Email Marketing [not so] 101

Email Marketing [not so] 101

A little over a year ago, I decided to make email my primary focus for SocialMouths.

I started by making some adjustments in the front and, that alone immediately exploded the growth of the list, I’m talking 500% by the following week.

Here is what the chart looked at the time.

Daily email subscribers

After that, I was able to grow my email list by more than 10,000 subscribers.

More importantly, today that list represents more than 50% of the revenue at SocialMouths.

But that’s not the whole story…

In my early days of blogging I made some mistakes, to be completely honest, 3 critical mistakes:

  1. First, I didn’t start building an email list from the beginning, it actually took me a while to wake up
  2. When I finally got around to start building one, I picked the wrong service, twice
  3. Once I was able to collect a steady number of daily new subscriptions, I had nothing to sell

You can say I pretty much made all the mistakes there was to make.

The Launch of Email Marketing [not so] 101

Email Marketing 101

When it came to decide which will be the first premium product from SocialMouths, I really wanted it to be about email marketing because it’s, by far, the most cost effective and profitable marketing vehicle there is online, if done right.

I wanted to do something that will help you create real impact in your business.

But the motivation came from realizing that People are aware that email can be a more profitable way of marketing but they usually ask the wrong questions:

  • Why aren’t people subscribing?
  • Why aren’t my subscribers buying my products?

They are missing a few key questions in the middle!

In this course, I reveal the exact same formula I’ve used for SocialMouths and for my clients to create successful strategies and campaigns.

Pre-Sale (with a big discount) ends on Wednesday

About a week ago we opened the doors so you could pre-order at a discounted price, and save $50 to be exact.

The pre-sale ends on Wednesday October 9th at midnight. That means you have a few hours left to take advantage of our offer.

Click here to learn more about what’s included in the workshop and how to order:

Email Marketing [not so] 101 << Click here

Here is what’s included in the 4-week workshop

Week 1: Setting up your Email Marketing System

  • Why you need to kill your RSS today
  • What to look for in an email service provider
  • The 10 elements of your email marketing system
  • The perfect process of email marketing
  • Making sure you’re playing by the book
  • The magic of Autoresponders

Week 2: Building and growing your email list

  • How to create a hook to attract subscribers
  • The beauty of multiple signup form locations
  • Building a successful Call-to-Action (and how to keep testing it to improve conversion)
  • How to use Facebook to build your email list
  • Planning your email content strategy
  • Promoting your email list and your campaigns

Week 3: Measuring success beyond vanity metrics

  • The key metrics you need to watch week after week
  • Get passed the number of subscribers and dig a little deeper
  • Performance of each one of your signup forms
  • Measuring Conversion and Sales
  • What’s the “real” value of your subscriber

Week 4: Taking your email marketing to the next level

  • Understanding why segmentation is so important in Email Marketing
  • Pre-signup and Post-signup Segmentation
  • Reactivating deadbeat subscribers and cleaning up your list
  • How to keep testing, testing and testing everything about you email campaigns

Are you ready? Let’s do it!

Email Marketing [not so] 101 << Click here

Still have questions? Use the comment section below.

Email Marketing (not so) 101

  • Great points and this sounds like an awesome offer, Francisco. I always try to offer something of value for people interacting with a social media outlet or email marketing campaign.

  • Jose

    Hello Francisco. I would like to know how the workshop will be teach. I live in Spain and my english is not bad but not enough to follow on live. I will miss things ;-). Are we going to have the workshop later on pdf or video. Thanks!

  • Patti

    its a nice offer, this workshop helps in marketing. also see

  • Franchise Marketing Group

    Will you be running the workshop again or have it up later to be able to check it out? Email marketing can be such a trick process as you talk about and it would be nice to get your insight as to how it worked for you.

  • chexton

    I like what you are doing here Francisco – looking forward to seeing the course in action.

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