5 Facebook Fan Page Problems and How to Fix Them

Facebook Fan Page Tips Guest post by Daniel Sharkov from Reviewz N Tips.

Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook are probably the top three social media sites that every blogger should be on right now.

And even though the first two have millions of users under their belt and are great lead generation tools, there really is no other network as powerful as Facebook.

Just try to think who of your friends doesn’t have a Facebook account!

That is the reason why every business and every blog should have a Facebook fan page. If you haven’t yet created one for your blog, you are missing out on a huge potential audience, high engagement levels and targeted traffic.

But even if you have one, there are no guarantees. The fact is most fan pages will remain unnoticed and won’t ever break the hundred likes barrier.

Getting people to click that elusive “Like” button isn’t as easy as it sounds. And even if you have the fans, generating likes, comments and ultimately Facebook traffic has its pitfalls.

The following post is all about those pitfalls.

In the below paragraphs you will find five of the biggest reasons why people might decide your Facebook page isn’t worth a visit and of course tips to help you fix the problem areas!

Let’s get started:

1. You Don’t Have the Likes

Get more Facebook Likes That’s undoubtedly the key ingredient that you need in order to convince people to like you.

Unfortunately it’s a paradox that doesn’t quite work in your favor:

In order to get more people liking you, you need to have likes in the first place. That is exactly the reason why building your fanbase from 0 to 100 likes is tougher than reaching say 500 fans once you’ve gotten those initial 100 likes.

So how do you get started? Well you spread the word!

Here are some simple steps to help you:

  • Insert a fan page box UNDER your posts – It’s quite common to see those in the sidebars, but they are far more effective placed under the posts. That way they work as a call to action. You basically tell people “Did you enjoy my article? Then why not like me on Facebook to stay in touch!”
  • Share your Facebook posts on Twitter – Whenever you publish something on your fan page, click on its date header to open it in its own URL and share your post using that link. Now people will first be directed to your fan page, giving you the chance to get some of your Twitter followers to click “Like”
  • Tell Your Twitter followers – Don’t be scared to promote your fan page on Twitter once or twice per week. Unlike the previous approach, here you simply point people to your page with a message along the lines of “Enjoying my tweets? You might want to take a look at my Facebook page!”. You should create 3-4 different variations, so that you don’t post the same message over and over.
  • Use the Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox – A very neat WordPress plugin, that works as a pop-over like box. As with all pop-over plugins, that is far more effective than its sidebar alternative. Thanks to the plugin, I’ve generated over 250 new likes in just three weeks.
  • Write an article about Facebook – Why not let people know you’ve started working on getting Facebook traffic and promoting your fan page! In the post you can provide readers with tips or reasons why they should be on Facebook. That is a great opportunity to tell them about your own page and show them some of the techniques you are following.

2. People Aren’t Talking About It

Facebook - Talking about this Although getting likes does take time, it’s straightforward – you just need to start promoting your fan page.

There however is another metric, which might be a bit more difficult to understand. What I am referring to is the “Talking About This” number. That one is displayed just below the cover photo and the title of your page.

First, what does “Talking about this” describe?

Well it is basically the number of unique Facebook users, who have interacted in one way or another with your fan page in the last seven days.

Likes, comments, mentions and shares all count as interaction. So with that in mind, we can easily assume that if a page has thousands of likes yet very few people talking about it, then something is wrong.

A possible reason for that might be that the page isn’t being updated. Another reason might be that the stories aren’t getting any engagement in the form of likes and comments.

So, how do you increase the “Talking About This” number? Here are some guidelines to help you:

  • Ramp up the frequency – You can’t expect to get good results if you post a story once every two weeks. Try to share something with your fans at least four or five times per week!
  • Share different types of content – You need to spice things up. One day you could post a funny picture, the other day you can ask a question, then you could post a quote or why not a did-you-know kind of post with no links in it.
  • Craft a good call to action – The description you write holds a huge importance for whether or not people will click on your link, like your story or leave a comment. You can be as direct as saying “Like if you agree” when you post a quote for instance, or you could say something along the lines of “I would appreciate to hear your thoughts!”.

3. You Care About Getting Clicks Only

I really hate landing on a fan page, where the only thing I see are links to articles from the blog that the page belongs to. Not only that it feels rather spammy, but it’s also boring.

Getting clicks from Facebook Even if we assume the content you share is actually worth reading, this still doesn’t mean you should use your Facebook page solely as a promotion platform.
Content might be useful, but the real problem is it is often “emotionless”. Sharing practical tips is great but it can’t produce an emotional attachment so to say.

