How Being Inconsistent Can Damage Your Online Brand

Being inconsistent could damage your online brand and reputationLast April was a crazy month for me. I was in Antigua Guatemala for a week, came back to Los Angeles for 3 days, flew to Santiago Chile for 10 days (that’s a 12-hour flight in case you didn’t know), came back to Los Angeles again for a week to finish rushing to Miami for a couple of days.

But that wasn’t all, I did all this in the middle of clients projects and, except for Guatemala, the rest of the traveling was strictly business (when I say business that includes drinks and cigars in the middle… I didn’t say I was complaining). On top of that, my blog has been experiencing some serious issues that required some special attention. Just so you get an idea, every time I publish a post, the entire site goes down, sometimes it will disconnect from the database or it will go completely blank.

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Are Your Twitter Efforts In Vain?

Are all your Twitter efforts in vain?This is a guest post by Leo Widrich from BufferApp.

When I joined Twitter as a super late adopter, just under a year from now I had some strange views.

For some reason I thought that whatever I posted will be seen by everyone, every link will be clicked by all followers and at least half of them will Retweet my tweets, because they are so awesome.

Turns out, that’s not how it works. Gladly those naïve views above where I thought everything is about me and what I post have faded, more about that later.

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Brand Rebels – Stand Up And Be Counted

Brand Rebels – Stand Up And Be CountedThis is a guest post by Ben Austin of The Ben Channel.

As I roam the Internet highways, as I mooch around creative members’ clubs in London’s Soho, as I collaborate with brilliant business partners across borders, as I witness many cultures from all backgrounds being empowered by entrepreneurship, as I meet more and more inspiring people; I’m starting to see a movement pumping in the undercurrent so strong that you can feel it everywhere I turn.

It’s the time for the brand rebels to stand up and be counted. The world is ready for you. Never has there been an easier more attractive time to turn up the heat in business. Never has rebelling ever been as wondrous. It’s an entrepreneur’s revolution. Take a look around you. See it? Smile.

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Don’t Listen To Anybody – The Weirdest Advice You’ll Ever Get About Promoting Your Blog

Don’t Listen To Anybody – The Weirdest Advice You’ll Ever Get About Promoting Your Blog

You probably already read a thousand posts about how to promote your blog.

Every blog about blogging has published one and, hell, I probably have written something about it too. And yet, how to put my blog on the map is one of the most frequent questions I get from clients and friends. I don’t blame you, blogging is one of the hottest marketing vehicles nowadays (I heard).

Commenting, guest posting, free gifts, you name it. If you ask me, all good advice. I’m not about to tell you not to do those things because I truly believe they help get some visibility back to your blog. Allow me a couple of minutes to make my point.

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3 Simple Design Principles To Boost Your Authority And Explode Conversions

Design PrinciplesThis is a guest post by Barron Cuadro of

There seems to be a big misconception that site design is simply about beautifying a web page. A designer’s job is to take a page of text and pretty it up by scattering a couple of pictures here and there, maybe choosing a sexy font, adding some links, and BOOM! Successful website. Watch the steady stream of opt-ins and millions in revenue just pile up.

Though I sometimes wish the job was that easy, that’s never the case. In fact, design is such an underrated skill set and rarely gets the recognition it deserves.

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Free Has Given Me Freedom – A Look Inside The Free Fans Kit

The Free Fans Kit by In TreehousesWhy are you giving all this stuff away for free?

I get this question sometimes, mostly from three dimensional people in my life that lives outside the blogosphere and the social web. I get others such as “Why don’t you close SocialMouths and charge for your content?” or “Why do you spend so much time on something that doesn’t give you a freakin’ penny?”

As long as it’s not my wife, I usually don’t care about responding to that but today, Thom Chambers has provided me with the perfect answer: “Free has given me Freedom.”

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Why Automation Is Destroying Your Brand And Your Reputation

Automation destroys your brand reputationThis is a guest post by Gregory Shumchenia of Modern Pigeon.

I’ve heard things like “we use automation to help build relationships” or “we’re extending our personality on Twitter by using automated postings”. Really? Does that sound fundamentally wrong to anyone else or is it just me?

Let’s be clear first and define what Twitter automation really is. It’s scheduling tweets to be posted automatically, and it’s typically done in bulk and when the user is not physically at his or her computer. A number of platforms allow you to upload tons of pre-written messages and schedule the exact minute they will publish to your Twitter account, thus reducing the amount of time you have to spend on Twitter. Automation can also take the form of the auto-follow or the auto-direct-message. This way when someone follows you on Twitter you automatically follow them back or send a generic DM thanking them for following you.

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