Catching Up On Email Marketing: Mobile And Triggered Messages [Infographic]

Email marketing is changing

Email has been with us for long and we’re so used to it, nobody expect it to change.

But email marketing is definitely changing.

Today, courtesy of Kissmetrics, we take a look at two aspects of how email marketing is changing: Triggered emails and Mobile email.

What’s a “triggered” email?

In case you’re not yet familiar with the concept, a “triggered email” is a message that is automated based on an action taken by the subscriber, for example:

  • Adding a product to the shopping cart
  • Abandoning a shopping cart
  • Making a purchase
  • Click specific links

Do you have to be mobile?

Do you have to worry about having your emails optimized for mobile delivery?

Absolutely. Let’s just put it this way:

  • Mobile “Open Rates” are up 40% in the last couple of years
  • In mobile, more people delete poorly formatted emails (up 20% from last year)
  • And more people unsubscribe (up 9% from last year)

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Catching Up On Email Marketing: Mobile And Triggered Messages

Infographic courtesy of Kissmetrics.

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Email Marketing (not so) 101

  • Franchise Marketing Group

    It seems the increase in mobile means you must optimize for it or else you could be losing serious business. Had no idea the numbers looked like this.

  • The percentage of companies that are mobile-friendly (lets not even talk about responsive yet…) is very low. If they don’t do something, CTR numbers are going to continue to drop and unsubscribes will go through the roof.

  • Understanding user patterns is the only way triggered e-mails will work successfully. I’ve seen it work with ‘drop-offs’ when users forget or don’t complete checkouts or registrations.

    The e-mail inbox is the more personal place on the web, this is a good reminder not to forget how crucial of an opportunity it still is.

  • Michael Bian

    NICE post. It’s a little extreme but you get the point about Email Marketing.

  • Ann Smarty

    Great inforgraphic from Kissmetrics, and great presentation by socialmouths!