10 Tips for a Successful Mobile Email Campaign [Infographic]

10 Consideration for Your Mobile Email Marketing [Infographic]

In the Email Marketing world, mobile is the latest and biggest improvement in the last decade, at least.

The rest of the world is still on the fence, most trying to figure out how to approach it. The most frequent question at the moment is “When should we start thinking about mobile for our email campaigns?”

I’ll answer that: Yesterday.

According to Litmus, 51% of ALL email opens already happen on mobile devices and, when BlueHornet’s survey participants were asked about their reaction after opening an email that doesn’t look good in a mobile device, 80.3% responded that they will only delete the message, but 30.2% will unsubscribe from the list.

Like I said… yesterday.

Where to start?

Here’s an infographic by GetResponse with 10 very important items you need to consider to turn your campaigns mobile.

Also, I just re-launched my course “Email Marketing [not so] 101“, check it out.

10 Consideration for Your Mobile Email Marketing

Infographic courtesy of GetResponse.

  • Boot Camp Digital

    I especially like #’s 7-9. Thanks!

  • Thank YOU

  • Number 7 is great. Brands often forget this; sometimes even designers!

  • Elizabeth

    All the numbers in this article are significant, but people usually forget about #10, which is really important.