14 Bloggers Share 14 Awesome Tips For Using Google+

12 Bloggers on how to use Google+ This is a guestpost by Srinivas Rao from The Skool of Life.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on Google Plus and I’m finding that the quality of conversation with content creators is significantly higher there.

So I decided to put that theory to the test and ask some bloggers to share their best tips to on using Google Plus.

Here is a list of 14 bloggers (including myself) that are rocking the world of Google+ to connect and engage with new people, expand their reach and create more content. And they share their tips with you:

1. Chris C. Ducker

Chris Ducker I’ve just recently included my Google+ profile link in the FIRST email my newsletter subscribers receive from me after opting-in… I’ve seen a dramatic jump in the number of people adding me to their circles. Sometimes is the simplest, easiest to execute things we forget that make all the difference. Connect with Chris on Google+

2. Branicka Underwood

Brankica Underwood From time to time, especially when I notice a lot of new people added me to their circles, I will post a message asking them to introduce themselves so we can connect. With so many new users (and some of them spammers) I could not keep up. But posting the message got some really great new people to tell me about themselves and I added them back. I made some great connections and communicate with them almost daily. Connect with Branicka on Google+

3. Sarah Peck

Sarah Peck Tips I’d recommend, in no particular order; first, as with any social network, it’s always about community and interaction: I find I get the best results by engaging with people on their pages and comments as opposed to trying to bring people to my page. I’m still new to this community / circles, and so I have to do as much responding and commenting as I do sharing. Second, a lot of people seem to see G+ as “another” thing they have to do. I think that everyone has to choose what’s the best use of their time and money and resources — not everyone has it in them to build out several social media platforms. If you already have an active facebook community and a good newsletter crew, you don’t have to then bring everyone over to G+ and insist they use that, too. G+ may be a different audience for you, or a different tool that you can use to gain insights. For me, I connect most with other bloggers and small business owners here and less with my readers and business community. Do I learn a ton? Yes. Are my readers and followers here yet? No — and that’s fine! I still gain a lot by being on here, listening, watching and learning. Connect with Sarah on Google+

4. John Falchetto

John Falchetto Like any other social network, the goal should come before the action.

I think we need to ask ourselves what are looking to achieve here on G+ that we are not already doing on Twitter or FB? Connect with John on Google+

5. Bryce Christiansen

Bryce Christiansen My tip is to not be afraid of hosting hangouts. I’ve hosted several public hangouts and always have new people join that I had never met before. We discuss a topic and get so much out of the interactions with people who are just as excited about social media as I am. Great way to meet new people and make connections. Connect with Bryce on Google+

6. Christian Hollingsworth

Christian Hollingsworth Make Google+ different. G+ comes with a unique set tools and uses apart from other social networks (e.g. longer posts are allowed). Don’t just make G+ your place to spew and re-digest information you’ve already posted on other networks. Use your inward creativity – and let it come forth in an outward, different way! Connect with Christian on Google+

 7. Francisco Rosales

Francisco Rosales I think as a good step to get started, we should change our mentality about the network and don’t compare it with Facebook. One of the most important aspects of G+ is its open network approach which is built more like Twitter than Facebook. In other words, think more of “followers” than “friends”. You do not need to have a mutual connection to have a person in your “Circles” or to freely interact in a conversation and this makes it a great venue to meet new people and expand your reach as a blogger.

Finding new people in your niche is as easy as searching for specific keywords, from there you can engage in existing conversations, find related content and add folks to your Circles.

One more thing I’ll add: If you have an existing community on Facebook, don’t stop nurturing that, this is not a “one or the other” thing. Connect with Francisco on Google+

8. Mars Dorian

Mars Dorian If you post a link to one of your articles, chose an interesting blog post image that works well in smaller sizes. Most people choose generic stock photos, but if you aim for a custom & curious little image, people think “WTF is that ?” and are more likely to click on it. It really works. Connect with Mars on Google+

9. Karl Staib

Karl Staib My tip would be to stay curious. In other social networks I’ve gotten into routines. I have the same people on my lists and I don’t branch out as much as I used to. This is especially easy to do in Facebook because of their algorithms. I created a “get to know better” circle. Once I get to know them they move into a more defined circle for their interests. My goal for Google+ is to use it as a discovery platform instead of just hanging out with the same people. I also think we need to utilize G+’s more open platform. I love throwing Twitter parties because it gathers like minded people around a subject. G+ is now able to do this as well with their hashtag system and the topper is the Hangout feature. Once the 1st party is over you can create a 2nd party by adding a Hangout for additional Q&A. Connect with Karl on Google+ 

10. Leo Widrich

Leo Widrich One thing that I found to work really well, if you share posts with specific circles it comes up as a red notification saying “shared this post with you”, whilst it’s key not to overdo this, I feel if you do it ever so often, it can increase engagement with your Google+ posts a lot more – I always open these posts! Connect With Leo on Google+

11. Srinivas Rao

Srinivas Rao I think you should have spend as much time as possible on Google+. The thing with new platforms is that we often don’t even know how they can be used. People had no idea we would find so many uses for twitter.

