Are Your Emails Designed only for Desktop? Infographic

Are Your Emails Designed only for Desktop? Infographic

Email doesn’t live here anymore. It moved to the mobile screen.

The majority of emails are now opened on mobile devices, this most likely includes your readers/customers too.

The problem: Big brands have already adopted technologies to become mobile-friendly, but small businesses are not moving fast enough, and they are leaving money on the table.

The reason: Most small businesses that didn’t yet adopt mobile-friendly design for their email marketing don’t understand what this means exactly, how to approach it, or the consequences of having their recipients open an email they can’t read comfortably.

I like this infographic from ExactTarget because it explains the 3 types of design (Desktop-centric, Mobile-aware and Responsive) and the considerations you should take with each one of them. In other words, this will help understand where you stand today in your email marketing design and where you should be.

Are Your Emails Designed only for Desktop?

Infographic courtesy of ExactTarget.

  • I agree Francisco. Lots of small businesses still use email templates that are not even mobile friendly. Great infographic!

  • Thanks for sharing Francisco. These are great ideas to help businesses realize how to move from a desktop centric design to an mobile friendly design. Good tips on how the differences between the two design types.

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  • BigcomDevloper

    Nice One Friend, Making a website mobile ready is pretty high on the request list for businesses and organizations developing a new website. While it will appear smaller on a phone and may not work perfectly on a
    touchscreen tablet, a mobile friendly website or email will be perfectly