Facebook Dominates as a Source of Social Traffic and Sales [Infographic]

Facebook Dominates as a Source of Social Traffic and Sales

This Infographic is based on a study conducted by Shopify to determine which social platforms drive the most traffic and conversions, of course, to Shopify stores.

There are some very interesting discoveries here, perhaps the fact that Facebook dominates is not a surprise but, 85% of all social sales? That’s massive.

Let’s look at the key takeaways…

  • Facebook drives 63% of all social media traffic to Shopify stores
  • Pinterest (13%) drives more traffic than Twitter (10.5%)
  • Sales coming from Reddit grew 152% in 2013
  • The highest average order coming from social traffic is $66.75, and it comes from Polyvore. Instagram is very close with $65
  • Highest conversion rate is 1.85% from Facebook traffic

Now, the interesting thing here would be if you look at your own sales to figure out where they are coming from.

Social Commerce Infographic

Infographic courtesy of Shopify.

  • postspringr

    Hi Franscisco, very interesting numbers! Found it surprising that Pinterest drives more traffic than Twitter.

  • Yes but look at the conversions compared to Twitter…

  • Kyle

    Hi Francisco, thank you for the post, I also found it very interesting. The stat that really jumped out to me was the 152% increase in sales coming from Reddit in 2013. Personally, I have never really used Reddit, but from what I can see it does not seem very conducive for selling, more oriented towards funny/amusing images, links, etc…So why do you think Reddit saw such a jump in 2013?

    Kyle Oblinger
    Tulane Business Student

  • Marie

    Hi Francisco !
    I am a huge fan of Pinterest, I am really glad to see that this platform allows actual purchases. I did not think of it that way! Do you thing Pinterest’s conversion rate will grow rapidly in the next few years? A lot of bloggers already use this platform and I won’t be surprised if more and more brand start using it for free and fun advertising.
    ( I am also glad that Pinterest is beating Twitter, which is a platform I really can’t start using! )

    Marie Bajoit
    Tulane Business Student

  • Alex

    Hey Francisco,
    It seems that social media is driving sales for clothing retail, especially. Have you found that to be the case? Also, we’ve seen social media platforms shift to try to reach broader audiences and make their structure more marketable. With retail becoming a big part of social media, how do you think facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. will adapt to make the retail aspect of social media better?

    I really enjoyed reading your post. You’ve hit a topic that not many people have heard much about.

    Alex Maurer
    Tulane Business Student

  • Genevieve Crane

    Hi Francisco! This is a great article. I didn’t know highest average order coming from social traffic would be from polyvore- do you think its because the site shows so many different products in a way that’s easy to compare prices?

    Genevieve Crane
    Tulane Business Student