10 Tips to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

10 Tips to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Did you know 69% of online consumers who visit Pinterest have a clear intention of purchasing products?

So, are you making Pinterest part of the social media marketing strategy for your business?

If not, it’s still a huge opportunity for brand awareness and sales. The best part is, Pinterest has proven to be the most cost-effective for several industries.

According to Danny Maloney, CEO and co-founder of Pinterest analytics and management firm Tailwind

“Unlike Twitter and Facebook which connect users based on who they know, Pinterest connects people based on their common passion. This indicates users are able to view content which is more likely to be of interest to them, and are more likely to lead to purchase downstream.”

You may be asking yourself, how do I use Pinterest as a marketing tool? You need a consistent and strategic method to your pinning madness.

Before you start, ask yourself these 4 important questions:

  • Is your business visual?
  • Do you have access to images?
  • Is your target market primarily female?
  • Can your website be easily updated with images and content?

How do you develop the right Pinterest marketing strategy?

1) Keep your Pinterest board clean and organized

Keep your Pinterest boards organized

Pinterest’s popularity is primarily based on its neat structure. Even the large boards with hundreds of posts should be naturally pleasing to the eye and easily understood.

When you are using Pinterest for your business, it is important to use proper classification to make it simple and easier for the users to browse your boards. The best way is to create multiple boards to segregate the content by category so that relevant content can be kept together.

2) Profile your brand

Profile your brand

You definitely need a board to showcase your products and services.

But how many boards do you need and how do you categorize things you sell to pin to your Pinterest boards? Your products need logical grouping. Most importantly, consider how your customers may search for the products and services you offer. For instance, you may have independent boards for dresses, trousers, pants, tops, shoes, handbags, and also a board for complete outfits.

3) Learn from your customers

Learn from your customers

Observe the interests of your target customers as it helps you create a more engaging experience.

Look at who’s following you, who is pinning from your domain and who is repining your content. Likewise, you can also see what else people are pinning to identify the latest trends across your fans.

You may use Pinterest Automation Software to follow lots of other users. The software can also navigate other relevant boards and automatically follow people and boards. In addition, there are several tools that have popped into the marketplace to help manage, measure and enhance your Pinterest experience.

4) Inspire to create wish-lists

It has been observed that Pinterest people often create “wishlist boards” for vacations or special events like birthdays, baby showers or weddings, to help their friends and family with gift ideas.

Several online merchants have noted that motivating online customers to add product wishlists can increase sales. In fact, pinning is considered a secondary goal for people who are browsing but are not ready to hit the “Buy” button.

The greatest advantage is that customers get to share what they want and even when their friends and family intend to buy it, one click can bring them back to you.

5) Make exciting and inspiring content

There are thousands of pins getting posted on Pinterest every day. But do you find all of them engaging? I don’t think so. Posts should be attention-grabbers. The trick is to make your posts engaging even if they are not interesting enough.


One of the interesting ways to make your post exciting is by rewarding your followers or making a giveaway event. Who doesn’t want to be rewarded by just sharing a post?

6) Pin shareable images

Your main goal for a Pin is to maximize its exposure with likes, comments, repins and new followers. Pin images that people want to pin, like and share, based on user psychology. Here are 2 examples:

  • Images with multiple dominant colors receive 3.25 more repins than those with single dominant colors
  • Images without a human face are usually repinned 23 percent more than those with human faces.

7) Give your image a name, title and description

Just like any other social media site, Pinterest’s search engine is based on an algorithm to know how good content is. These items affect search rankings:

  • Image name
  • Image title
  • Image Description

8) Pinning frequency does matter

In order to retain the existing customers and acquire potential ones, it is important to post pins at the right frequency.

Although there is no perfect frequency, there are two rules of thumb to follow as an effective Pinterest strategy.

  • There shouldn’t be an extended period of time without any post as your followers can lose interest and forget your boards. You should be consistent
  • Stay away from mass posting in a single session. Excessive pinning in one session could annoy your followers and even result in losing some of them. Therefore, it is better to divide two or three posting sessions per week. Do not annoy your audience unnecessarily

9) Schedule pins

Instead of spending time every day to add pins, the best alternative is to use a scheduling tool to post your pins at the right times.

