A Look Inside Facebook Audience Insights [Video]

A Look Inside Facebook Audience Insights [Video]

Earlier this month, Facebook announced a new tool called Facebook Audience Insights, with the objective to help marketers learn more about their target audiences, before actually running a campaign.

I’ve been waiting for this and I finally got it yesterday, so I decided to take it for a spin and take you with me. Here is the video:

Alright, as promised in the video, here is the link to Audience Insights: https://www.facebook.com/ads/audience_insights. Bookmark it.

A few highlights…

These are some of the most important items:

Starting point

You can start creating your Audience based on 3 different sets of data:

  • All Facebook users
  • Your Page Fans
  • And existing Custom Audience

Facebook Audience Insights - Choose an Audience to start

The data

Audience Insights is loaded with data coming from two different sources:

  • Data users share on their own on Facebook
  • Data provided by third-party companies and matched with Facebook’s records

Existing Custom Audiences

Not only you can now create an Audience based on analytics, but you can also go back and load Audiences you created previously on Power Editor. This is great because you can see the insights for that email list you uploaded last month, after all, this is information your email services provider is not able to provide.

Facebook Audience Insights - Custom Audience

Customize your Audience right from the chart

This is not just data visualization, you can actually click on the charts to target or exclude specific segments, for example, if you want to target an age group, you can do so from the sidebar or you can just click on the chart bar.

Facebook Audience Insights - Customize your audience from the chart


This is probably the best feature, most of the data is provided in a breakdown sorted by “Affinity.”

For example, the “Page Likes” table gives you a list of Facebook Pages that are likely to be relevant to your audience. In the following image you can see how Mari Smith’s Fans are 81.9x more likely to like the Social Media Examiner page, than the average Facebook user. You can also see that 14.8k users in this audience already like Mari’s Page.

Facebook Audience Insights - Affinity


The most beautiful creative and the most effective ad copy will do absolutely nothing if you target the wrong audience. Now you have the tool to get the insights you need before running your campaign.

Alright, I’ll leave you with a little bit of humor from the great Tom Fishburne.

Personal Data - by Tom Fishburne

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  • Thanks for sharing this Francisco. Facebook is one of the most widely utilized social media channels and I agree that knowing who your audience are can really help in making a campaign successful. I would love to know more about your ideas on Facebook advertising. Will look forward to your future posts!

  • ravenette

    Thanks for the preview! This looks great and would be useful for all of us in social, not just the ad-buying team, which brings me to a question – do you know if this will be available to everyone, even if they don’t buy ads? I am a social analyst, and our media team does the Facebook ad buying, so I don’t see the ad dashboard for any of my clients, just whatever is in Facebook Insights.

  • Bruno Sette

    Is it open to everyone? I can’t se the Audience Insight… Just a image Introducing Facebook Audience Insights and a link to Learn More… 🙁

  • Pat Farren

    Think this is only available to USA users at min

  • Heather Salovin

    Located in the US and still am not able to access it. Brings me to a page that introduces it and says learn more but can’t get passed that

  • Heather, it’s rolling out, I know of people in the states that don’t have it yet.

  • Slowly rolling out, not everybody in the states have it yet.

  • They said it will rollout to US user in the following weeks and then outside of the US in the following months.

  • That’s a good question, I don’t know yet if there is an option for your clients to grant or restrict access as they have for ads or Page Insights. I’ll check.

  • Thank you Jessica, I’m glad you liked it.

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  • junaid ahmed

    That’s a great feature. This let any marketer to reach the most specific audience through social media. I must appreciate your hard work in gathering and sharing such useful information. Thanks!

  • Great article again Francisco. I don’t have it yet, but I will keep my eyes open!

  • Hola Franciso. Excellent article and video that I have already shared on my own FB Page.

    But there are a couple of minor mistakes in your explanation:
    – The selected audience (in your case, SME), is NOT followers from that Page, but people who have expressed an interest in that topic. As such, it may include people who don’t follow the page but have commented on it, people who have written those keywords on their timelines, etc… Of course it will also include most of the people who also follow SME, but the final audience may be slightly different.
    – The data reported on the Activities menu is NOT the average, but the Median. This is important to consider, as an average could be quite distorted (e.g.: if you have a very active top group) whilst the Median will be more realistic. For example: the average of 1,1,98 is 50 (1+1+98)/3, whilst the median is 1

    Other than that (as I said, minor issues), it’s a fantastic tutorial. ENHORABUENA!

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  • Rychellon Hayslan

    Hey Francisco, very good article! Do you know how to analyse data from the Facebook Business accounts? I guess it’s only possible with accounts from personal profiles. Best Regards

  • tytyguyguy

    Good article, there are a few issues that dont match up to http://www.fissionads.com/university/facebook-audience-insights-101/