Facebook still Dominates Social Sharing but eCommerce is a Different Story [Infographic]

Facebook Dominates Social Sharing but Ecommerce is a Different Story

Even though Facebook lost a massive 9% in social sharing, it still dominates the pie.

That’s expected, and it should continue like that at least for a while, but Twitter and Pinterest are starting to get dangerously close.

Facebook is also the king of social sharing in segments like Media/Publishing, Consumer Brands, Travel/Hospitality and Education.

But when it comes to eCommerce…

Pinterest takes 44% of social sharing, it’s the only segment that is not dominated by Facebook (37%), and Twitter is able to grab a 12%.

Not only that, but as Gigya mentions in this infographic, Pinterest’s ¬†popularity is expected to keep growing after its recent release of the API. Soon you’ll see eCommerce websites displaying most popular Pins about their products.

Facebook dominates social sharing but ecommerce is a different story

Inforgraphic courtesy of Gigya.

  • icon of the largest social network facebook world I always find interesting

  • Dede Frederick

    It good that Facebook don’t dominate everything. Wouldn’t want another behemoth trying to place a monopoly on the web. In terms of paid advertising I think that would be more beneficial to us all.