How to Optimize Your Welcome Email to Make the First Sale

How to optimize your welcome email to make the first sale

The welcome email is most likely the most underestimated in your email marketing strategy, and probably one of the messages with most potential to come out of your business.

Why? Very simple…

  • The one message every single person expects from you is a welcome email. They all know it’s coming.
  • The welcome email usually contains something they want, a piece of information they need or a download link to a free ebook.

This is why, according to EasySMTP, welcome emails have

  • 86% higher unique open rate
  • 196% higher unique click rate

And yet, we underestimated.

Many people see this message as a pure transaction, a message you to have to send out as an indication that the signup process has been completed.

The welcome email has proven to be great to

  • Thank your subscriber
  • Ask your subscriber to whitelist you
  • And even get them to provide valuable information you can use to increase relevancy in future campaigns

But it can also be a great opportunity to trigger the first transaction…

  • Welcome emails have a 336% higher transaction rate
  • And 320% more revenue per email than other promotional emails

Here are some of the best practices to optimize and squeeze the juice out of your welcome emails:

  • The word “Sale” can increase open rates by 23.2% while the word “Save” only increases 3.4%
  • Real-time welcome emails have a 4.01% transaction rate (10x more than emails sent in batches)
  • Never send a “no-reply” address as your “from” address
  • Stay away from words that trigger spam filters such as “free” or “bonus”
  • Welcome emails with incentives and discounts leads to 2.6x transaction rates

How to optimize your welcome email

Credits: Infographic: EasySMTP Image: PicJumbo