20 Social Media Divas You Should Be Following

Social Media Divas You Need To Follow To finish the week, we wanted to spread some love and create a list of the most influential women in social media today.

These women are either providing great content online or leading the industry into new concepts or technologies. The truth is that they are leaders worth following online.

Two things to mention before going on the list:

First, There is no specific order, this is not a ranking, I just listed 20. And…

Second, of course there are many more that I probably left out but it’s your turn to add your favorite divas in the comments section of this post.

So let’s do this…

1. Mari Smith

Co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day and president of ISMA, Mari Smith is the queen of Facebook. She blogs at MariSmith.com but it’s more likely to be found at either her Fan Page or on Twitter.

Mari Smith

2. Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines Kristi Hines blogs at her own Kikolani, recently included in the Social Media Examiner “2010 Top 10 Social Media Blogs” (leaving me out… just kidding Kristi).

As if running a blog on your own wasn’t hard enough, Kristi also contributes to FamousBloggers and Search Engine Journal. You can also follow her on Twitter.

3. Denise Wakeman

Denise Wakeman Build A Better Blog is a source of amazing advice about business blogging but Denise, founder of the Blog Squad, also provides great tips on online visibility at her YouTube channel.

Denise is also one of the main contributors at Social Media Examiner, one of the most popular social media blogs today. You can also follow her on Twitter.

4. Pam Dyer

Pan Dyer - Pamorama Pam Dyer was just named # 23 on the Junta42 “Top Content Marketing Bloggers” a few days ago for her blog Pamorama, which is becoming more popular by the day.

Pam is also a featured blogger at Social Media Today but I enjoy the most is her amazing Twitter stream full of awesome shares and resources.

5. Tamar Weinberg

Tamar Weinberg - Techipedia When you have a Twitter “Verified Account”, you have a celebrity status. Tamar is the Community Director for a little website you might know called Mashable.

What you might not know is that her own blog Techipedia is also a social media power house. I’m not exaggerating, you don’t get #31 on the AdAge Power150 for nothing. Follow Tamar on Twitter.

6. Shama Kabani

Her new book “The Zen Of Social Media Marketing” just hit the stores. Shama is the president of The Marketing Zen Group and host of her own Shama.tv. Also follow on Twitter.

ZenMarketing Shama Kabani

7. Ann Handley

Ann Handley - MarketingProfs Ann Handley is the Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs. She is the genius behind the site’s success. Among other recognitions, Ann is #1 in the 50 of the Most Powerful and Influential Women in Social Media.

Follow her on Twitter under @marketingprofs.

8. Lisa Barone

Lisa Barone - Outspoken Media One of the writing styles I really love, Lisa Barone is the co-founder and Chief Branding Officer at Outspoken Media, which she shares with Rae Hoffman and Rhea Drysdale. The Outspoken Media blog is filled with great stuff by Lisa.

You can also find her contributing at SmallBizTrends or follow her on Twitter.

9. Allen Mireles

Allen Mireles Allen Mireles has been a social media consultant since 2006… yeah, longer than Twitter. According to Diana Huff, Allen is one of “The Top 25 Very Smart Businesswomen to Follow on Twitter“.

Allen writes at her own blog AllenMireles and you can also follow her on Twitter for some great conversation.

10. Julia Roy

Julia Roy Senior Manager of New Media at Coach, Inc. and as she claims, a “real life digital girl”. Julia runs her own YouTube show TweetWeek and blogs at JuliaRoy.com

Most of the action happens on Twitter so make sure you follow her there. One thing I can say is, Julia makes social media look good.

11. Amber Naslund

It’s no secret, Amber Naslund has become one of the heavy-weights in social media. She is the Community Director at Radian6 and a very active speaker.

What I enjoy from Amber is the smart content provided on her personal blog Altitude Branding, today #36 on the AdAge Power150. I also recommend her free ebooks.

