The 9 Fundamentals of Executing A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

The 9 Fundamentals of Executing A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

No matter how old it gets, email marketing will still be relevant. Why? Because it is permission marketing. Your target audience willingly gives out his email to you to enter his ‘personal undistracted’ space.

After Search, it has been the most powerful marketing channel with an ROI of 43x to boast in comparison to all other channels combined.

So what you now have is a customer, his personal space and undivided attention, and permission to push your product. What you now need to do is pay due respect to that permission.

How? By aligning your offerings to the persona of your customer. In simple terms, this refers to the buzzword, personalization.

Many think that personalization is tricky and complicated, or that it requires tons of data. But trust me, with automation technology in your hands you can pull this off even eyes closed. I’d suggest, let the customer do this for you.

Yeah! You heard me. Let them do it themselves.

Has anyone told you that most of the personalized emails (ones that have higher conversions) are triggered by the user’s behavior? Don’t believe me? Think of your last purchase online. Didn’t you get an email confirming your purchase, or delivering your account details? Who triggered them? YOU!

So, all you need to do for your email marketing campaigns to succeed is to just set them intelligently, once, and then leave them to run forever on automation. For automation, you can anytime use a software, but for the strategies, here I am with an incredible infographic on what works and what doesn’t, and how to make your emails fetch more conversions for you.

Improve conversions with these email marketing tactics [INFOGRAPHIC]
Courtesy of: Targeting Mantra

Before I leave

This infographic is just a peek into what can be done. The experimentation and possibilities are endless with emails. With a minor garnish of human behavior understanding, anyone can skyrocket their conversions. Most of the sale and purchase happens through emails primarily because a personal communication is more satisfying and convincing than any attractive promotional banner sent out in bulk without a human touch.

Now is the time I leave you ignited with a few ideas to begin your experiments with.

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