Is your Email Marketing ready for the Holiday Season? (Infographic)

Is your email marketing ready for the holiday season?

Is your email marketing strategy ready for the holiday season?

Yes, we are going to start talking about the holidays…

Don’t kill the messenger, you know marketers have been talking about it for a while now.

In the last couple of weeks I had a few conversations with clients, mostly to review the season strategy. It’s no surprise to me that most of these conversations are solely focused on social media, almost as if businesses were intentionally planning to leave email out of the equation completely.

I know it’s not the case. People just don’t talk about email as much as they do about social media because…

  • It’s not as entertaining as talking about Facebook
  • they don’t know as much because they’ve only scratched the surface of email marketing
  • they only have a vague idea of the potential email holds when it comes to promotional messages

Then the good guys at EmailMonks sent me their new infographic, which contains the data of what happened with email in 2013, and I thought it’d be a good starting point.

There are a lot of very interesting stats here, I’ll point out the main ones here, but if I had to give you my absolute recommendation about your email marketing for this holiday season, I’d have to go with 2 simple words:

Mobile Email.

Now, let’s go through some of these stats:

  • Almost 1 out of 3 transactions were completed on a mobile device
  • Email volume was 13% higher during the 2013 holidays compared to 2012
  • 71% of marketers will be relying on mobile email to drive sales
  • 88% of major retailers send at least 1 promotional message on Cyber Monday

EmailMonks recommends:

  • Go back to your 2013 analytics and see what worked then (Headlines, format, etc.)
  • Most of your competitors will focus on social, make sure you blend email and social to make a difference
  • Use coupons in your welcome emails, they will double your transaction rates
  • Don’t forget your existing customers, send them coupons too
  • Some of the highest open and clickthrough rates in Q4 2013 happened during weekends

Is your Email Marketing ready for the Holiday Season? (Infographic)

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  • Kiersten O.

    Such important info to think about during the holiday season! Beautiful infographic as well. As a student, it is great to get tips like these that are not taught in marketing or PR classes.

  • Algernon Brochu

    Hey, this a such a nice infographic, can you tell me with what program you made it? Just im did also a nice job but it not looks like perfect one. Can you give some advices?

  • Abigail Breslin

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