If you are trying to turn your “web presence” into a profit powerhouse, then you are in the right place!

Everybody wants to leverage the Internet to build a successful business but the truth is most people start with high hopes and end up settling with “having a presence online”, not ever seeing an actual sale.

Having a presence online does nothing for your business in today’s hyper competitive Internet.

I feel you. I understand exactly the challenge you have in front of you because I lived it myself. I’ve been on the Internet since the AOL days but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I was able to not only do real business but actually rely 100% on the Internet to build a streaming line of prospects that want to work with me.

In the past I ran my own marketing, learned to produce and distribute my own advertising campaigns on national television and print and learned to play the game to reach high conversion rates. But the Internet is a whole different animal. So I have dedicated the last few years to learn how to put online businesses together.

I know, today you might be looking at individuals and businesses enjoying mad success in your niche…

  • Engaging their audience through a high-traffic well-designed blog
  • Getting their content shared hundreds of times everyday
  • Building large communities of raving fans buying everything they put out there

And you start wondering if it’s too late to position yourself or your business in the marketplace or if you even have the resources to put it all together.

Or maybe you are looking at different options or individuals with different offers on how to build a business online, some of them even offering “get rich” formulas and you’re confused about which one is the right way.

But what if…

  • You were able to put together all the necessary technology?
  • You could create compelling content that people want to consume and share?
  • You were able to build those huge email lists that get high click rates?
  • You could optimize content to perform better on search engines?
  • You were able to plan and build those sales funnels that convert even when you’re sleeping?
  • You were able to turn your name into one of those personal brands that dominates a niche?
  • You could really land projects or sell products based on simple conversation?

These are exactly the things I can help you with. Let me introduce my ultimate service package and what’s included in it.

Are you ready to…

Launch Your Awesomeness

The “Launch Your Awesomeness” package from SocialMouths is a Co-Creative process that merges your business and niche knowledge and experience with my online marketing mad skills to launch yourself or your business online and dominate your niche like there is no tomorrow.

This is a six-week long One-on-One process that includes all the coaching, planning, design, development, deployment and metrics implementation that your business will need to succeed on the Internet. But I know you want me to break it all down so, here it goes:

Coaching Calls

We have a one-on-one 1-hour call every week to go through the entire process. As I mentioned before, this is a co-creative process after all.


  • We take a snapshot of your current online situation so we have a starting point and measure our progress. This is a report that includes data about your current reach, influence, traffic, content engagement, conversion rates and whatever we consider relevant information for your specific case.
  • We establish the online goals and benchmarks to reach based on the objectives of your actual business. This will later help us compare with actual results.
  • We lay down a game plan for the following six weeks. I’m talking about a timeline with each task to complete by specific dates. Goals without organization are just castles in the air. We need to be productive.


  • Blog design starts with creating a wireframe to position each element on the screen. Design is not just eye candy, it is also supposed to make your visitor fall in love with your business, drive them through specific paths that land in your offer and convert to subscribers, leads or buyers.
  • Then we move to eye candy and create your online brand or review and optimize your existing one. This, to be crystal clear, includes blog design, sales page and social profiles. Brand consistency is key.


  • Blog development comes in place, this usually means all the programming to put the blog together but, we’ll do much more than that here. Keep reading…
  • The set up and configuration of your entire email marketing from signup forms and email design to integration in your blog and the whole process your new subscriber has to go through
  • Set up the necessary tools for capturing leads from points of entry to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Yes, I’m talking automatically baby.
  • All the toys you need in your blog to make it interactive from social integration to sharing capabilities, commenting systems and a very short list of powerful plugins.


  • Optimization of page content and the strategy to optimize blog posts for better search engine performance
  • Content planning includes the use of an editorial calendar, establishing who the team is or if you are a single author, would you take guest posts, etc.
  • Prepare that content for easy distribution on the social web
  • I coach you in how to prepare pillar content that will be published after we go live

Metric Systems

  • Everything needs to be measured, compared and benchmarked. We’re doing business here, aren’t we?
  • We will determine together which metrics are relevant for your specific business. Sure, retweets are nice but you need to put money in your pocket
  • Then we’ll set up the necessary analytic systems to help us track results and we’ll also configure automatic reports so you can access once you’re on your own
  • Very important, we’ll measure conversion rates and establish actual business goals


  • Up until this point everything is most likely being built on a private stage that you an me can access but it’s not visible to your readers until we launch
  • We take your entire brand live at once, I mean new blog, social profiles design, everything! we go all out baby!

I know some of this stuff sounds like a lot but once we start working together you’ll not only realize that it’s not that hard but it is actually a lot of fun.

Your Own Digital Powerhouse

In other words, I don’t just design pretty blogs… I build blogs that are real profit centers. If that’s what you’re looking for, then let’s Rock’n Roll!

My “Launch Your Awesomeness” Package is $3,499

There are two ways you can pay that, a plan of 3 payments during the course of our process or do only one payment now and get a discount of 10% (that is $349 I’m talking about).

Interested? Send me anemail today and tell me about your project!

What Others Are Saying About My Service

“When I started down the slippery slope of social media I stumbled upon (literally) Francisco’s Social Mouths. Drawn in by the conversational experience of his blog, the simplistic but smart feel, well I thought, “Now this guys gets it.” Who else would I hire to do that for me? As much as I could design and optimize for other people, I simply knew too much about me to clean away the clutter.  His attention to detail was fantastic, his input invaluable, and his spirit to not stop until it was exactly right made me want to shout to the rooftops “HIRE FRANCISCO!”  Look people, I do this all day every day, I’ve seen people spend thousands only to be disappointed. I’ve had triple the opt -ins and comments.  What else could I possibly say? Don’t trip over dollars to pick up pennies and DIY. Do what you do best and let the experts do the rest. He’s a pro with heart and takes great pride in his work.  He’s not a yes man – he kicks the tires and that my friends is exactly what you need.  Trust me. (And I have a new friend, too. I’d walk through fire for him and can’t thank him enough – a class act!)” -Lori Taylor / SocialCaffeine.com
“It’s not just that Francisco is an expert in the latest social media trends, or that his ability to both design and code a site is exemplary, it’s that he combines these skills with a keenly intuitive understanding of how best to communicate your vision online. This is what makes the real difference, and has given me great confidence in my ability to use social media to reach the widest audience possible.” -Nick Kettles | Author, ‘The All-Seeing Boy and the Blue Sky of Happiness. SnowLion Publications 2011
“I first reached out to him after discovering his blog and have been so impressed by his work– and since have hired him for his expertise in graphic design, blogs, and fan pages. He is very creative, reliable, trustworthy, and very bright and I enjoy working with Francisco.” -Laura Demeo / LauraDemeo.com