Additionally people also need a couple of minutes – first to actually read the post and then to decide if it’s good.

That is why the stories that make an immediate connection with the viewer are in most cases images. You see them and you immediately act upon them, especially if they include a thought you can relate to or a funny story about the things you like or situations you’ve fallen into.

In the end your desire to get clicks will end up dragging your page’s popularity down and hence returning less traffic for you. Another problem is that you will be getting very few likes (images for instance tend to receive double the likes of a link to an article), which definitely won’t make your Facebook stream look trustworthy.

4. It Feels Like You Aren’t There

One great way to create a welcoming feeling among your new fans is by simply showing them “you are alive”. If you have a fan page about your blog, you should also emphasize on the blogger behind everything. The idea is to add a small pinch of your personality to the mix.

Sounds simple in theory, but how do you do it in practice?

  • Not only ask, but reply – in a real world situation where you ask a question, it is quite obvious that you will also wait for an answer and then give your standpoint once again. It’s the same here. Whenever you ask your fans something, don’t forget to observe the answers and reply back (by mentioning the person by name, so that they get notified) with a thoughtful and constructive comment. Also take the time to like the comments that people are living as a way to say thank you.
  • The descriptions, again – As I already said, descriptions are important because they can work as a call to action. However one other reason why you must include them is because there you can write your own summary and present your own perspective. For example if you’ve just shared a great post (not from your own blog) it will seem more genuine if you also say a few words about what the post talks about and why you actually liked it. Those simple things do make a difference.

5. You Overwhelm Your Fans

Even if you share interesting content, ask for opinions and don’t forget to add some humor along the way, you shouldn’t overdo. Sharing too much updates is as bad as being inconsistent.

Aside from the fact that seeing the same person (or page in our case) posting dozens of times throughout the day is plain irritating and it makes you want to slap them, if you post too much, people will simply stop noticing you.

That’s similar to the so called ad-blindness, when readers simply don’t notice advertisements placed in common positions and having similar layouts on thousands of websites.

So, how much is too much?

I’d say four or more posts per day.

I’m generally updating my fan page two times per day at most and the results are quite good. I tested bumping the number up to four and even five for a few days but that didn’t result in much of an improvement, so it’s not worth the time. I even got a comment from a guy who liked what I shared but said I should slow down a little.

Final Words

Those I believe are the main reasons why people might decide to steer away from you or unlike your fan page at some point. All in all I believe creating a successful fan page comes down to finding a balance between your own content and more interactive stories and also being consistent but not too overwhelming.

Now I’d like to hear your thoughts! Are there other factors that might scare you away from a fan page? Do you agree to the points I’ve shared? Let me know your two cents!

  • Daniel, Great article. You presented some great tips on how to get interaction (and traction) on the FB page.

  • Thank you Ann, really great to hear you enjoyed the post! 🙂

  • Great article. I manage a few pages that could really use a boost by using some of these. The page that gets most of my focus is the one I manage for my hometown. The results are pretty good and I’m glad to see I’m following along with a lot of your points. However, I worry about your last point from time to time. Currently our page is being updated by myself and another person and most days are pretty tame and stick to the 3 or 4 posts but it seems like as the weekend draws closer and we start sharing our local businesses’ weekend events and specials, we start hitting closer to 10 posts.

    Is it possible that this is still okay since overall the bulk of the posts hit a bunch of different types of subjects or should my cohort and I try and communicate more to get a better schedule in place to roll out what we are doing.

    Between business spotlights, throwback thursday posts with an image of our town in the past (one per week, probably generates the most interactions out of anything), sharing of events and news as well as any pieces that are originating on our website, it all seems like a lot of information to throw at our 700 fans.

  • Heather Cottrell

    Really helpful tips. I find myself forever wondering how to do my Facebook page better, and now I have some new simple ideas to use. Thanks!

  • Excellent tips Daniel, I would be scared if they posted too often and it was all I saw. Twice is day is great but if you have a lot more fans you may be able to post a little more. Changing things up is great too as different people like different things.

  • Officer Serpico

    Good post!

    I post to my company’s page about 5 times a day (spaced out by two hours or so) and less frequently over the weekend…generally news stories that relate to the films we distribute, with pictures and company-related posts mixed in.

    My thinking was that A) people’s walls are constantly updating with all of the content their friends/Liked Pages are posting, so that sort of frequency keeps us visible and B) what I post at 8AM EST might not be seen by someone on the West Coast later in the day.

