that Klout Scores are not relevant.

Let’s face it, Klout has been under fire for the last few weeks. Then you’re not helping yourself when you come out and say that Justin Bieber is more influential than the Dalai Lama, Barak Obama or Lady Gaga (I think Gaga deserves the top spot). But let’s stop right here, bear with me for a second to explain where I’m going with this and make my point. This is a short post.

Should I Not Pay Attention To Klout Then?

I’m not here to recommend you should or shouldn’t use Klout or to question their formula, Justin Bieber is probably more influential than Obama these days anyways. The concern to me is how we use this score, I think it is a fine metric as a marketing tool for your personal brand and I can even see it as some kind of social proof, you know, another counter on your sidebar. But we should not be looking at it as to measure how much influence we really have.

Let’s Step Back For A Second…

According to the dictionary, Influence is the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others.

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Win A FREE Review Of Your Blog And Social Media

Review Of Your Blog And Social Media by SocialMouths Yes, it’s that time again. Time to give away stuff here at SocialMouths. Time to accumulate some good Karma credits.

If you have been reading SocialMouths for a while, you probably noticed that I like giving stuff away from time to time. Today I’ll take the opportunity to promote one of my new services, a Review Of Your Blog And Social Media. Even tough this was not listed as a service before, I’m often asked to review blogs, Facebook Pages and social media strategies in general so, I decided to officially offer it to my readers.

This is also a good way to thank you all because SocialMouths just finished October with an all-time high in traffic, double its subscriptions, had the lowest bounce rate in the history of humanity and for the first time in one year, the number one source of traffic was “Google Organic” (not sure what that means yet since I don’t pay much attention to SEO in this blog).

Anyways, back to you. Let’s go over what the prize includes, how the contest works and the requirements…

The point of this type of review is that we sometimes get stuck in one way of doing things, we put in the hard work over long hours trying to be successful in our social media and blogging efforts and we can’t seem to get ahead in the game. Those are the times when we need an outsider to come in and give us a good reality check, a constructive one of course. Getting somebody else’s perspective can help us unstuck and adjust our strategy. Even better if we get somebody with experience, with a share of success as well as failure under his belt to point out specifics.

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10 Tips To Drive Twitter Traffic To Your Blog

How to drive Twitter traffic to your Blog - SocialMouths Do you wanna drive Twitter traffic to your blog like it’s 5pm in Los Angeles?

Okay, I understand this post is not for everybody. I wanted to write it anyway because I’ve had a few people ask about my own experience, so I decided to share some of the things I do.

Twitter can become your blog’s best friend when it comes to traffic. I’m not suggesting that you use it for that purpose only but, if you run a blog and feel like you could be getting a little more love from it, perhaps you should adjust your strategy and integrate some of these tips.

There are some basics that we are going to skip, like having a good descriptive bio, link to your blog, take advantage of the real estate on the background, etc.

I promise you two things with this post:

  • While I can’t promise specific results, I can tell you that if you follow this advice, you should be able to at least start moving the needle
  • And I will not use the word “Viral” =)

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Snapshot Of Your Social Media Presence [Part 4]: Impact

Measuring Social Media Impact Are you showing up or are you making an impact?

You can enter a room full of people and be completely invisible. Translated to online marketing that will be like setting up a static website and leave it there to act as a digital business card and that my friends, it’s soooo ten years ago.

The truth is that a company is having an impact either way, intended or unintended, even by being absent. Can you measure impact? Today I’m rolling out the 4th installment of the series “Snapshot Of Your Social Media Presence” and we’ll discuss exactly that, impact.

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How To Manage Your Twitter Following And Followers

tweetbird Are you truly aware of who’s following you or not? The mutual relationships? Or who is worth following and who’s not?

In this post we will review the importance of managing your following/followers on Twitter and a couple of tools to create a painless process to do so.

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