How To Get Traffic From Twitter: Tools And Tactics Pro Bloggers Use

How To Get Traffic From Twitter

Here’s an amusing thing I’ve noticed recently.

There’s a gap between what the “experts” teach us about marketing on Twitter and what the Pro bloggers actually do.

Everyone knows that Twitter can be a huge source of traffic, so we’re always eager to learn any new strategies that the “experts” teach us.

But lately I’ve stopped listening to the “experts” and decided to take a look at how professional bloggers behave on Twitter and what brings them traffic.

Here are the two popular myths that got busted right away:

1. “Experts” say: Follow relevant people

Really? Let’s look at Brian Clark, who’s only following 203 tweeps. Or Darren Rowse, who’s a little bit over a thousand.

Copyblogger - Brian Clark

Why do they ignore such a popular tactic? Because it doesn’t work.

I already see some of you checking out Twitter account of Francisco Rosales, who’s following well over 5000 people.

I didn’t ask him about it, but I think this is his way of saying – “Hey, you’re cool!”

Whenever someone will reach out to him with something interesting, or tweet a thoughtful comment about what he does, or just mention him somewhere – Francisco will follow that person to show his appreciation.

2. “Experts” say: Grow your Twitter following

Really? Let’s do a little experiment.

Open FollowerWonk and search for people who have “social media expert” in their bio. You’ll get a list of people ranked by the number of followers they have:

Twitter Followers

Then open their Twitter profiles and see if they were tweeting any links lately.

I’ve picked Mari Smith, who has 341K followers: links

Fun fact about links: you can easily see how many people clicked them by adding “+” at the end of the URL.

Like this:

I’ve checked just a few links and it seems like Mari Smith is getting somewhere around 50 clicks on the links that she tweets: Clicks

I’m sure that “50 clicks” is not the kind of traffic from Twitter that you’re looking for.

Which means that “following relevant people” and “growing the number of your followers” are totally useless activities.

And here’s what actually works:

1. Writing “contagious” articles

There’s one simple concept that a lot of bloggers don’t seem to understand:

You get traffic from Twitter when OTHER people tweet your articles, not you.

Why even bother growing your own Twitter following, when you can have hundreds of other people tweet your article to their followers and bring you traffic?

All you need to do is write the kind of article that makes people want to tweet it – a “contagious article.”

Contagious article

Contagious articles get spread in viral cycles:

  • first readers will tweet the article to their followers;
  • the followers of the first readers will tweet it to their followers;
  • the followers of the followers of the first readers… well, you get the idea.

But how do you write the kind of article that people can’t stop tweeting?

There are many strategies you can use, but the easiest one is to copy what already worked for someone else.

Just go to Buzzsumo and type any keywords related to your niche. The tool will give you a list of articles ranked by the amount of shares they got:


Use these articles as an inspiration and try to write a better piece on your own blog.

There’s always room for improvement. Just spend some extra time on research and create custom visuals for your article.

Here’s how Jimmy Daly used this tactic to write an article that generated 36,282 readers and 1,000 email subscribers.

2. Creating “tweetable quotes”

Everyone loves smart quotes by famous people. Just go to Pinterest and see how much traction a simple image with a quote can get:

Tweetable Quotes

If you use catchy relevant quotes in your articles and make them “tweetabe” – you’re going to get a lot of extra tweets.

Let’s see a great example from the blog of Michael Hyatt. If you scroll through his article you will notice a fancy-looking quote by Jeff Coins, which can be tweeted with a single click:

Tweetable quote

Does this actually work?

Just search this quote on Twitter, and you’ll see a ton of tweets, linking back to Michael’s article:

Michael Hyatt tweets

So how do you create such “tweetable quotes” on your own blog?

If you’re looking for a free solution, you can try an online service called ClickToTweet or a WordPress plugin that has the same name.

But if you need a more advanced solution, I invite you to take a look at my own plugin called TweetDis.

3. Reaching out to influencers

If you want your contagious article to take off, you have to make a few influential people tweet it to their huge audiences.

How do you do that?

First of all, you have to write the kind of article, that would be worthy of a tweet. And then you need to feature some influencer in your article:

  • ask them for a quote;
  • link to some of their content;
  • use their products and share your experience.

