Blog Review


Get a 30-minute video review of your blog. We go deep into your blog to provide you with exclusive advice you can implement right away.

Facebook Page Review


Facebook Page Review
Get a 30-minute video review of your Facebook Page. Let us take a look and tell you how to optimize to improve your performance.

Social Media Assessment


Get a 1-hour video assessment of your overall blog and social media activity. We’ll tell you how to improve to bring in more leads and customers.


Affordable Blog Design


If you’re looking to design a blog to showcase your cat’s ninja tricks, you’re better off taking the DIY approach. But if you need to launch a blog that will be part of your online marketing, you’re definitely in the right place.

That of course doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay thousands of dollars. Find out how we can help you design, develop and launch a blog that represents your business and that converts to subscribers and prospects, without losing your shirt…

À la Carte


Hey, we understand sometimes you don’t need a new blog, start your social media or rethink the whole thing, but you do have specific needs to fix or improve. That’s why we created this, kind of an open service, to cover those needs.

Let me give you an example, the other day Ali needed a new sales page, an ebook design and new calls-to-action in her sidebar. John wanted to design and implement a new email signup strategy and track the results in analytics. In other words, you’re welcome to ask us anything you need!


One-on-one Coaching


I’ve been on the Internet since your computer used to make weird noises to connect and your email address was from AOL (by the way, I know a few of you that still have that address, drop it, you’re embarrassing yourself).

I made my first sales online before social media existed and ran my first campaigns on MySpace when Justin Timberlake was getting wedgied in Junior High…

Over the years I’ve helped many people take their businesses online, create strategies, generate traffic, make sales and much more. I can do the same for you.


* These services are offered to small businesses only. If you represent a brand please email us for an accurate quote.