Why Social Logins are an Intrinsic Part of Your Social Media Strategy

Why Social Logins are an Intrinsic Part of Your Social Media Strategy

You no longer can ignore the elephant in the room – social media. Every brand needs to have a well-thought out social media strategy in place. Over the past several years, the exponential growth of social networks has led to social media awareness playing a mission-critical role in a brand’s marketing strategy.

Without implementing a solid social media strategy, you run the risk of killing your brand’s online reputation. Conversely, a robust strategy will spur word-of-mouth awareness about your brand, get people talking about it, and improve its credibility and all-round value.

The contours of a successful social media strategy center on:

  • Creating a Proactive Sociable Environment

  • Getting People to Talk About Your Brand

  • Mining Social Data to Target Your Consumers

  • Ensuring Continuous Interactions with your Target Audience

  • Coming Up with Useful, Current, and Compelling Content

  • Socializing your Web property

It is important to keep monitoring and analyzing your social media results to determine the success (or lack thereof) of your strategies over time, and allow for continual tweaks and changes to be made in order to deliver the best results.

Out of all of the components that make up a results-driven social media strategy, the process of optimizing a web property for social media is of critical importance to deliver tangible business returns. Think of socializing your website as a means of converting your online presence into a mini brand-centric social hub – a socially empowered catalyst that sparks social conversations, social sharing, and spreads your brand across social channels to its intended audience.

While there are plenty of ways to integrate social technologies into your website, Social Login is quickly becoming an intrinsic part of any brand’s social media strategy.

Social Login – The Consumer Friendly Login Solution

For many online businesses, Social Login is a means of addressing the problem of “password fatigue.” Wikipedia describes password fatigue as:

“The feeling experienced by many people who are required to remember an excessive number of passwords as part of their daily routine, such as to logon to a computer at work, undo a bicycle lock or conduct banking from an automated teller machine (ATM). The concept is also known as password chaos or more broadly as identity chaos.”

A study commissioned by Janrain found almost 54% of consumers leave a website if forced to undergo the traditional registration process. That’s a huge number of potential customers that you are losing, just because they choose not to go through a process that asks them to remember yet another password. The study goes on to say that 90% of consumers will leave a website if they forget their username and/or password, rather than recovering it. As a result, it’s no surprise that 70% of consumers believe that websites must offer Social Login to simplify the login process and eliminate the need for traditional online registration; it has emerged as a great way to improve registration conversions.

Apart from allowing consumers to log into a site with their social accounts, Social Login offers many additional benefits to those that implement it.

Social Login as the Great Socializer

Single Login Social APIs developed by companies like LoginRadius and React enable businesses to offer their online customers the benefit of signing into or registering for their site using the familiarity of their existing social network credentials. While this is a huge benefit in and of itself, the real advantage of Social Login transcends convenient sign on to offer a value-added social media experience to the user and the business.

The User/Consumer Perspective

Website users signing into a website with their social credentials can instantly connect with their social profile. If they come across a great product offer on your site, they are able to share it with their friends and invite them to take advantage of the offer. Users who find useful information on your website can effortlessly share the link with their network as well. Interacting with your brand becomes much more likely, purely because Social Login has made the process a whole lot easier for your users.

The Business/Website Owner Perspective

Social Login gives marketers access to a wealth of social data that can be used to deliver a personalized online experience to users. Because you are able to tap into the user’s social data, you can effectively analyze user behavior and align your product offering to suit the interests and preferences of your user base. Social Login will typically provide you with access to the user’s age, public profile information, their friends and followers, and in most cases you will also receive a verified email addresses. You can also get access to additional and more detailed user profile information not included in the public profile by asking for permission from the user through the login dialog. The rich user data you gather will allow you to target your users with relevant and timely ads, product suggestions, or discount offers that will deliver better click through rates.

What Social Login Means to Your Brand

Apart from making your brand more engagement-friendly, the tangible results are in the form of increased website traffic and improved conversions, which ultimately means better sales figures. Social Login makes your brand more receptive to engagement and improves website credibility. It increases online chatter about your brand and is a great trigger for creating social proof. The fact that your target user is unifying his or her social profile with your website means you are opening up your brand to your customers with more transparency than ever before. This creates a favorable impression about your brand, which is all it takes to improve your sales figures.

The coming together of single sign on, ease of shareability, and user data mining makes social login a must-have tool in your repertoire of social media strategies.

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