One of the most effective tactics I know is The “Drip” Technique by Gregory Ciotti.

While you’re in the process of writing your article, reach out to a few key influencers who are the most knowledgeable in that field and ask them for a short quote that you can use in your article.

Once the article goes live, reach out to them once again to thank them for their contribution.

From Gregory’s experience, many of them will tweet your article to their followers.

So what’s your focus now?

I hope I was able to convince you that it’s much more effective to concentrate your efforts on writing “tweet worthy” content, rather than trying to get more followers on Twitter.

Do you agree with me? Or do you still believe that “engaging in conversations” and “following relevant people” is the best way to get traffic from Twitter?

  • I would say on this that “tweet worthy ” plan is best for getting traffic .
    for example you are writing for a trending topic then you might have a luck of getting enormous amount of traffic with a trending # or keyword. it is far much better than following irrelevant people for getting high traffic on your website.

  • can’t agree with you more, Rishab! following people on Twitter does help you to get some followers back, but it will never generate you any solid traffic!

  • Ya that what i said it won’t generate any large traffic , and considering following people on Twitter and getting followers back ,i have never tried that much but u have said that ” we can get followers back “, i will surely try to do that so


  • David Paul

    #2 Don’t use copyright quotes or you might get sued in federal court. Pinterest is famous for pulling copyright infrindgers. This goes for photos too. Most think it’s on the Internet I can use it wrong you can’t.

  • Hey David.. can you please show me an example where a blogger was sued for quoting someone on his blog? 🙂

    I’m not talking about NYT or Huffington Post.. I’m talking about blogs like Socialmouths

  • Joy

    Great posts!!

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  • Thanks! 🙂

  • Chris McDonald

    I love using Click to Tweet. Not only are there great results for getting the blog out there, it also gives that nice break-up in the text that we all want

  • Hey Tim,

    I’d have to agree with you here. Why not learn focus on tweet worthy content rather than trying to find the next best thing to get more followers. When the specific market you focusing on which will usually be other bloggers in my case are in the same niche and can really appreciate your posts, then more than likely their going to tweet your posts.

    I would also say to follow relevant people up to an extent. I’m not talking about celebrity status just yet, but as I mentioned, other people that appreciate your content and are in the same niche. You figure the more of these specific types of people you build a rapport with, the more they’ll share your niche not only among each other but with others outside your circle. If you build your web big and solid enough then eventually it will get to those that are on that celebrity status.

    Thanks for the share Tim! Have a good one!

  • David Paul

    I said might get sued!!! If someone steals our clients photos we have them in court in a heartbeat. Whether they take them down or not!

  • thanks for the article, David! I’ll check it!

  • Absolutely! Plain text articles look boring, even if the content is great.. our job as bloggers is to make our content visually appealing 🙂

  • Hey Sherman! Absolutely perfect point, buddy!

    Worthy content comes first.. and then you spend some of your time connecting with your readers and nurturing your relationships with them…

    Too many people skip the first step and just try to build relationships while not producing any meaningful content that helps people

  • This is such an amazing post, Tim. I’ve read it 3 times already. You highlight the 3 most powerful traffic generation tactics that provide a strategy that really does work. It’s one I’m using. You manage to put all the details into a clear, simple, succinct way with an excellent writing mastery. Contagious content indeed! Excellent job!

  • hey Tom! thanks for a lot for your comment! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my article 😉

  • CJ Kempler

    Really neat article. When I first started following social media experts on Twitter, I was surprised that they didn’t have more followers. This article certainly goes a long way towards explaining that. Also reaching out to influencers is a great technique that I would have never done on my own, mostly due to fear of being ignored. Knowing that it is a common practice inspires confidence.

  • being ignored is a big part of the current social media world, as everybody is making so much noise, who has the ability to listen to those speaking nicely?

    there is so much content out there that you will have a hard time getting any traction, but one just needs to concentrate and capture a timy share of the market.

    after all how much is enough, and how much do you really need?

