How To Help Your Content Rise Above The Noise [Infographic]

Cut through the information overload with storytelling

Whenever you talk about Content Marketing, you have to start by considering two main obstacles:

  1. There is an overload of information on the Internet. Virtually on any topic
  2. People are busier than ever in history and they are bombarded with thousands of messages each day

With that in mind, you’ll understand that…

Your mission is to cut through the noise to get the attention of your audience [Tweet this]

I know, I know, easier said than done.

LookBook HQ has published this useful infographic to help you understand how you can improve your content marketing strategy, I’ll summarize it and then I’ll leave you alone with the infographic.

Showing instead of telling

Implement different types of media in your content. Blog post with video get linked 3 times more than text-only posts.

How your readers are digesting your posts

79% scan rather than reading word by word.

Make it easy to digest starting with a winner headline and a strong first paragraph to sell the rest of the post. Break down the text to small paragraphs to avoid big chunks that might give the impression of a heavy read.

Manage the information for them

51% admit to spend more time managing information instead of acting on it. Don’t rely on your reader to organize your content. Give people what you want them to get.


People get way too many messages every day of their lives, most of it in a direct marketing approach. Tell them a compelling story, tell the story of your brand.


How is your audience supposed to follow your content if it is spread in different platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc. Think about how you can package everything in a smart way for them to consume.

How to help your content rise above the noise

Infographic courtesy of LookBook HQ.

  • Hi there!

    First of all, whoa! Nice infographic there. I like to stress that it is not a sin to write 3k words. But…make sure you break them down like what you said. Okay 3k might be too many…maybe 2k for instance.

    Nearly everyone skim including me. So it is an excellent choice to use right the right titles and those bold words etc to get attention.

    Nice and thanks for sharing this.


  • Thanks, Francisco for the timely (as usual) post about the underestimated importance of how to structure your content. This is need-to-know stuff if you want your content read. Blah-blah-blah without any bulleted lists combined with never ending paragraphs produce a visual nightmare that many just click away from.

    I am adding a link to your post in my WP101 eBook that I give my clients when their
    site launches to backup my chapter on the topic. I’m hoping the addition of your wise words (Your summary follows the recommendations better than the original infographic site!) will also help them understand the need to be concise and pithy!


  • Super timely! I’m working on narrowing my business focus a bit more and really concentrating on the content writing aspect of things. Your website critique you did for me brought into focus the need to be clear on messaging and distill everything I’m trying to convey down to its core. I’ve been helping others with that now.

    You’ve got to be clear and engaging online otherwise people tune out. There’s just too much competition for eyeballs these days.

  • Another great article. Thank you, Francisco for having such informative piece to share always. As i have been focusing on content marketing, your ideas showing instead of telling, Storytelling, Packaging and all those seems very helpful to me.

    The infographic indeed depicts a lot.


  • Hey guys,

    Great article you have here. I completely agree that 79% scan rather than reading word by word. I have some techniques that will help lower this number when people view your website, blog, etc.

    I create content that comes from the people that know the most about why someone buys, the customer. Consumers are a vital source when creating content to help improve your business’ success. Not only will they share stories about their experience with you, they will also have quirky antidotes that can help boost the morale and performance of your business.




    Short but very effective post. The contents have to be unique not only
    in writing but also we need to put them in a manner with the help of
    effective infographics, relevant videos and so on so that the online
    readers grab them easily and without wasting a moment.

  • Jay Warner

    Quite an eye opener. I’ll be keeping these statistics in mind as I strive to stay above the noise.

  • Yes, Nice to read such very useful and informative tips and will surely it will help my content to get risen above the marketing noise! thanks Francisco!

  • Clive Hitchcock

    rising above the noise, wow very well put. this is the kind of information ive been sharing on my blog thanks!

  • Sue Neal

    A lovely infographic with a very powerful message, including some simple, actionable tips we can all take away and implement – thank you 🙂

  • Nice Infograph here Francisco.

    I do admit that I’m one of the ones that like to scan through a blog post, particularly to look for info. I’m most interested in. I also believe that storytelling is a great way to get your readers attention. It shows the “human” side of business and of course people relate to other humans. Once they feel what you went through and the solution you used to solve the problem then this is a great way to make your readers tick and look further into your product! Thanks for sharing!

  • Social Grumpy Cat

    I love the way infographics make a blog pop with information. But with my very first post, I tried to tell a story rather than overloading with information.