Radian6 - Amber Naslund

12. Maria Reyes McDavis

Maria Reyes McDavis You might know her as the Web Success Diva, also name of her blog. Maria is among the 50 of the Most Powerful and Influential Women in Social Media and considered one of Internet’s most valuable female brands.

Great content on social media, SEO and blogging. You can also follow this diva on Twitter.

13. Corvida Raven

Corvida Raven - SheGeeks She is definitely an influential woman of tech, as she claims on Twitter. Corvida is the mind behind SheGeeks, where she shares great content about social media and technology in general.

Don’t miss @corvida on Twitter.

14. Kris Colvin

Kris Colvin Kris Colvin is a user and brand experience designer, founder and Chief Creative Officer of Fresh ID and creator of Twitterface. Kris also writes at KrisColvin, a very well known and nicely designed blog she runs over Tumblr. Pretty busy I guess…

Follow Kris Colvin on Twitter.

15. Deirdre Breakenridge

Deirdre Breakenridge Co-author of Putting the Public Back in Public Relations with Brian Solis and author of PR 2.0 New Media, Deirdre Breakenridge is one of the most respected authors in new media. She also shares great content on her blog.

Also follow her on Twitter.

16. Valeria Maltoni

Valeria is another heavy-weight in social media, she blogs at ConversationAgent, recently named #2 on the Junta42 “Top Content Marketing Bloggers” and #31 on the AdAge Power150. If you only subscribe to a few blogs about social media, this needs to be one. She also contributes on blogs such as FastCompany or Social Media Today.

Valeria is also consider one of the Most Influential Online Marketers of 2009 according to Invesp. Make sure to also follow her on Twitter.

ConversationAge - Valeria Maltoni

17. Shelly Kramer

Shelly Kramer - V3 Yes, Shelly Kramer is one of Forbes “30 Women Entrepreneurs To Follow On Twitter“. Owner of Kansas City based V3, an integrated marketing and social media agency.

You can get some of her content on the V3 Blog and you can follow her on Twitter.

18. Cindy Ratzlaff

Cindy Ratzlaff - Brand New Brand You Better known on the Twittersphere as @BrandYou, Cindy Ratzlaff is also in the Forbes “30 Women Entrepreneurs To Follow On Twitter“.

She blogs at her own CindyRatzlaff.com mostly on personal branding and social media. Also, a lot of good stuff at the Facebook Brand New Brand You fanpage.

19. Shannon Paul

http://twitter.com/ShannonPaul Shannon Paul runs her blog at Very Official Blog, member of the AdAge Power150 and one of the finalists at the Social Media Examiner “2010 Top 10 Social Media Blogs”. Shannon works as the community manager for PEAK6 Online.

Make sure to follow her on Twitter.

20. Liz Strauss

Liz Strauss Founder of SOBCon. Liz Strauss share amazing content at the Successful Blog. One of the Top 100 Social Media & Internet Marketing Bloggers and the Invesp Top 100 Most Influential Marketers of 2008 among an extensive list of recognitions.

You can also connect with Liz on Twitter.

Now It’s Your Turn…

Well, it was hard to stop at 20. I was really aiming for 10 at the beginning and ended up with 12, then 16 and I can keep going… but then you won’t be able to add your favorite Divas on your comments!

You can also follow my Twitter List: Social Media Divas, where this list will keep building up.

  • Two of my very favs are:

    Coree Silvera of @MarketLikeAChik . She delivers full, fresh ideas and information. Her blog is at http://www.marketlikeachick.com …Awesome~! It is one of the first blogs I check every morning. And her ideas often lead me to new creative thoughts of my own~!


    Lori Gama Gabriel. Her twitter is @LoriGama and one of her web sites is: http://www.dagamawebstudio.com She is in the process of writing a new book…and she is so great about helping anyone with Social Media/Networking/web questions.

    Both of these ladies have given so much to the art of marketing…I personally cannot thank them enough~!

