Simple Tricks To Improve Your Facebook Engagement [Infographic]

The science of Facebook Engagement

I often ask my clients, and sometimes the SocialMouths Facebook Page fans, what is the number one concern when it comes to Facebook Marketing. Most of the time the answer is “getting people to engage with my content.”

With the recent EdgeRank changes, I’ve been paying more attention to how many people that content is reaching, but it’s understandable that our main focus is engagement. Engagement is not directly affected by the number of Likes your Page has, it is a percentage. Getting Likes, comments and shares is also a clear indicator that a portion of your audience is finding your content relevant.

Here is a quick (and tiny) survey via a Facebook question, as you can see “Engagement” is a clear concern.

Facebook Engagement

Let’s be real first

I’m a little hesitant to discuss things like “what type of format” or “what time to post” in order to increase engagement. I believe the success of you Page lies not on how you post content but in the core of your business, however, I understand that marketing on Facebook is becoming harder and harder, specially for small business and some of these techniques can’t be ignored. At least to test them out.

For example, lately I have been sharing blog posts as “images” with a link embedded in the text, it seems to get a lot more traction than a simple link, even if there is a thumbnail present.

This infographic by OPENForum shares with you a few of these little techniques that can help your Page content with a little boost. Most important thing, assuming that relevant content is already in the bag, is to test test test.

How about you?

Do you have any little dirty secrets that are working for you lately? How do you work on getting people engaged? Share with me in the comments section below.

The simple science of Facebook engagement

  • Greg

    You see more engagement with photos because Facebook “weighs” them in their EdgeRank algorithm more than links. More people see it, more engagement. Assuming it’s the least bit engaging to begin with.

  • I was just researching ideas to increase my Facebook presence and engagement when I came across your post! Thank you for these great suggestions. I had tried the “cap that” last week and managed to get one comment : ) but you’ve encouraged me to keep using this idea. Thanks again, have a wonderful Wednesday!

  • Sweet infograph and impressive statistics! Using high-res well designed images and photos is my number one trick to increasing engagement. Short, sweet, taglines with embedded links have also proven effective, but it really is about blending all content into one cohesive package and making it easily palatable for your audience. I also always try to be mindful of my audience as well as brand voice with every post because that promotes authenticity

  • Hey Meagan,

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing your tips! BTW, how do you save your images? I try saving at the highest quality possible and still show pixelated once I publish them…

  • Hey Corina, thank YOU for stopping by and for your comment.

  • i was just researching new ideas to increase my Facebook presence,when I came across your post! Thank you for these great suggestions.
    great work

  • The right kind of content to share for engagement depends on the business. Obviously a B2B manufacturing company is going to use social media differently than company that sells consumer products. The content that is shared needs to fit the brand personality.

  • The stat I’m going to take away from this infographic is the for every One fan you engage there are 34 more fans that are reachable…

    Pretty amazing thought.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • I save them in .png, works well for the most part. I’ve also seen a few new apps out there claiming they can post high res images for you. I haven’t tried them but I’m intrigued…

  • Hi Francisco I’m not sure if you’re aware that all the competition ideas you listed are in breach of Facebook’s promotional guidelines. While we see so many pages getting away with it, I do know Facebook have taken down entire pages for breaching these guidelines so these kinds of competitions should be run at the owner’s own risk

  • content writers

    It is interesting to note how, as we have become more familiar with social media,
    it is the posts that have an image with a short message that attracts the
    greatest engagement. Learning to tailor social media posts for the style of use
    on the sites is the best way to develop an effective social media marketing

  • seems that one of your points is that with the deluge of info, keeping your “ad” (in this case post) short and catching (image with link) will draw reaction. Funny how some of us (me def) take the opportunity to write too much and use it – unwisely!

  • Good point, Mandi. I see it all the time, too – even by larger brands. All these ideas could be implemented using a third-party app, which would make them perfectly acceptable.


    Engagement is not directly affected by the number of Likes your Page
    has, it is a percentage. Getting Likes, comments and shares is also a
    clear indicator that a portion of your audience is finding your content

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  • With the quote contest how would you use a third party app. I would love to try something like this could recommend an app that I could use or maybe you could do a short blog post on how to set a contest up like this one

  • Might I suggest you put the date on your posts? I just came across this post thinking it was a current one, but as I read down realized it isn’t as the advice about posting with pictures is dated. That only lasted a couple of months. Now if you do that your post will see less traffic, not more. Or maybe an update at the top noting as much. Otherwise people are going to see this post and think that tip will work.

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