I think given that Google+ is in its infancy, early adopters will be rewarded. Connect with Srinivas on Google+

12. Conni Bisealski

Conni Biesalski Google+ is a great way to meet other people and make new connections. It’s much more open and public than Facebook in that respect. To benefit from that, it’s important to have a proper filled out profile – even if you don’t have your own website or blog. (No info, no interest)

  • I enjoy checking out the ‘suggestions’. I have come across some really interesting people that way.
  • I love it when people share their circles of cool/remarkable/interesting/fascinating people. They are worth gold.
  • Google+ for me is sort of like an extended version of Twitter as it is very interest based (probably an aspect most of my friends on Facebook don’t get)
  • It is my favorite social media channel to connect and interact with people from the blogosphere. I also really enjoy the intellectual level and thus quality of discussions here. Connect with Conni on Google+

13. Kelby Carr

Kelby Carr Be sure to implement the tools available on your blog: buttons so people can G+ each post, using rel=publisher tag/Google+ badge on your blog and using the rel=author tag on your posts. Also be sure you are using Google Analytics. It pulls in nice statistics about social sharing of your blog on Google+. Connect with Kelby on Google+ 

14. Angela England

Angela England I think one of the powers of Google + is being able to implement circles for SHARING as well as monitoring activity. I can share a pregnancy related post with those I know are specifically interested, without “spamming” everyone with it. It’s especially important for someone like me that doesn’t focus on one small niche – I’m active in social media and blogging communities, as well as pregnancy, homesteading, and gardening. While that diversity is a huge part of who I am as a human being, that doesn’t always mean that everyone from all those circles wants to read everything I write. Believe it or not. Connect with Angela on Google+

Srinivas Rao Srinivas Rao is the author of The Skool of Life and the Host-Co Founder of BlogcastFM, where you can get access to a FREE webinar on The 7 Pillars of Blog Traffic. Connect with Srinivas on Google+

  • All excellent ideas, take advantage of the conversation with Google plus and hey throw a hangout once in a while.

  • Like on any social network, be true, be yourself, and don’t just “spam” your statuses with automated entries.

  • Hey Francisco and Srinivas, I really appreciate being included here. Such an honor, especially to be listed on this blog! 

    I love the tips from others, definitely adding them to my “arsenal”. 

  • Bryce Christiansen

    Thanks Srinivas,

    You have an incredible power of connecting with other bloggers.  The wisdom you share and gather is amazing.

    Francisco chose wisely to share this post here. 

    Thanks for including my thoughts as well.


  • This is such an awesome post. Thank you for putting this together and sharing. I like the thoughts about Google+ hangouts. I’ve yet to host one, but I’m excited for the opportunity it will provide in connecting, learning and growing. Great tools!

  • Wow my followed bloggers are listed here. Great! 

  • @smartboydesigns:disqus  hangouts excite me more than anything else on G+ even though I haven’t hosted one yet. But I will be using hangouts quite a bit more in the upcoming months. 

  • @aadedc825b35bd06d2fae3ff67d050e6:disqus  thanks for sharing your thoughts on the post. It was great to have so many people share their thoughts an ideas on this. 

  • I can’t believe it never occurred to me to add my G+ to the first (and only actually) autoresponder email I send – thanks! Just got back from my Weber fixing it. LOL

  • I don’t know what it is about G+, maybe it’s because the “geek” crowd got in early on the beta, but it seems a lot better place to talk about technical/political stuff than Facebook is while actually having a decent conversation about a topic. 

    For me my personal Facebook is just that.  It’s personal.  I’m not nearly as likely to post just a status on G+ without a link.  Almost everything I do there has a link to something else.  I would say I rarely do that on my personal FB page.

    I’ve been using G+ more as an addition to my blog/twitter/fan page than anything else.  Plus is a great source to find new information easily.

  • Google+ Is one network that we still haven’t spent a lot of time on. I know we need to change this. I don’t think the young network is going anywhere. 

    ~ Trevor

  • Great to be included here.

    Thanks, Srini for the mention and to also Francisco for allow my ugly ‘head and shoulders’ shot to be included on your site!

    It’s an honor… :-)Chris 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this. I’m still struggling with G+. As someone now writing about social media for the blogger set, I need to figure this whole platform out and start engaging with it. For some reason, I’ve been a bit resistant to it and have not found it as intuitive as I assumed. It’s like any tool, you’ve got to decide how best to use it.

  • Great set of tips here! Google+ has a ways to go to make a dent in Facebook. However, since my FB was abruptly shut down, I’m spending even more time on G+. When making a business page, be sure to include the “http://” in the website field. I’ve had issues without it. You might want to check out these Google Plus tips especially for newer users.