  • Two of my favorite Women Coaching Social Media For Musicians, Bands, are Madalyn Sklar of GoGirlsMusic and Tammy Brackett from Moonstruck Promotions. Both gals are on Twitter giving free tips for artists to promote and interact with fans online.

    I did a Follow Friday tweet for the 2 of them today:

    By the way I am a guy, and I highly admire these 2 women for their work in promoting music and social networking.

  • Thank you so much for including me in such august company, Francisco. This is a real honor. Also a much needed bright spot in a difficult day. 🙂

  • No offense to Julia Roy – I think she's pretty cool – but how is she influential? Her YouTube show and blog aren't updated often, and she just tweets and checks in to Foursquare like the rest of us. Maybe you could have discussed more about how she uses social at Coach, that's what I'd like to know more about! But I agree she is fun to follow and smart. 🙂

  • Just want to say thanks for the mentioned. I'm flattered to be in such great company. Followed the list as well. Great group of ladies! Thanks again. 🙂

  • I'm pleased to say that I follow many of those you list and I'm glad to learn about other strong voices out there.

    @ShellyKramer, @AmberCadabra and @LizStrauss are three of those with whom I have the most contact and I can tell you that they are three of the most authentic, energetic folks in the space.

    I'm off to Liz's SOBCon in Chicago later this month and look forward to connecting with other talented, intelligent people.

    Thanks for the forum. Best, M.

  • Interesting…I hadn't actually heard of her before this list…and clicked to follow her on Twitter. Now I've looked over her other resources and you're right…her blog is dated and I can't pin-point much true influence. I'd love to be proven wrong~! So show me the 'sauce'…

    I do hope that this isn't just another carrot-dangling link list.


  • I've worked with Julia, Janet.
    She is *very* effective at what she does. The problem is that she's so busy doing it these days on behalf of Coach? That she doesn't have a ton of time to be working on her own social presence.
    Trust me when I say though that she's one of those people who is less about self-promotion and more about getting it done for the client or the brand.

  • Every piece of content you write is not only smart but very fun to read Lisa. I think I mentioned you before in this blog, maybe you didn't pick it up.

    Have a great weekend!

  • A great list – much as I hate lists of these nature.

    Knowing 90% of these women I can say that I expect the other 10% are just as amazing.

  • blackcanseco

    These things kill me. Out of 20 Social media divas, 18 are white women? How does that work? What digital arena are you guys living in?

    This list intentionally or not perpetuates the belief that Diversity is separate from value, like it's an add-on or some charitable acknowledgment… not unlike Peace Corps work. I know this isn't the only 20, but that it still managed to be so completely homogenized reflects a lot of what's wrong with social media and the larger digital arena: We still treat white men and white women as the default or the norm for expertise and insights and usage while marginalizing People of Color as afterthoughts and anomalies.

    Fact is since Day One “Divas” from all backgrounds have been accomplishing great things and making moves that too many of the digital world ignores simply because they don't look like “us”. Or to be more blunt—because they're not white women.

    And please don't say, “well you're free to add whoever you think we've left out” because that's not the point. The fault that women of color and to a comparable degree men of color are ignored in lists and discussions like these by the so-called mainstream is the real problem. People of Color already know we're out here and whose doing what. You should be smart enough to know, too.

    White Women and White men do not have the market cornered on digital and social media insights or even usage. But as long as we continue to view Whites and the go-to group in this space, we'll miss out on invaluable insights and lucrative opportunities that have been and continue to come from connecting with folks from other communities and backgrounds.

    This is not a good look at all. not one bit.

  • Thank you, Lucretia~! That's exactly what my little nosy self needed to know~! *wink…

  • Deanna and Eureka,

    Thank you, I appreciate your opinions, we're not here just to agree on everything but to start conversations. Maybe I didn't do a good job on what I said about Julia, perhaps the list needs to be a lot longer.

    You both have a great weekend.

  • ok…I can appreciate your passion…but I have one question. What if everyone had the same photo or avatar? Just wondering how that would direct the choices made here.

