10 Reasons Transactional Emails can Drive more Revenue than Bulk Emails

10 Reasons Transactional Emails can Drive more Revenue than Bulk Emails

Most people look at transactional emails as… well, let’s say it… a transaction.

We need to welcome you after signing up, or we need to confirm that we got your order, right?

But right there, my dear friend, is where you are wasting one of the biggest opportunities to increase revenue for your business.

Why? Well, in email marketing you want to achieve 3 things:

  • Get your subscriber to open your emails
  • Get them to click through
  • Convert those clicks into sales

And while you might look at this type of emails as mandatory and boring pieces of communication, they can be much more effective than bulk emails in achieving those goals.

How do you take advantage of a transactional email?

You probably do this already in some cases, for example, a person just signed up for your email list and receives a welcome email. While the main goal of this piece of content is the confirmation, it includes a new soft call-to-action to like your Facebook Page.

The same thing happens when a customer buys one of your T-Shirts, an email is sent to confirm the purchase. As you know, no human being in this planet prints out a receipt from the website after a purchase because we all know there’s an email coming our way.

Now, that email can be a dead end, or it can include related products to increase your revenue.

Why are Transactional Emails more effective?

The guys at Email Monks and Avari published this infographic that explains why transactional emails are more effective in generating more revenue than emails you send in bulk, but before we go into that…

I want to share with you what the key takeaway is here:

Here are 10 reasons:

  • 54% higher transaction rates for order confirmations with cross-sell products than without.
  • 39% higher click rates for welcome emails with social links than without (from 6 to 10.3%).
  • 75% higher click rates for welcome emails with live embedded social feeds than with only icons linked to social sites.
  • 300% Welcome emails see more than 3X the orders and revenue per email over regular promotions.
  • 10x Real-time welcome emails see >10x the transaction rates and revenue per email over batched welcome mailings.
  • 73% of consumers subscribe to receive coupons and discount codes in their inboxes.
  • 34% higher click-to-open rate with dynamic lifecycle-based discount levels in subscriber welcome emails.
  • 13x Thank-you-for-order emails achieve a 13x increase in revenue compared to other promotional mailings.
  • 42% of consumers prefer emails that contain products based browsing behavior or past orders.
  • 41% increase in unique clicks for emails with predictive product recommendations.

Here is the Infographic, click here for a larger image.

Transactional Emails can Drive more Revenue than Bulk Emails