You may schedule your pin with an interval of 1440 minutes so that the system can add 1 pin per day.

10) Measuring marketing effort

How do you measure traffic transfers from Pinterest? How can you report on the progress in the number of repins and your followers? Most of these statistics can be achieved through web analytics tool and you should highlight anything that requires development work and to automate and implement.

How about you?

I hope some of these tips will help you implement or adjust your Pinterest strategy. And I’m sure you also have some secrets under your sleeve, don’t be shy and share them in the comments section!

  • Is there a schedule tool you recommend?

  • Robert Decousta

    The 10 tips which you have mentioned in this blog about Pinterest Marketing strategy is good. I must that the strategy you have applied is nice. It is very informative blog for me. Thanks.

  • William Johnson

    Yes, Viraltag is a good tool!

  • William Johnson

    Thanks for the appreciation, Robert! I am glad that you found the post informative.

  • ViralTag has always been my favorite scheduling tool but unfortunately their pricing model has changed which may be a little pricey for small businesses. You can always request for a free trial. http://www.gopixel.me/pricing has a free scheduling tool for up to 3 pins per day.

  • In Lisa’s article I have read a while ago, she introduced NutshellMail to us which is very interesting, but sad to say, Pinterest isn’t included on the social media platform list. It’s a great tool, NutshellMail save time monitoring & managing your brand on social media.

    Anyway, these 10 lists will spice up every marketer’s strategy and leverage sales and attract more leads.

    They are simple and practical tips, however, play a big role. If not done right, well, sorry if it will reason no better.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

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  • Thanks for the tips, William. We at www ProseMedia.com agree that it’s important to manage the frequency of your pins, because consumers can find it annoying when their homepage is overcrowded with one user’s pins, especially when viewing the site on their mobile device. Here’s a post from our blog with our thoughts about how to use Pinterest professionally: http://blog.prosemedia.com/guide-to-pinterest-for-businesses/

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    Thanks Metz! I am sure you will find these tips quite practical once you start implementing.

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  • Hello William,

    Really liked your article, thank you!

    The entire time reading it, I had the word “organization” in mind. Interesting how it actually makes sense that so many popular categories are related to art and the home!

  • William, this is amazing!

    I have not forgot to keep up my board. Yet, never thought deep about design and organization at this one location. I had to make it more appealing with something else. I found it and your insight, is priceless. I will be putting each one in use this week.

    Thank you very much. I do appreciate your experience in this matter.

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  • “…Use a scheduling tool to post your pins at the right times. You may schedule your pin with an interval of 1440 minutes so that the system can add 1 pin per day.” Scheduling pins is a great idea, but I wouldn’t limit yourself to just one pin per day. Our goal as Pinterest marketers should be to build “points of entry”. What that means is points at which a person may find your pin, and click through to enter your site. If you don’t get any repins from your one attempt, the day was wasted. I think there a balance between flooding your followers homefeed and sending enough repins out to make the day worthwhile. Hope that helps!

  • Dinesh karthik

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  • The marketing strategy is so useful. By Arthisuresh

  • Thanks for sharing the tips, i have a question:

    Can I change the Pinterest Display Name frequently?

    Actually I am in process of testing / starting a project related to fashion brand, so currently I will be starting a new A/C with a particular name (for example XYZ), later if I wish to change the name from XYZ to ABC, is it possible?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Do you know any troubleshooting for getting rich pins? I’m new to pinterest but the title/name doesn’t appear on pinterest… only the description. I believe the lack of a title/name is hindering the ability for my pins to show up when relevant searches are made.

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  • Great post but I must say that I kind of disagree with the automation part (for followers).

    True engagement on Pinterest seems to come from group board collaborations and comments. Increasing the follower count automatically is a shortcut that might affect in the long run (because you’ll have accumulated a lot of followers who sound relevant but not really engaging).

    I came to this conclusion as I was drawing from some research for a pinterest marketing strategy article I was writing about (here: https://around.io/blog/ingredients-of-a-pinterest-marketing-strategy/)

    I think Paul Graham’s rule still works good to build your Pinterest marketing: do things that don’t scale (at least initially).

  • Now http://www.tailwindapp.com offer smart scheduling that automatically schedules your pins at the most likely times of the day for them to get engagement.