  • Thank you Allen and I hope you are feeling better.

  • Both great Eureka, just added them to the Twitter list. I know I'm leaving out others and I feel bad about it, maybe we'll do sequel later on.

  • blackcanseco


    I doubt it would make a difference because it's not about physical appearance (real or perceived). The diversity would be reflected as much by the content and perspectives which would no doubt being influenced by their cultural and ethnic diversity.

    Just in using the worlds “Divas” they came up with the above list. It's not unlike marketers or politicians or other orgs who use the word “women” but focusing primarily on white women. I don't know that homogenizing avatars or even screen names would make a difference.

    Besides, I don't think anyone should have to be tricked into broadening their scope. i wouldn't want you to pretend to be something you're not just to be taken seriously.

  • It's a good list, though. Glad to see a lot of ladies on here like Liz, Valeria, Kris and Deirdre. And that's what blogs are about – conversations and different thoughts. Have a good weekend too!

  • No need to feel bad~! You opened a great door…now we can all add who influences us. Honestly, there are so many fantastic humans out there making great news…how in the WORLD could you ever create a definitive list?…;-)

  • Sounds like she's hard at work!

  • Wow! This is great!!!

  • An impressive list, Francisco.

    I would add Michelle MacPhearson as she has very concise and easy to follow information on Social Media.

    Her websites are http://www.michellemacphearson.com and http://www.socialmediadaily.com.

    She offers two FREE reports, Social Media Daily and Social Media Myth. Both reports are excellent.

  • Thanks so much for adding me! There are a slew of great women here, but also a good handful or more I don't know. I'll be following everyone on the list and discovering what you think is great about them. Appreciate being included with some women I go to for advice and admire as well.

  • Thanks for the addition Renee.

  • Thank you Lucretia!

  • Wow! How did Luara Fitton (@Pistachio) get left off this list? She is definitely a Twitter diva as co-author of Twitter for Dummies, and the web site, http://oneforty.com.

  • Thank you, I have to say that as much as I appreciate your point of view, I think this has nothing to do with social media, you could be talking about just any industry out there.

    One thing I can say is that, I didn't at any point intend to build a list that presented diversity in race. If I was writing about “diversity in Social Media” then I would.

    You make some strong points and even suggest that this blog is being racist by only mentioning one person of color. I'm sorry but I just think it doesn't make sense. As you can see I'm Hispanic…

    I think you also had the opportunity to participate by adding value to the conversation, perhaps even recognizing the people we failed to mention. It's all good though, I welcome your opinion with respect.

  • Thanks for taking a moment to stop by Kris, your work is admired around here.

  • blackcanseco

    Just to share: here's a couple: @angelonfire super-smart and covers how Socialmedia is used by all sorts of regular people. does great design work too. check her out at concreteloop.com and angelonfire.com

    Butta Baby @buttababy runs @soulbounce a leading culture/music blog. lost of good insights.

    Lynne Johnson @lynneluvah SVP Social Media for the Advertising Research Foundation…

    Gwen Peake @gwenjpeake Global Digital Media Manager for Ford Motors. Super cool and smart.

    Adria Richards @adriarichards you'll be hard-pressed to find a better combo of smarts energy and personality. i earn a lot from her…

    Angela Benton of BlackWeb 2.0 (@abenton) Founder/Publisher of Black Web 2.0; great insights on what works and what doesn't in the space.

  • Absolutely right Michael, no argument there.

  • Thank you for the kind mention, Francisco.

    I appreciate the challenge of being inclusive while being selective by way of your experience. It's the same thing customers do with brands — some elicit a much stronger emotional resonance than others by virtue of being present more in our lives or serving a need at a precise moment in time. We can all do a little more to support each other every single day and I know this is part of your conversation.

  • blackcanseco

    SocMouth. You said:

    “One thing I can say is that, I didn't at any point intend to build a list that presented diversity in race. If I was writing about 'diversity in Social Media' then I would. “


    And there in lies the rub—and my larger frustration. Diversity as it relates to race/culture/ethnicity is considered an “extra” or an add-on in this space.

