Here is Your Next Move for more Facebook Engagement

Here is Your Next Move to get more Facebook Engagement

Last week, when I published my post about how the spice shop got 736 Facebook Fans, I got a very interesting response. Not just traffic and shares, but what some of the readers told me.

It was refreshing to see a real-life example, it was easy to relate to what this particular business did (it’s not Oreo or Red Bull…), but most importantly, I can actually take the rest of the afternoon and follow the advice to do something similar for my business.

That is just awesome. That is what I want, for you to be able to turn around and implement something in your business that can get you closer to your goals.

In this post, even though I don’t have a case-study for you, I’ll try to accomplish that by giving you a solid idea you can implement in your Facebook content.

Where we are now

At the moment, most people are still whining about the death of Organic Reach, but you are looking at how to move on and adjust the strategy to play the game under the new rules.

To plan your next move, you need to take a step back and understand this: Who killed Organic Reach? (If it was killed at all…)

Organic reach was killed because:

  • Facebook is a media company that needs to make money
  • There is a lot more competition for a spot in the News Feed
  • The attention span of your prospect is declining by the hour

This pretty much means that you have to do 3 things:

  • Start considering the use of paid media
  • Increase the amount of content you produce or post on Facebook
  • Produce something with better chances of getting people to engage

And here is your answer…

Instead of just increasing the amount of blog posts you share, create something more structured and meaningful.

We all know photos are the most used post type in Facebook, as Statista published last week on Mashable, that number is 75%, which I think is completely insane.


But according to the Social Intelligence Report by Adobe, photos went down in engagement from 5.0% in Q1 2013 to 4.4% in 2014. Link and text posts also went down, while video grew a healthy 25%.

Also in the graphic below, the dominance of photo posts in Shares is still very clear, but it went down 2% in the last year, and video shares grew 4%.

Facebook video engagement

Here is another key takeaway from this study I want you to consider: Video Plays are up 785% from Jan 2013 to Jan 2014.

Facebook video play growth

Let’s make it more interesting, the following 2 charts have one conclusion, the best day for impressions and engagement is Friday, and the day with most video plays is also Friday, with a clear 24.7%.

Facebook impressions and engagement by day of the week We can take this even deeper and look at a breakdown of the different types of engagement. You’ll see that consumers are commenting, sharing, and liking posts the most on Fridays.

Social engagement type by day

Can you already see where I’m going with all this?

My recommendation

Is that you create a weekly video series, I’m not saying that you should share more video on your Page, let’s look at it in more detail:

  • A series means that you publish a new video every week
  • The video is posted every… yes, Friday!
  • Give the series a name, something like “[Insert your brand here] Friday Tip”
  • Be consistent so your Fan expects your video every week
  • The video doesn’t have to be long, it just has to be valuable
  • End your video with a question that motivates people to engage in a conversation

One more point in favor: How many people do you know that is doing this? According to Statista, most Pages are posting photos, right?

Download the Social Intelligence Report by Adobe.

Social Intelligence Report

  • Great post! I was planning to release weekly video blogs or tips. This article made me really want to get it done asap. Thanks.

  • Ravi Shukle

    Hey Francisco, another great post. Funny you should mention this now as I have literally just started a weekly video series on my page highlighting my top fans. Although I am posting on a Wednesday it still does have a great impact not just on an engagement level but on a relationship building level. I look forward to testing this out further. How was video been for you?

  • Thank you! great post! Not only the video tip – I hadn’t even thought of that – but also makes me re-think my weekly schedule planning to change my tut days from Tuesday to Friday.

  • Great suggestion! I do have an online friend who is doing just this. I will have to tell her to post on Fridays. Now, I just need to stop being so afraid of video and do some.

  • I started with audio and then video intros in my courses, which are members-only, but one of these days…

  • It’s been a while I follow you here Francisco, and I have to admit your site rocks! The design, experience, on-mobile and CONTENT. Superb.

  • Very informative article. We’ve been told to use images always and they get attention but not necessarily engagement. I need to pluck up the courage to do some videos!

  • Great post. I started using video last month and it is very powerful. The organic reach is higher. I just use my iPhone and embed the content within Facebook. Posting a YouTube link will not cut it. Use your smartphone and get creative. The content that you decide to share is up to you. You can promote contests, share tips, inspire people, tell a story etc. The key is consistency. Thank you Francisco for an excellent post.

  • Excellent idea to spotlight fans.

  • Darius take the first step…email me when you start doing them.

  • Ravi Shukle

    Thanks @Praverb:disqus, it’s all about giving back 🙂

  • Ravi Shukle

    Great Point Praverb, I actually shot a video today on my smart phone as i didn’t have my camera. It’s a great way to get started without any boundaries or expensive equipment. Look forward to seeing your vids 🙂

  • Sure I shared a few before. Took a hiatus to think about niche specific content (I am a recording artist and hip-hop blogger). I would love to see your video as well.

  • Ravi Shukle I have them posted there 🙂 feel free to share a link to your page also be great to take a look

  • No man, thank YOU for sharing your experience. You want to add the link so we can check out your videos?

  • Thanks Harsh, that really means a lot to me man!

  •, I need to post more. At one time I was posting more transparent videos. Thank you Francisco.

  • junaid ahmed

    Incredible post! That’s an amazing idea to get organic traffic on social media fan page. This post really inspired me. Thank you for sharing those great things here providing new strategies and plans to improve brand’s visibility.

  • Abigaelle

    Great insight on creating organic engagement. Excited to pitch this idea for our organization that strives to help students!

  • Crowley Assistant

    Aaaaah, so excited to try this! Woot! Great post!