  • most people forget that from a marketing perspective, twitter is just a lead generating platform that generates leads to your online content…

    So tweet with the intent on generating an interest in your articles on your blog / web pages, and not with the intention of getting followers. followers will come once they relaise that you offer great leads to the content that they are looking for…

  • Reaching out to influencers is a slippery road 🙂 You’ll either get massive support, or get ignored.. or get banned for life 🙂

  • Well said.

  • Alex Van Cott

    Found the advice about writing contagious articles/tweets beneficial. I am always looking for ways to get more exposure to fellow twitter users. I would usually try to be unique in what I post to my twitter, but your advice to just copy what everyone else is doing makes a lot of sense.

  • Vaidhegi Patel

    I have surprise that this is really works…. Thanks Tim.

  • Thanks, Shaun!

  • Everything is just a copy of something else.. in fact a chair is a small copy of a table 😉

  • you don’t know anything about the blogging of twitter post, you were DJ.

  • ok 🙂

  • Tim, the David Paul profile is a fake person who is really Leslie Rogers (aka Kellie Rogers, Kellie Levy, Kellie Ruggerio) of Spokane, WA. She’s been cyberstalking me for over a year now. I have a protection order against her that’s been in place since May 2, 2014. Just FYI as I don’t want you to get pulled into her drama. Not only has she been harassing me but she’s been harassing mutual friends of mine and Francisco’s.

  • Hey Michelle! Thanks a lot for sharing this with me.. I wonder why she does that? 🙂

  • Wish I knew too. This has been going on for me for over two years now and it’s a part-time job trying to do damage control.

  • I’d say lol, but I guess thats not funny for you

  • Brandan Paul

    No Tim it is not.

  • Brandan Paul

    Mangen if that’s true-get a court ordered search warrant and prove it. Othewise get prepared for Ms Logan’s legal team to get a federal court ordered search warrant for Rabih Najjar place of employment computer, yours, and Lee Drozak. We have proof-you have hearsay!

  • Brandan Paul

    You maybe called to testify in federal court regarding Mangen.

  • Jax Hall

    Ms Mangen, Just to let you know>you were the reason Ms Katz posted the comments about slander & lawsuits. You are to blind to see the facts that when presented to others a lightbulb goes off about you and your web of lies. We strongly suggest you shut your mouth from this point on. You are not above having a anti harassment protection order placed on you. Your Detective retired. You are a copyright infringer>the material you stole has been removed from FB, Google Plus, Pinterest, Verizon threatened to nail you for copyright infringement, Pocket,Bloglovin, Stumbleupon, etc.. Ms Katz deleted your comments because you were slandering people. I encourage you to google WA law RCW 63.60.060. The truth will always find it’s way to the right people. Think before you speak.

  • Digvijay Singh

    that was very useful information about bringing traffic using twitter, thanks for this wonderful information

  • Jax Hall
  • Guest
  • ProcessMyMedia

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  • Hey Tim great tip to generate traffic from twitter. I agree that it’s not the number of followers, but the ability to write content that converts. I never knew that putting a + at the end of a bitly link allows you to see how many people clicked on the link. Thats a great tip.

  • john

    This is way more common today, even with big companies.
    I am actually using a site to boost traffic to my page, it works fairly well, I’m averaging about 80-100 new followers a day. Its pretty easy.

  • I have no hope of being interesting to other humans. Any way I can just trick people into clicking on my blogs?

  • These are really very good information. Getting powerful impact through value added article need no extra effort to get sharable. What about adding ‘+’ in the last of URL ? what it does?

  • Janet Newenham

    Totally agree and love this post. Followerwonk might also be the best invention ever. One thing I would add is to always upload a photo and then tag up to 10 influencers or people of interest in the photo. It doesn’t use up your 140 characters and will get your content shared a lot more.

  • Jessica Jordan

    there is so much content out there that you will have a hard time getting any traction, Salomon Speedcross 3 but one just needs to concentrate and capture a timy share of the market.

  • Tim you are awesome. Your all posts nice and informative always.

  • Nice article. Very inspiring for twitter campaign

  • ᴠ ʌ ɴ

    Something I noticed on the ClickToTweet example @timsoulo:disqus … Michael Hyatt uses a custom bit ly domain. I’m curious how having a link url that people may not recognize affects click-throughs. Have you tested that?

  • brijesh

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