How To Produce Video Interviews For Your Blog Using Skype

Videos are everywhere lately, specially interviews. I mean bloggers are really taking it to the next level and why not, it’s a great way to engage your visitor and make them stay a little longer. Are you asking yourself if this is hard to put together?

I’m going to show you how to produce your own video interview guerilla style… I mean, without losing an arm and a leg and without hiring anybody. First let’s review the ingredients:

The Ingredients

  • Webcam
  • Screen capture software
  • Skype
  • Basic video editing software
  • Video sharing website

Record A Little Intro

With just a simple webcam, record yourself doing a short introduction for your guest, tell people what they are about to see. Make it short because your viewer will not stick forever to see you hook it up.

When you are done save it, you will need it later to edit the final piece.

Screen Capture

When doing an interview you will face two possible scenarios, is the person you are interviewing physically reachable or on the other side of the planet. In this case we’ll talk about a long distance interview and since this is going to happen over the internet, what we need to record is what’s happening on the screen, this is called Screen Capturing. This software will also take care of the audio part.

I personally like iShowU from ShinyWhiteBox, but there are plenty of options out there. Depending of your choice, you should expect to pay up to $100, don’t pay more than that (iShowU is about $30).


Oh, the beautiful and FREE Skype… If you don’t have an account you should probably make the time to get one, today. In my opinion, the only thing Skype doesn’t do is record, that’s why you need to use screen capture software. Other than that, it makes everything much more simple. Setup your appointment, make sure you have a good connection for the call, make a couple of tests and you are ready.

Consider that your interview should probably not exceed the 10 minutes but try to record more material to play with at the editing stage.

Editing Your Video

The term “Video Editing” is probably the one that scares everybody, but don’t complicate things. Remember that you are producing something for the Internet, not for TV. While there are many options in this field, I recommend you stay in the lower end, the basics. I’m using iMovie but if you are on the PC side, Windows Movie Maker should be the equivalent.

These programs are very easy to learn because they are meant to help beginners like you and me. If you take a couple of tutorials, you’ll be on your way pretty fast (These links are for tutorials on both iMovie and Movie Maker).

During the editing stage, you want to play with adding different elements like pictures, text, effects and music. You will also be able to chop the raw video in pieces and paste them together.

Video Sharing Service

Now that you have your video edited and saved on your computer (usually on a MP4 format), you need to share it with the world and for this you will need to create an account with a service like Vimeo or YouTube if you don’t already have one. I prefer Vimeo but that’s just me, there are plenty options out there for you to find a good fit.

Once you have your account setup you just need to upload your file, be patient, it’ll take a while. Set up a title, a description, tags and whatever you can do to make it a little more friendly. Publish your video and make sure everything is looking good.

Embed To Your Post

The last step is to bring it to your blog, where you want to place it on your next post. Wherever your video lives now (Vimeo, YouTube or other…), copy the “Embed Code” (read my post: “Mini-Tutorial: How To Embed A You-Tube Video On Your Blog“) and insert it into your post. Preview and test everything before hitting the “Publish” button.

It’s A Wrap!

It’s not rocket science, anybody can do a video interview and while the technical part is very important and entertaining at the same time, make sure the main focus is on delivering good quality in the content. People will forgive a technical difficulty if the content is of value.

(2 mentions before I go: Sorry Andrea for using you as an example… and thanks Glenn Sakamoto for the idea for the post).

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  • This is a fantastic tutorial. I've been using in a similar way with a Mac application called ecamm-conference call recorder. It's an in-expensive software around $30 dollars and it will even allow you to split the audio tracks of the two people recording. I've also used Screenflow screen capture tool as well.

    Thanks for this great stuff. I'm going to Tweet it now in the hopes others will receive this great guidance.

  • Thanks for the tip, I have also used ScreenFlow. Just followed you on Twitter BTW…

    Thank you!

  • Francisco, it seems I'm following too many people in proportion to my followers on twitter. I just tried to follow you and I received the following API message about the followers. When I get out of API purgatory I'm following you.

    Take care.

  • Great post, Andrea! I'm going to retweet this!

  • I also use ecamm's Call Recorder software for my wine blog, The side-by-side option is great so that you don't have to use the default Skype setup.

  • That sounds like a good feature Mark, thanks for sharing, we'll have to give it a try.

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  • Great tutorial. I'm a windows user and I used camstudio (free @ to record a project tutorial; records audio+ screen. Hope it helps the Windows visitors.