    Apparently the only way to get a greater consideration is to pre-qualify diversity as the key factor. This implicitly implies that there is a default or a baseline standard which POCs don't qualify to meet and are only worth mentioning when we're ready to talk about “them”.

    What if someone did a similar list of guys and said, “Francsico, we'll include you—once we're ready to talk about Hispanics.” Like that's the only time you're relevant?

  • Thanks so much for the mention, the ladies you've listed have definitely been trailblazers in the industry — not simply because they are listed, but because their careers are self-evident 🙂

    @blackcanseco I completely agree with you on the racial commentary, being one of the VERY few latina women in social media. However, I believe its more of a systemic societal issue, not one relative to this list. And that's a whole different blog post in and of itself 🙂

  • Franciso, I'm flattered and honored to be on this list of amazing women who are doing great things in social and online marketing. Thank you and … blog on!

  • Thanks for the mention here, Francisco, and your generous “genius” description of my contributions! I appreciate it! That said, there are a number of people here at MarketingProfs who share in our site's success — I might be the brand's primary voice and personality, but my job is definitely and immeasurably easier because of the similarly invaluable contributions of the 30-ish number of people who make up all that is Profs!

    Have a great weekend!

  • donnettacc

    GREAT Add to the list– Ad Age Digital Writer Judy Shapiro Passionate about bringing to market great technology that improves lives with Social Media @judyshapiro see her new fan page for Judy Consumer Meets Her Trust Web http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Judy-

  • Thank you so much for including me on this list. I am honored. Here are the women from this list who I know AND can honestly say I am proud they are my colleagues –

    Maria Del Reyes, Liz Strauss, Amber Naslund, Allen Mireles, Ann Handley. Off the top of my head, I'd add Erin Blaskie and Laura Roeder.

    As to the diversity comment – I honestly believe it isn't about this list. It is a bigger societal issue. There AREN'T more than 2 (including me) women of color on this list, because there aren't that many women of color in the social media – or technology fields overall. I am not sure why this is – but I do think it is unfair to blame the creator of this list for a societal issue. I think we should all do more to encourage women – of all color – to check out social media related careers.

  • Wanted to add Tamar to that list. = )

    Also – can't seem to comment using FB connect. Gives me an error message.

  • Shama,

    Tamar IS on the list…

    And yes, I just saw the issue with Fb Connect, we just got the site up after some difficulties at NetSol, maybe that's why. We'll look into it, thanks for letting me know.

  • Thanks for throwing my name in Shama!

    This is a great list, and I'm looking forward to checking out the names that aren't familiar.

  • JonAston

    Nice list… great depth.

  • JonAston

    Actually, what you're asking would ultimately result in less *actual* diversity. Go make your own list, and include anyone you like. That's everyone's right.

  • If I was not included in a list like this I would definitely NOT feel discriminated because of my race, I can guarantee you that much.

    I'm sorry you are upset but I think first, you made your point and second, I don't feel responsible at all. Tomorrow you'll land on a Nascar-related blog and you'll complain about diversity. You have turned this conversation into a racism issue when that is the last thing being discussed.

    Thanks for participating.

  • Count that 17 🙂

  • Thanks for the list. I was following most of these women, but you have pointed out a few that I had not heard of before. There are so many women in social media who contribute so much. It's always so hard to narrow it down to a list.

    My favorite is Jessica Smith (@jessicaknows) http://jessicanow.com

  • Thanks for including me in your list! I'm sorry I didn't get to comment sooner… but I was fighting the WordPress hack that has been going around the blogosphere. Fortunately I got my main sites up and running again, and am just catching up on what's been going on all day. Definitely a great list with some names I haven't heard but am planning on checking out.

  • I'm sorry to hear that Kristi, I had to deal with similar issues today, we were down for about an hour.

    Have a good weekend.

