The Effect Of Social Media On Commerce [Infographic]

The effect of Social Media on Commerce

At the end of the day, Social Media Marketing means absolutely nothing if it doesn’t affect commerce.

This infographic from Fedelta starts with the presentation of the always impressive stats for social networks usage. You know, 100k Tweets are sent every minute, there are 152 million blogs online, 3 billion hours of YouTube are watched every month, etc. But lets get passed that and look at the more interesting data, where updates and videos and all that other stuff actually affects the sales department.

Here are some the interesting points you should pay attention to:

Purchase influence vs Direct sales

When we talk about how Social media affects commerce, it doesn’t mean sales are made over Facebook, most of time it means how the social web influences purchase decisions.

The salesclerk is dead

People trust product information from online sources and their own friends online over retail employees. I mean, just last week one of the employees at the AT&T store couldn’t answer my wife an iPhone question on his own and had to consult with his manager. This is only their best seller product…

Social environments vs E-commerce

It’s obvious, you don’t like to see the sales rep walking towards you in slow motion through the car dealer lot when you’re shopping for your new vehicle. People don’t like being pushed into a product but, they like getting friends opinions.

There are some pretty big numbers here in this infographic:

  • 92% shoppers have more confidence in online information than whatever the salesclerk has to say
  • 50% of mobile searches lead to sales
  • 81% love to see products being used in video reviews
  • 75% said user-generated videos reviewing a product have affected a purchasing decision
  • 55% share purchases on social networks

Now, the homework is yours: How are you using social media to assist purchases in your business?

Social Currency: The effect of Social Media on commerce

Infographic courtesy of Fedelta.