5 Ways to Thank Community on Social Media

How to Thank Community on Social Media

This is a guest post by Shanna Mallon from Straight North.

Using social media is about more than promoting yourself and your brand—It’s about building meaningful connections and nurturing them over time. One powerful way to foster these relationships is through gratitude. When you show heartfelt thanks to the people and companies helping you grow, you demonstrate the kind of thoughtfulness and intention that fuel real connection. So how do you use social networks to thank your budding community? Here are five ideas.

On Twitter: Give Someone a Shout-Out

Thank the blogger who linked to you in her recent post. Praise the colleague who nailed his presentation. Call attention to the designer who rebuilt your website. Thanking someone on Twitter takes a few seconds but publicly applauds a job well done. Here are some examples of Twitter users thanking others on this network:

Mega-grocer Whole Foods (@WholeFoods)

Whole Foods regularly thanks followers who compliment or promote its brand, as seen in this recent exchange below:

Thank Community on Social Media: WholeFoods

Auto manufacturer Honda (@Honda)

By calling out the musicians who performed at a Honda-sponsored event, Honda not only draws attention to that band, but also to its own involvement in the show.

Thank Community on Social Media: Honda

Blogger Molly Wizenberg (@MollyOrangette)

Whenever someone compliments or gives a shout-out to blogger Molly Wizenberg on Twitter, she responds personally with thanks.

Thank Community on Social Media: Molly Wizenberg

On LinkedIn: Endorse or Praise a Colleague

LinkedIn has always allowed recommendations, which are essentially testimonials given by employers and colleagues about someone’s work. Now the network also allows something it calls endorsements—one-click votes in favor of someone’s skills in a particular area. To thank an employee or a colleague for good work, why not publicly praise him or her on LinkedIn?

Thank your community On LinkedIn

On Facebook: Like and Respond to Someone’s Facebook Page

Fellow brands and bloggers have pages on Facebook—and they notice when you like their content and share it with others. Doing so is simple. When logged into your Facebook page, simply search for the page you wish to support and click the “like” button on the right. When someone shares content you like, click the share button beneath it and it will appear on your own page.

Thank Community on Social Media: Straight North

On Pinterest: Pin Someone’s Powerful Content

Repinning someone’s content promotes his or her work. So when you want to show appreciation to other companies or bloggers, pin links that point to them. They’re sure to appreciate it. You might link to someone’s book, blog, interesting post, or something else.

On Your Blog: Write a Gratitude Post or Do a Profile Piece

Your blog itself is one of the most powerful places to feature someone you wish to promote. You might call him or her out on your site in a post praising good work. You might do a profile piece or an interview. This sort of gratitude works best for those you are most passionate about thanking and should be reserved for the colleagues who are truly special. When you feature someone on your blog, you point all your readers his or her way.

What do you think? Have you shown gratitude on social media in any of the above ways? Have you been the recipient of these types of thankfulness? What other ways demonstrate online goodwill?

Photo credit: Bethan Phillips

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  • Wow, nice to see Whole Foods and other “big” brands thank their customers. It shows us all that they still try connect with their customers even though there thousands of them!

    I do agree. Social media is all about creating meaningful connections with your peers and sharing all the content with each other.

    It seems that many marketers have lost this touch of using social media to its fullest potential!

    Thanks for sharing these examples Shanna!

    Samuel from Internet Dreams

  • Absolutely true! I try to do “random acts of kindness” on social networks, because I do care about the people behind the print. Plus, we need online friends if we are going to spend so much time online every day. Meeting so many unique and interesting people is the biggest perk to my job!

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