Email Automation Works – Here are the Stats to Prove it

Email Automation Works – Here are 21 Stats to Prove it

Email automation works. Period.

The problem is, many people still believe we’re just talking about simply sending a welcome message upon signup or a thank you note after a sale.

But it’s definitely much more than that. Email automation can help you create a system that targets users with the right messages at the right times, like offering a related product after a sale, create loyalty programs or engage existing customers that haven’t made any purchases in a specific period of time.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I’ve said many times, email is probably the most efficient channel of communications your business can have with your customers and prospects, not only to generate new business but also to increase revenue in your existing customer base.

Email can open opportunities in your business that no social network can.

But, why is it that businesses don’t focus more on email then?

In my experience with clients and readers of the blog, I’ve noticed that they either don’t completely understand how email works as a marketing tool, they are familiar with email and how to create campaigns but no so much about automation, or they don’t believe the potential this dinosaur hides underneath.

That’s why I wanted to share theses 21 stats that Emma has put together, and perhaps this will help you consider a more aggressive approach to email automation in 2015.

Here are the 21 stats of email automation

  1. Automated emails get 119% higher click rates than broadcast emails
  2. For B2B marketers, automated emails can get conversion rates as high as 50% because they’re targeting the right prospect at the right time
  3. The number one reason marketers use automation in email is to increase revenue
  4. Marketers that use automation are 133% more likely to send a message that is aligned with the customer’s purchase cycle
  5. Relevancy is key. Marketers that send relevant emails can produce 18x more revenue than with broadcast emails
  6. Personalization can generate 6x more revenue than non-personalized emails
  7. Transactional emails can produce up to 3% increase in revenue
  8. Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases
  9. The average open rate of a welcome email is as high as 50%, that’s 86% more effective than newsletter emails
  10. Welcome email have 4x higher open rates and 5x the CTR than any other type of email
  11. 74.4% of new subscribers expect a welcome email after the signup
  12. Welcome emails can produce 33% more brand engagement in the long-term
  13. A series of welcome email can generate 13% more revenue than sending just one welcome email
  14. Only 24% of marketers send emails based on timely events
  15. Birthday emails convert 60% more than non-birthday emails with the same offer
  16. Birthday emails generate 30% more opens and 60% more clicks
  17. 78% of marketers say segmentation is the most important feature of automation
  18. Marketers that send automated emails can repurpose 61% more content than marketers that don’t use automation
  19. The most important benefit of email automation is the generation of more and better leads
  20. The average user spends 51 seconds scanning an email, this is why a series to deliver one piece of content at a time is more effective than sending one email
  21. 64% of recipients open an email because of the subject line

21 Email Automation stats

Click here for a full screen infographic experience.

  • Hi Francisco,
    Yes. I agree with you, email marketing is the most efficient way to promote our business. How we find our customers matters here. Because, we have to deliver the right product to the right customer. The 21 statistics you given here is really awesome. A great appreciation for you. Thanks for sharing this man. Keep up doing.

  • Nice tips, but generally people generally mark spam if they get frequently emails. So we should send only limited no. of emails to a person.

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  • Kimberly Lucht

    I agree, automation email is important, but only if you are targeting the correct audience. In addition, there is a severe backlash to email and keeping email boxes clean. Is there a solution to your email being marked as spam or surviving the email mass daily dump?

  • Who do you get to do your feature images? I would love to hire the same designer for my niche.

  • Manuel Vicedo | CPOThemes

    Pretty interesting. I’ve been reading abit about this and others seem to be making the move towards automation as well.

    It may sound a little drastic to stop broadcasting emails altogether, but if you think about it, it’s all about sending a personal message and connecting with the reader.

    I’m dying to rethink my automation course and see what kind of results it brings.

  • Email me at francisco [at]

  • Love this blog post Francisco, full of great content for email marketers.

    I definitely seem to have a large portion of my email list open the first email, with mine being over 55%. It’s just about keeping that consistent and running it through the whole of the sequence!

    Thanks for this post, and I’ll be sure to share it on social media! 🙂