  • Great post!

    I would like to correct you on one thing. There are a few plug-ins which enable you to record your Skype video and audio conversations. I use this one – Pamela for Skype (

  • Thanks for the addition Jaime, I didn't find anything, I guess I was looking in the wrong places…

  • Thank you Archit, I appreciate the addition, I was not aware of Pamela and will make sure to try it.

    Hey, loved you blog BTW…

  • csrollyson

    Francisco thanks for a clear and concise guide, will use and I perceive video rapidly becoming a more CGC vehicle. Hats off!

  • Thanks for the blog love.

    I wouldn't need to say that I love your blog too! Wouldn't be here if it wasn't that way in the first place. 🙂

  • fabian fontilar jr

    I want to learned more to this kind of instuctional videos and site it is good to a new begginer like me keep it up this works thanks and good day jhun_47

  • Glad I can be of help Fabian, how do I connect with you?

  • Thanks Chris, just connected with on Fb and Twitter.

  • ScottSkibell


    Great overview for recording interviews with Skype.

    One technique to consider is to sync your video with the speaker's Skype video. Essentially, you use your screencasting software to record your video via the Picture-in-Picture effect. Then you can replay your video dialog with your speaker.

    Here's an example I did on Skype interviews a few weeks back:

    This gives you a little more post-production control. So for example, I can fade my video in or out along with the speakers. The downside for the speaker is they can't “see” you though. Your screencasting software has control over your webcam so Skype can't broadcast it. I think it's a fair trade-off for the PnP flexibility though.

    Recording interviews this way is nice because you can add effects, callouts, and incorporate other elements into your production. It helps keep your video engaging. Of course a dynamic speaker helps too 😉

    Again, great review.

  • chaimhaas

    There are a number of different video capture/editing software applications that will enable you to record Skype voice and/or video calls.

    For PC users, you can try CallBurner (, Pamela (, CamStudio ( or VodBurner ( ).

    For Mac users, you can try CallRecorder ( or Snapz Pro X (

  • Marco

    I love this post. Thanks. Maybe interesting for you. I am using professional equipment with Skype for business. Check this:

  • Hey Scott, I love what you're doing with your skype video, we'll definitely give this a try. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Wow, now we're taking it to next level… Thank you Marco, great resource.

  • Thanks for adding the resources, I'm sure it will be helpful for everybody.

  • Jaime

    I use as well. What is best for compressing the video thereafter putting it in a format working nicely with YouTube?.

    Any suggestion for that?


  • Just what I was looking for – thanks! Wondering about SkypeCap – have used this for recording audio. Do you know anything about how it works for recording video?


  • Hello Sigrid, let look into it and I'll tell you later. BTW, I tried finding you Twitter linking from your blog and it says that the account doesn't existing…

  • Thanks for the hint about the link – I fixed it now – new link –

    Great – looking forward to hearing what you find out!


  • I see you now… AND I'm following you

  • And now I follow you kind sir 😉

  • I really wish Skype would actually release a product already on Nokia handsets. Its amazing to know this video interview on Skype!!But I read other reviews which consider that Skype can't work without Fiber Optic net connection so its …too far…!!

  • To Recording your online videos using webcam is a faster and cheaper way of producing own video content.

  • Thank you for that. I've been told about it before but I can't do it perfectly, now I have a guide to make it work thanks a lot.

  • Thank you for that. I've been told about it before but I can't do it perfectly, now I have a guide to make it work thanks a lot.

  • Very usefull article, thanks a lot.

  • Guest

    Very usefull article, thanks a lot.

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  • Really great article, thank you! What is your opinion on iShowU v Camtasia for Mac v ScreenFlow?

  • Thanks for your sharing!

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  • Wow! these are very good tips and tricks on how to get hired on the internet, thank you for posting this. Internet jobs are very popular today, wish I could have one.

  • Anonymous

    Yes ,There are a number of different video capture software applications ,but which one is the bset?

  • Anonymous

    Yes ,There are a number of different video capture software applications ,but which one is the bset?

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  • Great post!  Making
    videos for blog posts can sound too intimidating but you did make it look so
    easy.  Great job for the step by step
    guide.  Really very helpful article.  Cheers!


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  • Mikito Ohara

    Skype? Really? I never imagine that this is possible, thanks for sharing this! 😀

    Video Editor Perth

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  • videomarketer

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