Free is Boring: Why You Need to Change How You Give Stuff Away

Change how you give stuff awayThis is a guest post by Thom Chambers from In Treehouses.

On January 15th, 2001, a revolutionary website launched with a simple goal: to provide a home for the world’s knowledge. The aim was ambitious, but that wasn’t what captured the imagination – what grabbed people was that this online encyclopedia would be free. Free to read and, more importantly, free to create.

The story of Wikipedia from this point on perfectly shows the three stages in the life of that thing we call Free:

At first, Free was considered impossible; even Wikipedia’s founder, Jimmy Wales, anticipated that entries would be “complete rubbish”. Next, Free was remarkable. An online encyclopedia created by volunteers and free to access? Incredible! Then, finally, Free was boring. Information is being added to Wikipedia faster than you can read it. It’s normal. When you can get a song or a TV show or a movie for free, of course you should get information for free.

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How To Build A Facebook Landing Page With iFrames

How to build a Facebook landing tab with iFrames - by SocialMouthsI know it has been on your mind lately: How do I build a landing tab on Facebook now that FBML is gone?

What are iFrames anyways? Is this now in the hands of super-geek programmers only? Can Francisco from SocialMouths write another one of those spectacular posts like he did with the Facebook FBML Landing Tabs?

Well, that post I mention has 44,405 pageviews in 4 months. It represents 10% of the total pageviews. I guess I better cover iFrames because starting last week, nobody gives a crap about FBML and my superstar post is now obsolete.

But I want to do something massive, a monster post with some 2,500 words where I explain every single step with plenty links and screenshots. Some epic shit. More than a post, I want this to be a guide. Why? Because I loved the comments I got on the last post, people telling me “Hey thanks, I was actually able to do it and my landing page is now live”.

Important: There is a little surprise at the end of the post so make sure you don’t miss it!

I should advise you that the post is full of screenshots and it might take longer than usual for the page to load so have some patience.

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The Five Steps to Creating a Perfect Guest Blogging Strategy

Guest Blogging StrategyThis is a guest post by Ann Smarty from SEO Smarty.

Guest blogging is an incredible resource, one that is often ignored as a valid promotional technique. Because in the end, that is exactly what it is: a way of promoting your website, your niche and – above all – yourself. It might not pay, which puts a lot of people off, but it has an incredible payoff by way of increased visibility and tapping into new reader pools that may not have followed you before.

The most invaluable thing provided by your guest posting is that you are increasing your experience and your presence on the web. You are putting yourself out there to be viewed as someone who really knows there stuff, and who is trusted by other experts in the field to contribute to their popular and entertaining/informative site. This will give you greater leverage when it comes to setting rates in the future, showing your portfolio to potential clients, and just expanding the worth of your own blog in both monetary value and exposure.

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The 5 Worthy Intangibles of Engagement

The 5 Worthy Intangibles of EngagementThis is a guest post by Danny Wong from Blank Label Group.

Getting social is a bit hard for companies that are very hard pressed on ROI and are forced to focus all of their attention on improving the “numbers.” The fact is though, Social Media isn’t at all about the numbers and is a lot more about engagement. There is a ton of great value you, as a business, can get from engaging with your community.

Here are 5 intangibles of engagement that make Social Media entirely worthwhile:

1. Trust and Respect from your Community

When you take the effort to make those one-on-one connections, or even connections with multiple people at once, giving all of them a fair amount of attention, those people that you connect with will respect you more and are more likely to convert at a later point or even right away.

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Blog Post Promotion: A Look Inside Kikolani’s New eBook

The ultimate blog post promotion guide by kikolaniContent is no longer King. It has become a minimum requirement to do anything online. It’s expected.

What really makes a difference in the blogosphere today is a good set of skills to promote that awesome content you craft week after week. This is something I have emphasize in numerous occasions here at SocialMouths, if you have something amazing to share, something that can affect people’s lives, you are responsible for putting that awesome sauce in front of the right audience.

Last week in San Jose, Costa Rica, after 2 days of intense learning at a private marketing conference in which I also had to present, I’ve decided to take Friday to empty my brain, enjoy the beautiful weather and do nothing. Let the day take me wherever… Pura vida!

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How To Successfully Use Twitter For Relationship Marketing

How to use twitter as a relationship marketing toolThis is a guest post by Antonia Harler from Social Glitz

I’m not telling you anything new when I say that Web 2.0 and social media have changed the way we use the Internet. Neither am I telling you anything new when I say that that’s the reason why marketers and PR professionals are finding themselves in an increasingly difficult situation. We, as consumers, are no longer as easily identifiable as we used to be. These days, us consumers can be any number of things. Producers, users, active participants, members of niche communities, and if worse comes to worst, even critics.

So how can the companies of today ensure that they don’t only find new customers and retain existing ones but also avoid all hell breaking lose when they are confronted with a critic that happens to be quite influential in the online space?

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How To Reach An Entirely New Audience For Your Blog

This is a guest post by Hector Cuevas from

There are a lot of reasons why your blog might not be growing, but I don’t have enough time or space in this article to get into all of them.

How to reach a new audience for your blog

What I am going to do is give you the one thing that changed it all for me. This idea, although simple in nature, is very powerful.

I don’t know where I first heard it, but I owe the success I’ve had with my blog to this one single sentence. OK. I’m done building anticipation; here it is. The best way to grow you blog is to leave it. Right about now you’re either having an “Aha” moment or you’re confused as hell.

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How to Double Your Retweets In Two Days

How to double your retweets in two daysThis is a guest post by Jonathan Wondrusch from ByBloggers

Three weeks ago, I was in a place where my best posts were getting around 25 retweets – max.  Average was 15-20. Sure, I had a few outliers like the launch of my e-book that got even more, but what I really wanted was a way to drive more traffic to my site.

I started looking toward my friends to see who had the most effective social media strategies. Immediately, Francisco, our valiant leader here at SocialMouths, stuck out. While some of my friends were getting 30-50 tweets, somehow, Francisco was getting hundreds. It seemed that nearly every post he writes goes crazy. I wanted to know how.

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