    Love this “expert roundup” approach here, great idea.


  • @twitter-171260200:disqus  I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head. It’s all the early adopters. For some reason I’m finding that the quality of a conversation and the extent of a dialogue is greater there. As far as posting links there, I think you’re right to do that since it’s going to play a big role in search. 

  • I don’t think it is either. I think that people are just a little late to the party. The people who  show up early always get the best drinks 🙂

  • @chrisducker:disqus Thanks for your contribution. You kind of helped kick things off. 

  • @whenpigsfly:disqus  I think the more time you spend on it, the more intuitive it will become. After I started creating circles I realized how much more intuitive it is than Facebook. It just takes a bit of getting used to. 

  • @marketingprofessor:disqus  Thanks for the recommendation. I think curation of this kind is going to be much easier to achieve on Google+ than it is on other platforms. 

  • @srinirao:disqus that certainly seems to be the pattern. And Facebook recently upped their character limit for status updates. Curation seems to be the trend, but it has to be done to encourage the click (on G+) if it’s going to remain valuable.

  • A nice crop of G+ Tips and observations! One of the metrics I’ve been tracking are the “best of” posts to the G+ stream for a small sampling of target KW’s for my space and for a few clients. Most are niche oriented some are long tails that should show promise over time as the platform grows. As an example Local Search Marketing

  • Awesome list of folks that I can follow and get media tips and prospects from. Branicka is one of my all-time favorites..

  • Awesome bloggers. I’m in love with Google + so much. Love every detail of it. It’s not surprising a lot of other bloggers would love it too. The tagging feature is quite “so yesterday” but it helps a lot especially in business where you can tag your products and make queries from others about it.

  • I agree with Francisco Rosales … ‘ this is not a “one or the other” thing’… too many people are spending time comparing FB and G+ when these are social tools.  They are to be used as you need them for your specific business, industry or even for personal use.  At first I thought G+ was a little cumbersome and I really didn’t like the ‘circles’…. but now I am learning more on how it helps my business and allows me to interact and engage with others.

    Thanks to Bryce Christiansen for mentioning the Google Hangouts.  That is one area I have not explored and I have that on my social marketing plan for the new year. 

    Thank you to your guest author, Srinivas Rao for taking the time to compile this information from some folks I know and others I look forward to getting to know!  Great job!

  • @9066d0625c842806a78a2bf76237384d:disqus  Truth be told, I hated it at first. After spending a few days there everything there is so intuitive. I loved curating with this thread and realized that this kind of curation is going to be one of the most powerful things you can do with G+.  Haven’t thought about tagging products.  Definitely interesting. 

  • @learnit2earnit:disqus  Yes, I definitely think you can’t abandon your audience on one platform. That being said one of the things that Scott Stratten told me when I interviewed him was that you should focus one platform and really build up there.   The hangouts are probably the most amazing feature which I’ve yet to take advantage of. 

  • TaukehKedai

    There are a lot of hype on google+. Trying to maintain communication on 2-3 social platform at the same time could really distract our attention. Google+ high membership is due to migration of gmail users who may not necessary use it in their day to day interaction. I still like Twitter st this juncture.

  • Google+ is rolling out face recognition called “Find My Face” http://www.hula-hub.com/2011/12/12/google-face-tagging-feature-find-my-face-google/

  • Clearly this is an older post, but I’ve only just come across it thanks to Francisco’s retweet on @socialmouths:twitter (yay for syndication!) I’m one of those early G+ adopters Srinivas mentions – my evening’s entertainment sorted now that I’ll be snatching up these new peeps for my circles! xo http://gplus.to/uku

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  • I can share a pregnancy related post with those I know are specifically interested, without “spamming” everyone with it.

  • I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on Google Plus and I’m finding
    that the quality of conversation with content creators is significantly
    higher there.

  •  Google+ growth gained a heap of disregard from individuals who were not prepared to pick up the single point of view Google+ was motivating. That point of view is one of directness.You can also add hyperlinks of different operating sites that you provide bearing in mind that it is for Google+ growth. So many Bloggers Share useful  thinks forUsing Google+.

  • I will post a message asking them to introduce themselves so we can connect.

  • So I decided to put that theory to the test and ask some bloggers to share their best tips to on using Google Plus.

  • So I decided to put that theory to the test and ask some bloggers to share their best tips to on using Google Plus.

  • So I decided to put that theory to the test and ask some bloggers to share their best tips to on using Google Plus.

  • Zofia Smithson

    So I decided to put that theory to the test and ask some bloggers to share their best tips to on using Google Plus.


  • Love the tips! Google+ is still a mystery to most business owners.

  • I am becoming more and more a fan of Google+ – Also, google’s new AuthorRank will make it even more important to invest sometime on Google+. I also like the engagement level of the community as evident by the conversations. As a bonus, I can integrate my social interaction on Google+ into my Engagio (www.engag.io) inbox which tracks my other social conversations!!