    Is any of that valid, or is the 3-4 post max rule pretty solid?

    I’d say I get 2-4 likes a week at this point. But we’re an educational video distributor so I factor the niche-ness of that into my expectations for Likes…

  • Really great article. Thank you so much for sharing! Loved your point about posting too often. Sometimes I have to remind myself to save the content or pre-schedule it for a later date even if I’m dying to share it right away.

  • Love #5 actually loved all of them- great job! Spot on with why I think we should stay on Facebook too!

  • Daniel,

    This is mainly a great, informative post. But I have comments that may contradict your findings, and I hope that’s okay…

    I manage several pages. With a few hundred fans, with a few thousand fans, and over 10,000 fans. So, I’m able to see a diverse set of tendencies.

    First, I would say that it depends on your niche, the frequency at which you should post. Also, if you are location-centric, or global.

    Second, you also need to consider if you have promoted posts/ads running which would bring additional focus and be too much for those that check in to Facebook multiple times per day (or never log out).

    For smaller pages, it is overwhelming to post more than three times per day. However, with so much going on at Facebook, if you are trying to build, it is almost as if you need the three posts per day to get traction and see increases in fans.

    For pages with a few thousand fans, you could get away with only 3 posts a day. To be considered is if your audience is global. Then you need to space posts out to when you will find your followers there. But Facebook also seems to like to see a combination of types of posts (photos, shares, text-only), so I find a combination of posts 3-4 times a day works quite well. If you want to build audience, 5-6.

    Pages with over 10,000 fans could post twice a day, because fans are conditioned to look for information at that point. But not all. So, again, I’d recommend 3 posts to stay top of mind. So much goes on at Facebook 2 posts would maybe get swallowed. If the intention is build, no less than 4.

    Those in social media should really be present about 5 times a day, I find. There are many, so rising above is a challenge. But staying top of mind is essential.

    Fans tune out information that gives them no value. The key really is providing value.

    * Find out where your following is.
    * Identify what they like.
    * Find out when they are on.
    * Meet them there when they are there with what they want to see.

    Just my 2¢.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and considering mind.


  • Great advice, Daniel! Your articles are always informative.

  • Jenn KD

    I appreciate all these suggestions, as I am new in the blogging world and am looking for ways to increase readership. I have about 150 likes on my FB page. Is there a way to get your posts seen by more people (other than paying for promotion)? I feel like only a handful of people who have “liked” me see my posts in their feed. Thanks!!

  • Thank you Madalyn! 🙂

  • Hey Keri,

    Wow, now that’s a thorough comment. And of course, I don’t mind hearing different opinions, especially from someone, who manages multiple popular pages.

    You probably have a good point about the frequency, as it really depends on the kind of content that you share. In some niches the information might be too overwhelming while in others it might easy to digest, which might mean a higher frequency wouldn’t hurt.

    But then again, I am looking more from the angle of an ordinary Facebook user that I am. I personally really hate it when all I see in my stream are posts from one single fan page. Even if what’s shared is good, at one point I just lose interest and ignore those posts when I see the page’s logo in my stream.

    And still if you’d like to hit multiple time zones, then that would definitely make more sense.

    I guess that as always, it comes down to testing. There are a lot of factors to consider, so the numbers can be used just as a starting point.

    Thank you for sharing your insight! 🙂

  • Awesome to hear you liked the post Denys! 🙂

  • Hey Caitlin,

    If you have so much to share, it is indeed a good idea to just schedule that content for later. The other day you will also save yourself some time, since you won’t have to think what to share.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Glad to be of help Heather! 🙂

  • Thanks Lisa! Yeah, it might be a little more than two times, but still definitely not Twitter-style.


  • Hey Serpico,

    Well I do believe you have a point. I used to post more often namely for the reasons you mentioned. But now, even with fewer yet better-chosen updates, I managed to reach almost the same number of people.


  • Hey Patrick,

    Well at least in my opinion ten posts a day might be a little too overwhelming for some of your fans. Of course not everyone will see all ten posts, but still I might feel a little spammy to some.

    I guess the number of friends your fans have can make a difference. I mean if someone has like 200 friends and someone else over 1,000, the chances are the latter won’t see your updates as frequently, but the one with less friends won’t have as much noise in their stream, making it easier to spot your shares. I believe those kinds of folks might find it irritating at times.


  • Great article Daniel, some great actionable advice here. I would also add updating your cover photo every 2/3 weeks to help your brand stay relevant and also look to utilize Facebook apps. This can be a great way to bring more traffic to your page whether your using it to build your list or host a competition everyone loves the chance to win prizes making sure it’s relevant to your audience.