  • My additions would be:
    LorellevanFossen @lorelleonwp http://twitter.com/lorelleonwp
    Laura Fitton@pistachio http://twitter.com/pistachio
    Laura Roeder @lkr http://twitter.com/lkr
    Michelle MacPhearson @michellem http://twitter.com/michellem
    Lucretia M Pruitt @LucretiaPruitt http://twitter.com/LucretiaPruitt

  • Honestly, it wasn't even something I noticed until I read this comment. Of course, I just found it exciting that someone was focusing on women in this industry in general. I have been on some lists recently where other women contacted me because they were excited that a gal made it into what some consider the “boys club.” Also, speaking of diversity, I'm part Asian so I do add a little to the diversity, even if I am on the paler side.

    I think maybe a better approach to this would be to come here and nominate other women that deserve to be on this list because of their accomplishments. If you go into posts like this and promote women of diversity including their accomplishments in this industry, more people who may not have heard of those women will become aware of them, start following them, and they will get included in these lists as well.

  • Glad to hear yours was just an hour. I have several sites on one account, so when it got one, it got them all, and I had to get them all back to square one before it was resolved.

  • Considering the members of this list with whom I've worked and played, I'm interested to connect and learn more about those with whom I'm not yet familiar, and those mentioned in the comments.

    And since I was referred to this discussion by @dkasrel, I have to throw her name to the rest of your readers as a solid contender, although relatively new in the space. keep an eye on her.

    I also have to, have to, have to mention, @smallbizlady, Melinda Emerson. Go check out her chops in her twit stream and her weekly chat, #smallbizchat. Her new book, Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months is getting coverage all over the place. As Melinda says it, she's “on a mission to end small business failure.”

    But I gotta say, when I saw the word “Divas” in your title I was excited to see the men who made your list until I read that it would just be women, because God knows, some of the dudes in social media are divas for real.

  • Are you hosting on NetSol?

  • Thanks for the great additions Don, just added them to http://twitter.com/#/list/socialmouths/socialme… and will definitely keep an eye on them.

  • Thanks Erno,

    All great, thank you. I have to admit we dropped the ball with Michelle MacPhearson, Laura Roeder and Pistachio… the list could easily be 30. We'll check out the rest too.

  • Godaddy actually. From all of the details I read about the NetSol hack, mine was a bit different.

  • Francisco –

    Sorry, I meant my list – people I know from the list above and can truly say I am proud that they are colleagues. A credit to the field. = )

  • A nice diverse group of female groups… I'd like to dump my ladybloggers into your mixing bowl! Great Post!

  • Hey Sharma! I get heat for having posted a list of ladybloggers with “too many” women of color!!!


  • Thanks for sharing Dave.

  • Lots of fine ladies on this list. I know and respect many.

  • Absolutely, she was the #1 before we knew any of these fine ladies

  • Two more additions worth noting:
    http://twitter.com/SallyFalkow – Sally Falkow
    http://twitter.com/MarciSEOer – Marci Rosenblum

  • trevordierdorff

    You definately need to add Lori Ruff to this list! #9 Woman on LinkedIn

  • Trevor – you ROCK my World! Thanks!

    Francisco, great list… It's an honor to be recognized for the work we do. And the cool thing the list is GROWING! Incredible women who make a difference are jumping into social (something we're naturally good at in real life) media daily.

  • catfive

    Great list – some I am following and some I am going to check out. One that I do follow that i don't see here is Laura Roder. Love her!

  • Hi F, I would add Erin Blaskie to the list ~ http://twitter.com/ErinBlaskie

  • Thanks for stopping by Mike.

  • Thank you Janette.

  • Thank you Lori for taking the time to stop by. I just sent you an invite on Linkedin.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Thank you and I'm honored to be included on the 20 Social Media Divas You Should Be Following list!

