How to Segment Your Email List for ROI [Infographic]

How to segment your email list to increase ROI

Do you segment your email list?

If you don’t, you are probably┬áleaving money on the table.

Segmentation is the art of grouping your email subscribers with the purpose of sending the right message to each segment to increase open and click rates, and of course, revenue.

As we always say around here, the name of the game is “Relevancy.” Not segmenting your email list is like shooting in the dark.

While email segmentation sounds a bit technical, and perhaps something that big brands do, your ESP (Email Services Provider) most likely offers a very simple way to do this.

In this infographic, Email on Acid gives you 8 different ways to segment your list to maximize ROI:

  1. By Demographic
  2. Based on survey results
  3. Frequency
  4. Geolocation
  5. Weather
  6. Purchase Cycle
  7. Past Purchases
  8. Based on engagement

8 ways to segment your email list to maximize ROI

  • hannah edia

    Got to say I love the infographic Francisco especially tip 4 and 6, since there are certain words that appeal to people in certain locations and knowing what your audience wants is very important if you want to serve them and sell products they want to purchase. thanks

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