  • Susan Forsythe

    I really like your no-nonsense approach. I certainly agree with your view and appreciate your recommendations. Thanks!

  • Chris Picanzo

    Good article Daniel, it’s always been succh a fine line on what is too much to post or too little. As of recent changes to the way FB is tricle feeding our posts to our fans I would suggest posting a abit more is ok, of course not over doing it. But back not long ago if you were posting 5 times a day you had better been a big brand. Now if you get any engagment from your fans keep posting. Just don’t exceed like 8 posts tops. There are big changes going on in FB and I think we as page owners or managers are going to like it.

  • This is a great article, @twitter-159534035:disqus, thanks for sharing it with us. There are some really useful tips and recommendations many people will surely use (or better to say should use).

  • Sidiesemed

    Thank you Daniel for those interesting tips on the best practices to adopt on facebook. We are already using some of them for our clients but it could be interesting to improve our facebook management with some of yours.

    The only missing part could be about the promoted posts which are in my opinion an excellent way to promote your topic and to gain fans.

  • Great post! This article answers some questions and presents new opportunities. I look forward to more of your informative & insightful articles. Do you ever do guest post?

  • Good article and some useful tips. I must admit I find it difficult to devote so much time to frequent updates but can see the importance.

  • Ed Raby

    Keri and Daniel,

    I want to thank you both for the great insight! As a person who is just starting to look at social media marketing it was certainly very educating, and worth the read.

    I personally believe it just depends on what you find working best for your personal business. Trial and error is always a good rule of thumb. Another thing I would point out is that as always you cannot please everyone in a social media situation. Some fans may hate less than 5 post, while others may hate any more than 2; but in the end if you have value in your updates the fans usually will get over their minor issues with posting frequency. In the end the value of what you post and how you connect with customer through those posts is what matters.

    Again thanks for all the information.

  • Ed, I think you stated that quite well. 🙂

  • Ed Raby

    Keri, thanks!

  • My comments pertain more to gaining fans as opposed to the posts and interactions, and will speak from the perspective of a fan of other pages. I have several pages – some of my own, and some that I co-admin. Although I understand the importance of gaining as many new likes as possible in the beginning to encourage more likes, personally, I am more interested in gaining likes from people who are truly interested in the purpose of my pages. So, in turn, I don’t like pages just to add to their count – I only like pages that I actually, well…like. When I see one of my friends has liked a page, I do check the page out. One thing that will turn me off from liking a page is if they do not provide detailed info in their “About” section. I want to know what I’m liking before I like them. Just because a friend is interested in a page, doesn’t mean that I will be. What is the page about? If you are a business, what do you offer, and where are you located? I’m in the US, so I’m not interested in following a page that is selling products that would have to be shipped from the UK. Even when it comes to “interest” pages, rather than business, I want to know that these pages are inline with what I believe in.
    One comment I will make about posting frequency. I don’t really care if a page only posts a couple times a week (or even less), but if I go to a new page and see that they have not posted anything in a month or more, I just assume it’s a dead page, and I just move along.
    Great article! I will definitely be able to put these tips to good use.

  • Hide A Heart

    I concur. I try to post something every day, but more than that I think the followers will consider a nuisance. I know I’m not fond of seeing beaucoup posts a day from one fan page.

  • Writing Services

    The activity that is most likely to turn off Facebook fans is constantly hawking your wares on the site. Most users are there to interact with their friends and not to be bombarded with advertising. It is okay to push your products occasionally but a constant stream of pushy sales messages will have you blocked in pretty short order.

  • I hate to admit that although I find all the hoops frustrating, I do enjoy the challenge of trying to build my page. Thanks for providing specific strategies that I can use right now.

  • leahjo5

    How do you “Insert a fan page box UNDER your posts” ? I’ve seen people do it but can’t figure out the settings of how to make this happen under sponsored posts?

  • Great post, Daniel! I didn’t see a mention of interacting with other pages though. That has been key to building “likes” on my own fan page, especially considering my niche is in the co-operative community.

  • Rosalind

    Well said Keri! I find my links or photos don’t get as many views as plain text (I’ve been advised this is a facebook controlled thing? If that is even possible but my stats seem to reflect just that!?!?) but I do post a mix of all – more interesting to me and ‘fans’.

  • Seems like a very good article ^^ I really need to get my shirt together and start rolling things with my game’s page http://www.facebook.com/AncientBeast Cheers!

