How Social Brands Manage Their Customer Care [Infographic]

How brands manage their customer care in social media

Some brands have taken their traditional customer care approach to successfully adapt it to social media.

In this Infographic, Social Bakers shares the results of its last survey so we can see what these companies have in common.

There are some very interesting points here, for example:

  • Companies are no longer limiting their efforts to Twitter, they’re conducting customer care on multiple channels
  • They’re not outsourcing their customer care department
  • 24% already have internal teams of 4 to 10 people
  • The customer care department is turning the fastest responses

So you are probably a small business owner, right? What can you take from the brands that are successfully using social media to ensure customer satisfaction? What can you apply in your business?

Infographic: How social brands manage their customer care

Infographic courtesy of SocialBakers.

  • Ann Smarty

    Very interesting infographic. Nice to see they are looking at multiple channels.

  • The Lightwurx

    Customer care seems to be a hot topic lately. I kind of like it when a company slacks to answer to their customers, because then I can step in 🙂

  • Interesting findings. Thanks for the news.