Snapshot Of Your Social Media Presence [Part 3]: Your Network

Analyze Your Social NetworkRolling out the 3rd. installment of the series “Snapshot Of Your Social Media Presence”, this time we’ll be talking about how to measure and analyze your network.

Last week we went over Part 1: The Hub in which we discussed how to look at traffic and rankings to establish a starting point and be able to measure and compare results over time. Later in the week I published Part 2: Content Performance and we looked into analyzing the actual content you generate on your blog rather than the blog itself…

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Snapshot Of Your Social Media Presence [Part 2]: Content Performance

Social Media Content PerformanceHow is your original content performing out there on the social web? How is the user interacting with it? or, what is the life of your posts?

This is part 2 of the series “Snapshot Of Your Social Media Presence“, a few days ago I published Part 1: The Hub in which we talked about different measurements for your blog or site.

Today we’ll look into content performance and as I said previously, probably my favorite one when it comes to metrics.

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How Are You Using Google Buzz? Or… Are You Using It? [Poll]

As usual, Google makes a big splash launching new products and also as usual, the hype dies pretty quick.

I don’t question that Google Wave or Google Buzz might be great products but I don’t agree with the whole “it will change the way you use the internet” parade created around it. The truth is that today, people are still talking about Twitter.

How about you? How do you use it? if you do… vote in our poll and let’s find out what we think of Buzz and feel free to give us your comments too

Snapshot Of Your Social Media Presence [Part 1]: The Hub

SocialMouths - Snapshot of your online presence Do you really have an idea of where you or your company stand online today?

There are several conversations on how to develop a social media strategy but in this case, we are suggesting you take a step back to look at who you are online, where you’re standing today. What kind of reach do you have? Are you an influencer in your segment? Do people know about you in your industry?

Figure this out first and then move forward, plan, set up goals, compare.

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Is Twitter Killing Blog Subscriptions?

Is Twitter Killing Blog SubscriptionsThere have been discussions on whether or not Twitter is affecting blog commenting and even if it’s killing blogging in general. This time we wanted to see how blog subscriptions, both RSS and Email, are being affected.

Instead of researching and relying on existing data, I wanted to ask people, not from the blogger’s point of view but the people that consumes them. We started conversations on Twitter, our Facebook Fan Page and I published a post last week with the question: How Do You Follow The Blogs You Love? And the intention of this post is to discuss those responses.

I should make very clear that the results are a very small sample of less than 200 people and by no means we are suggesting this is a formal study. Just a conversation.

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20 Social Media Divas You Should Be Following

Social Media Divas You Need To FollowTo finish the week, we wanted to spread some love and create a list of the most influential women in social media today.

These women are either providing great content online or leading the industry into new concepts or technologies. The truth is that they are leaders worth following online.

Two things to mention before going on the list:

First, There is no specific order, this is not a ranking, I just listed 20. And…

Second, of course there are many more that I probably left out but it’s your turn to add your favorite divas in the comments section of this post.

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The New SocialMouths Design And The Reasons For It

SocialMouths New Blog DesignSo it’s pretty obvious that last week we made some drastic changes to the way SocialMouths looks but we wanted to go over these changes and what they mean to us and to you as a reader or client.

These are not just changes on the front-end, stuff happened in the back as well as it is happening as a business, something we’ll address and share with you in a few days. For now let’s see what happened on the design and technical side…

It will be awesome if you have a couple of minutes to share your thoughts about it in the comments section. We have no problem with getting either positive or negative feedback so feel free to shoot!

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