  • I'm happy to accept – thanks! I love your blog… I did a recent post about the top 10 women on LinkedIn after my partner found my standing. he had to scroll through 150 people to find us! Have I said yet that you just Rock?! It's very cool of you to build others up and I'm grateful to be on your scope.

  • Thank you for making this list of great social marketers. It is great to see what others are doing on their social media pages and is a glimpse of how to do it right! Very insperational.

  • I understand your passion – and not igniting any argument here and stating the obvious: the list isn't about racial discrimination and no where has he written a word that says its Whites who Dominate Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network. Maybe he has left out a couple of them, but you can always make that suggestion.

    I still think the author can add a few more names if we can suggest them. And he has stated that in his reply earlier.

  • Francisco!! Oh my, what a wonderful gathering of gals – I am humbled and honored for your kind mention. It's always interesting to review lists of any sort – it's one person's perspective as you point out, and I love how you encourage and invite (and graciously comment on) other contributions!!

    Thanks for all *you* do to make a different in the socialmediasphere too! 😀

  • sue_anne

    The problem with lists like this is that everyone can name lists of people that should be included. I'm disappointed that there aren't more non-profit social media folks on this. Where's Beth Kanter (@kanter), or Stacey Monk (@staceymonk) of Epic Change or @Amanda of Twestival.

  • And thank you for that! 🙂 This is a fantastic look at some really incredibly talented people.

  • No, thank you.

  • Mari, thanks for the kind words, good to see you here.

  • Very good point Sue and great additions to the list, thank you.

  • ShellyKramer

    Bravo, Jon! Well said. If you don't like someone else's list, make your own. Bitching rarely accomplishes anything.

  • ShellyKramer

    Francisco, what a day-maker (made up word, which I'm good at) this post was. And how very honored, and humbled, I am to be included amongst these women whom I mostly know and very much admire. I also just spent some time nosing around your sites (after all, if somebody's gonna say nice things about me and I don't yet know them, I need to remedy that, post haste) and you are quite an impressive hombre your own self. Love what you're doing, love how you're doing it.

    Thanks again for the inclusion here – it is quite an honor.


  • aw…Shelly…pls don't pee on my parade…if I can't bitch for at least equal the amount of time I spend doing Pilates …then I just don't feel…well, Right. *wink~!

  • Shelly, thanks for your words, it really means a lot coming from you. The list is made of women we truly respect and listen to and you are definitely one of them.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Great Post! Thanks for the introductions….

  • Francisco, this is the beginnings of a great list. I agree that some amazing women have been left off, but I am still excited to see a list of women.


  • Check out Jennifer Batchelor – Digital Director at BRPR Group. Check her out @thebrprgroup

  • These women are all amazing!!! I aim for their marketing level.
    Hopefully someday I will be on a list like this! I am new to business/marketing blogging and tweeting but I am on my way!

    Advice is welcome!

    My marketing blog:
    Twitter: @NatashasNotion

  • Thanks so much for the shout out, Janet! I appreciate all your support and love the feedback we can always count on from you. 🙂

    This is a great list of ladies here…a few faves that are on the Forbes 20 Best Marketing & Social Media Blogs by Women list (http://www.forbes.com/2010/01/14/social-media-t…), too!

    It's always hard to come up with a definitive list like this, I know, and I'm really happy to find more women who are rockin the social media world!

  • You are awesome for putting this together, Francisco! Thanks so much for promoting women in the social media world. And thanks for adding me to your list! I'm honored. 🙂

  • Thank YOU Coree! an honor to have you stop by…

  • Thanks for sharing your blog Natasha, I'll make sure to check it out.

  • Thanks Christopher, will do.

  • ivanataylor

    I'd recommend Anita Campbell is the Editor in Chief of the award winning http://www.smallbiztrends.com and http://www.BizSugar.com. Her popular website, Small Business Trends , is regularly noted as a rich informational resource. In 2005 and again in 2008 the site won the Forbes “Best of the Web” distinction for small business blogs. The site also has been highlighted or profiled in the Wall Street Journal (2007), on MSNBC’s “Your Business” show as Website of the Week, twice in the New York Times (2005 and 2008), and was a CODIE 2007 Finalist.

