Are You On Quora? Here Is Why You Need To Be

Are You On Quora?Did you join Quora already?

Don’t worry, I’m not planning to give you a ride through how it was conceived, who the founders are or how much money they raised. So in order to get that out of the way if you’re not familiar with the story, let’s do the quick version in one paragraph…

Quora is a questions and answers site with the social network characteristics, you can follow people and they can follow you back, you can vote on content, etc. It was founded by two ex-Facebookers in ’09 (why is it always 2 guys? can’t they be 3?). Investors dropped a ton of cash on them with the hopes it will turn out to be the next Twitter and more recently, it has been the talk of the town now that it is completely open and spreading like there’s no tomorrow.

An article on AdAge said the application at the moment is mostly inhabited by social media types. I don’t know, I think they are called “early adopters” but whatever.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s move on to what we really care about…

Why Should You Join

I wrote 4 reasons why you should join Quora today. I know you have your own opinions on the matter so it would be cool if we discuss it in the comments section. So let’s do this thing…

1. Build Trust

It is a perfect opportunity to be helpful, another way to focus on others and deliver your 2 cents.

Quora will turn into a great social proof vehicle whether you like it or not. Your answers can very easily help you position yourself in whatever niche. This a tool that can help you claim expert status. Everything is done in public, right in front of your audience.

Very simple: Quora is a must to build your personal brand.

2. Your Community Is Already There

Why You Need To Join Quota Today

“Why should I start somewhere else if I’m already here and have connected with a growing community?” It is natural to think that. I’m always the first one to tell people not to try to spill their awesome sauce in so many places.

I have already connected with 400+ people in the first couple of days without any work. This is done at the registration process through connecting your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Nothing new, right? Well, I actually found so many people I see on Twitter on a daily basis that besides feeling like the last one to get to the party, I realized that my tribe was already there.

Quora is the hottest thing since Foursquare. Is it going to be next Twitter? Who cares. If you focus more on the human aspect of things you will be able to create an awesome experience for your audience and for yourself.

3. The Mechanics

The mechanics are very cool because besides the game rules it’s pretty much controlled by the community. Not only you can vote on relevant content but you can also edit.

Why is that so special? you ask. The power of community baby, this prevents misuse of the platform like excessive self-marketing, content manipulation and others. I said before that Quora is a must for personal brands but you also need to be careful in learning the etiquette. Make sure you take some time to observe.

4. Get Some Traffic Love

I can’t say that I have been very active since I joined and SocialMouths already had some traffic coming from it this past week. Please don’t head over there to sign up just to generate traffic, applications and networks don’t bring any traffic to your site or blog, YOU do.

Final Thought…

Don’t look at Quora as another network you need to maintain and be present all day. Look at it as another way to put yourself out there and communicate a valuable message to the right audience.

Oh! I almost forget, here is my Quora Profile if you care to connect with me over there =)

Participate by adding your comment, what do you think? are you already in? or what is your experience so far? Also, be my guest and add your Quora Profile URL so others can follow you.


In Tree Houses by Thom Chambers

3 awesome things happened earlier this week for SocialMouths. It all started with the 8th issue of the digital magazine “In Tree Houses” which features me for the second time along with heavy hitters Chris Brogan, Naomi Dunford, Naomi Niles, Fabian Kruse, Cori Padgett and others. Here is the link to download it for free. I freakin’ love this magazine!

SocialMouths was also nominated (for the 2nd time) as one of SME’s “Best Social Media Blogs of 2011” Finalists along with some pretty scary names and also with some friends like Kristi from Kikolani and Stan from PushingSocial. I was also part of a list that makes me really happy, it was the “24 Bloggers Who Will Entertain, Inform and Inspire The World in 2011” by Srini at The Skool of Life. Truly a list of very inspiring individuals, some of them I read just to get started every day.

Thank you all for the support!

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  • porno-maximum

    I think they are called “early adopters” but whatever.

  • Zulma Haggerty

    An article on AdAge said the application at the moment is mostly
    inhabited by social media types. I don’t know, I think they are called
    “early adopters” but whatever.

  • Stephanie

    I agree with you. And maybe this is the only reason? Or no?