Send Your Email Subscribers to Different Landing Pages [Infographic]

Send Your Email Subscribers to Different Landing Pages

List Segmentation is one of the most critical aspects of email marketing.

You should always be looking at ways to separate your email subscribers into different categories, for example people that have previously purchased products from you, people that have expressed interest in different products or services, demographics, or simply based on specific actions like opening a message or visiting a page in your website.

Segmentation allows you target different categories of prospects, at different stages of the sales funnel, with a different message, you get the picture…

But email serves its purpose as soon as the recipient clicks on the desired link. Now it’s all about the Landing Page.

And if you work hard on segmenting a list and on creating different pieces of marketing for these segments, why would you send people to the same landing page? This infographic from GetResponse will provide you with some basics on how to get started using multiple landing pages.

If you’ve never done any of this work, all this can sound tedious (it is), but let me tell you something: Nurturing your list, segmenting it in groups to increase relevancy, crafting specific messages for each of these groups, understanding when is the right time to send each message, and then creating and testing multiple landing pages, is what makes the difference between those trying to make a buck online and then ones closing sales every single day of the week.

Send Your Email Subscribers to Different Landing Pages

Infographic courtesy of GetResponse.

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