5 Great Examples To Implement Call To Action In Your Email Campaigns

5 Great Examples To Implement Call To Action In Your Email Campaigns

This is a guest post by Stacy Carter.

If there is one aspect of your online marketing efforts that could help increase your conversion, it is the email marketing campaign.

While this may be a traditional way of marketing your business to your prospect clients, email marketing still remains as one of the most reliable marketing strategy that you can do, provided you do it right.

Many online marketers experience an email marketing campaign turned sour because it lacks the call to action ingredients to it. The biggest mistake that you can do is to send an email that does not prod your potential customers to act in order to make a conversion.

Here are great examples of an email campaign that works while implementing a call of action to your strategy.

1) Optimize your email with an image, but do it cautiously

Images can bring a significant conversion rate to your email campaign as it is easier to make your potential client click on an image instead of reading long texts. But it is also important to consider that some of your email recipients might have turned off images on their emails thereby risking your chance of losing sales using images.

Make sure that you are prepared for this kind of fallback if you are relying heavily on images as a call to action in your email campaign, which is by the way not a good measure. In order to optimize your email campaign when using images, it is best to cover your prospective sales in both text and images as your medium for call to action. This will cover your chance of getting a better conversion rate in case your prospect client prefers one from the other. On the hand, when creating images on your email campaign, it is best to use html code in order to create a more personalized button that can be a standout to your potential clients. With some tweaks here and there, you can create fascinating and colorful buttons that will entice them to click on your image.

2) Reiterate your click throughs

While some find it a bad idea to add numerous links to your email campaign that would make it look like a spams, it is wiser to limit the number of your click through in moderate amounts and at the right locations within your email message.

Your primary objective when sending out emails to promote your business is to attract customers and you need them to take action in order to visit your site and view your products and services. Reiterating your CTA within your email is not a bad idea as your reader may have skipped the first call of action that you have presented from your email but they just might take action on the second time that you present to them or maybe on the third time within your email content.

If your first link does not strike them at the beginning of your email message, you can again entice them at the middle and at the end of your email content by adding more links to your anchor texts. A good strategy is to add the link at the beginning, middle and end of your email message or just below your signature, reiterating to your reader to take action. Regardless which part of your call to action link was clicked by them, you certainly have attained your goal to make a conversion.

3) Choose your call to action words appropriately

A strong command verb can potentially increase the conversion on your email marketing campaign.

Every word that you use in your email content counts. Your readers do not like to spend longer time reading emails without taking them straight to the point on what you are offering them. You need to choose your words wisely especially those that you use for your call to action. Experts suggest the following are strong calls to action words that can give higher conversion rate in an email marketing:

  • Order yours here
  • Download now
  • Buy now
  • Sign up today
  • Compare prices here
  • Get your free trial now

Make use of them in your email content.

4) Be mindful of the size

If you are using a call to action text, buttons or images, their size can actually affect your conversion rate.

Professionals always remind newbie email marketers to be mindful about the size of their call to action medium and to make it big enough so that their prospect clients will not miss it. How big would be enough will involve measuring the size of your call to action as one that is most prominent to the size of the other elements being used in your email content.

Some email readers just make a quick scan on the emails they receive and you don’t want them to miss your call to action just because it is small enough not to be recognized in your email content. Make sure that your call to action text stands out from the rest of the elements in your email, being the most crucial element of your email campaign to convert your reader.

5) Try the psychological approach

Giving your email content some sense of urgency will further increase your chance to make a conversion.

Urgency is considered to be a compelling force that motivates a person to perform an act. The key approach in using this kind of email marketing approach would be to provide your reader the steps they need to do and at the end provide them a call to action message that will deliver them the pressure of a deadline to accomplish an act within a specific time frame. By using time pressure, you can compel your readers to take action because of the sense of urgency that your email marketing campaign delivers to them.

On the hand, if this does not appeal you, there is a subtle way of engaging your customers to take action immediately by sending them a series of email about an ongoing promotion that they might miss as the deadline is approaching and encourage them to take action immediately.

  • I had also noticed that some campaign masters add contact form in email and I think that adding contact form in email also increase possibilities to improve conversion rate.

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    Was looking for 5 examples, as implied in the title. Did not find any…

  • This is good stuff. Nice writing and certainly many good and actionable ways to increase my newsletter click through rate!

    Thanks for sharing Stacy!


  • Jo

    Adding a contact form is not recommend as it requires script language in which most email filters will block the script or mark it as spam.

  • You might be correct Jo. But as per my personal experience of campaign which I had run in mailchimp with contact form had increased sales with almost 16%. BTW thanks for sharing your view…

  • Amazing article keep posting it really helps in updating people. Appreciate your efforts.