5 Free Tools to Manage Your Online Reputation

5 Free Tools to Manage Your Online Reputation

This is a guest post by Shanna Mallon from StraightNorth.

When it comes to business, few things are more powerful than a good name.

With a strong reputation, you attract new clients, keep the ones you have, and grow. And while in the old days, managing a company reputation meant managing public perception across geography, today the Internet adds another important layer.

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5 Facebook Fan Page Problems and How to Fix Them

Facebook Fan Page TipsGuest post by Daniel Sharkov from Reviewz N Tips.

Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook are probably the top three social media sites that every blogger should be on right now.

And even though the first two have millions of users under their belt and are great lead generation tools, there really is no other network as powerful as Facebook.

Just try to think who of your friends doesn’t have a Facebook account!

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The True Cost Of Bad Customer Service [Infographic]

What is Bad Customer Service Costing Your Business?

Many companies make the mistake to only focus on the obvious, is the phone ringing? are we closing sales?

But there are many other, less obvious (I don’t want to say “hidden”) aspects of business, that directly affect the bottom line. Customer service is one of them.

In a way, social media has helped bring customer service to the very front end of business. Customer services is no longer a “behind-the-scenes” thing. We’ve always known that is easier to keep an existing customer than finding a new one but, in the era of “everything is public”, it also plays a big role on the marketing of the company.

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Grow Your Social Media Relationships with Storytelling

Grow Your Social Media Relationships with Storytelling

Guest post by Monica Carter Tagore, co-founder of Writer’s Living.

We have so many tools to help us collect lots of contacts on our favorite social networks, which can be really helpful for anyone — especially small business owners, freelancers, and solopreneurs.

But collecting contacts isn’t really the point, not if you want to make an impact in your niche. You see, social media allows us to collect contacts, but it’s not until we connect that we begin to build relationships. And relationships are where magic happens. Relationships help us land clients, grow our businesses, and take our big ideas to an even bigger stage. The story we tell is important to that.

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How To Build Instant Trust On Your Website

How to build instant trust on your website

We all understand trust is not built instantly. Right?

So what do we mean when we talk about building instant trust on a website?

Well, here goes 2,500+ words, 13 images, lots of stats and even an infographic to explain why it is important to have clear trust indicators on your site, several ways to do so and how you can take the whole game of on-site trust to the next level.

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