  • robynbirkinmoderndaymissus

    Great post with some great ideas and feedback. Thank you

  • Lynne Chaushev

    Great article Daniel….I knew most of it but learned a new tip about sharing facebook posts on twitter. Great advice!

  • nitn

    Really very nice tips and suggestion. Thankx

  • misty

    I set my photography page up at 2am yesterday & it is 1:30am right now & I have 150+ likes… I feel like that was the easy part… now I feel like to get to the 500 point is the challenge…..

  • Mastermind

    I’ve been having issues when using my personal acount and trying to mention some pages, including my own using the @(page name) feature.. But some pages still work! Any ideas why this could be happening?

  • Praverb

    Great article. As an Admin of a Facebook group that exceeds 74,000 people I would say consistency is key. Scheduling can be effective…if and only if you take the time to reply.

    What are your thoughts on Facebook Hashtags?

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  • This is great information. Thanks for posting it. I had not thought of a few of these suggestions.

  • Caro


    These were pretty awesome tips– thanks for sharing!

    I was wondering… Is there an update on this post? I’d love to hear your tips on graph, new insights and never ending Facebook updates.

  • Wow, this is extremely helpful! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with everyone out in the blog sphere.

  • Terrill

    Thanks for tips, Daniel. My frustration is trying to share links (such as YouTube video) onto my biz fan page. It says “To access this page, you’ll need to switch from using Facebook as your page to using Facebook as yourself.” How can I promote content to gain exposure for my business when FB forces me to put it on my personal page!? Additionally, when trying to post comments to a page such as yours, again FB won’t let me do so as the business, requiring me to switch back to my personal account. I don’t get this!? Thanks for insight. T

  • T

    By the way, I also tried to copy & paste the URL of the video to my biz fan page, but it said, “The message could not be posted to this Timeline.” I’m just spinning wheels trying to get a simple YouTube video to share onto my biz page!

  • Many thanks for the exciting blog posting! I really enjoyed reading it

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  • I honestly don’t think you can post too much on a facebook page. Different people are on at different times of day only a fraction of your audience see’s each post. Take Sandi Krakowski. She posts all day everyday and is huge and she says that to ignore those who say don’t post frequently.

  • Shane

    Keri and Daniel,

    I was actually searching how to update my facebook fan page profile picture when I stumbled on this blog/article. my blog http://www.dassb.com is new and this type of information is exactly what i need to help build an audience. thanks to you both.

  • Developing a warm, informative, and engaging brand voice is also a great idea. As an SEO, our team is always trying about different forms of content on our Social. Not only great designs we completed, but also the people behind-the-scenes that make it all happen!

  • Ty

    I would take what Sandi says with a pinch of salt, because she has a tendency to be a little economical with the truth…


  • oh wow. That’s a very interesting post.

  • clauderouges

    You can’t post something on a fan page if it’s private. You need to change your video settings in YouTube first to make it public. It’s the same for events. Before you share them you must make them public.

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  • Mickey

    Does anyone know why I cannot see a friends timeline but I can see other things people tag them in please help

  • Hi Daniel, the are great Facebook Fan Page tips. They sound really easy to do and make sense. I will need to start using them for my fan page.

  • Mark
  • pretty

    i have the same problem! what can we do i’m sick of this
    no one can mention my page! it doesn’t show at all

  • pretty

    yeah i have the same problem! what can we do i’m sick of this
    no one can mention my page! it doesn’t show at all

  • Kristen Christian

    Apologies! I meant that I’ve been able to increase my page “likes” by interacting with other pages in meaningful ways.

    What exactly is the problem you’re experiencing?

  • Great tips, we’re using a similar approach on our Travel Ball Boom FB Page to help drive traffic to http://www.tbboom.com/ Though we have found that we don’t see many fans click through to our official website. Do you have recommendations on how to improve the click through ratio to our website?

  • Michele Alice Tappan

    Facebook is not posting my posts to my page

  • imran

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  • Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for the advice. I wondered if you also know how I can sort out my facebook page for my website. The page has approx 1600 likes. However, around 500 of these likes came over night after I tried out promoting my page through facebook. Many of the likes, however, are from fake facebook pages. As a result the reach on my posts is really low. What would you suggest I do about it?

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  • I personally believe it just depends on what you find working best for your personal business. Trial and error is always a good rule of thumb. Another thing I would point out is that as always you cannot please everyone in a social media situation. Some fans may hate less than 5 post, while others may hate any more than 2; Siêu xe , Ảnh siêu xe, Đồng hồ , Liên minh huyền thoại | oto

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