  • Great list. I've been following Mari Smith for awhile, her insight is second to none. Shama Kabani looks to also have an interesting take on social media. Thanks again guys! Now the next post I'll be looking for will be the top

  • lcdavid

    It was reallly a great informative blog post..,.
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  • anon

    Yep, and folks continue to marginalize your viewpoint.

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    Cool divas of social media wowwww 🙂

  • I like the article!happy to share

  • I agree with you, i have seen women's as good in management from my experience, and in social media too they can be good….

  • This is a great list. These are all fabulous ladies. I love Mari Smith. She is genuine, very helpful and smart! Conversation Agent has been a fave from the beginning.

  • This is a great list. These are all fabulous ladies. I love Mari Smith. She is genuine, very helpful and smart! Conversation Agent has been a fave from the beginning.

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  • Miss Trish

    Hello All,
    Nice posting, i follow many people on twitter who are social media experts,
    will check these out too !!
    Thanks for the share.

  • ourgeneration

    Thanks for the list, and rock on Gold Coast!
    Like a few others have said, any list no matter who constructs it may cause controversy but that is the great thing about social media, everyone gets to have a say. If you don't like this list make your own, I am sure there will be plenty to complain about it.
    Now why aren't there more Aussies on your list? 🙂

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  • Ladies! you are really good but still you can't think like we (men) do lol

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  • Wow, a parade of divas…. Thanks for your blog post…. I must agree that these ladies are the best among the rest… Keep it up!

  • Really an awesome post and everyone have their own idea, nice post thanks for sharing

  • Tyauilla

    This information is outdated…

  • Shama is the president of The Marketing Zen Group and host of her own Shama.tv

  • Francisco, I enjoy every single post of yours. Loved this one even more. Everyone on your list is more than worthy of your mention. I have to give a mention to Laura K Roeder and Nathalie Lussier, two young remarkable women who got me started thinking about Social Media as a business tool and powerful way to engage with other like minded people. Love your work, you are top on my  non-gender-specific list.

  •  Your site is an endless source of valuable blogging tips. I am trying hard to improve my blog traffic (I currently have about 19000 page views a month) and your suggestions determined me to keep on trying. Everybody tells me my blog is astonishing but…I suppose I could use a harsher and hopefully more objective critique. Kisses and thank you.

  • Another one for the list: My friend & occasional partner in crime B.L. Ochman. She’s been blogging for longer than she’d probably care to remember and is choc full of opinions 🙂

  • To finish the week, we wanted to spread some love and create a list of the most influential women in social media today.

  • i found this post very interesting… Thanks for sharing your views with us..

  • Wow Superb List 🙂

  • OK Francico. You asked for nominations. I would nominate Michelle Pescosolido. She is know to many as the “Queen of Facebook” for her prowess in Facebook marketing. For example: she built a 6-figure income in 6 months from the time she started marketing on Facebook. This is pretty much the only platform she uses. Just recently she turned an $18K day! All off of Facebook.

    I would say she is definitely a ‘Social Media Diva’.

    Oh, BTW:
    ‘BlackCanseco’ is probably always on his soap box about POC rights and recognition. As you said, if he wanted to bring attention to the many ‘Divas of Color’ all he had to do was mention who they are. I mean, dude, you can only list 20!

    The divas listed here have a ‘rep’ regardless of who they are or what race they are. They are simply ‘Divas’!!

  • Melonie Dodaro

    Kudos to all these ladies who made it to this list. Wonderful job!

  • Second, of course there are many more that I
    probably left out but it’s your turn to add your favorite divas in the
    comments section of this post.

  • Francisco, thank you so much for  including me on your list of social media divas; women I admire and who are truly amazing. I’m honored to be in such great company!

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  • Great list and all are so deserving. May I also suggest Ekaterina Walter @Ekaterina

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