Photos Dominate Facebook’s News Feed, Here Is How To Optimize Them

How to optimize images on your Facebook Page

You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that photos dominate Facebook’s News Feed.

When we talk about content marketing on Facebook, there are different media types: Status, Link, Video and Images. But images, as in many other online platforms and networks, have become the most consumed content format and today, they take about 50% of the News Feed.

What’s shocking on the other hand, is that only 1 out of 500 stories posted on Facebook actually make it to the News Feed. PostRocket made the funniest reference and I thought it would make a cool tweet…

“It’s almost 30 times easier to get into Harvard than it is to get into the Facebook News Feed”Tweet this

So yeah, who are we kidding, Facebook marketing has gone from hard to almost impossible in the last year. And this is why every single post should be carefully optimized to increase its chances.

Image optimization starts by using theĀ appropriateĀ dimensions.

This Infographic outlines the 4 different types of images (photo posts, cover photos, profile pictures and link preview images) you should consider optimizing for use on Facebook and provides the exact dimensions in order to get best quality possible.

Optimizing Images for Your Facebook Page

Inforgraphic courtesy of PostRocket.

  • Great advice! It’s important for marketers to focus on the strategy and tactics that work. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for posting this Francisco! Appreciate the love! šŸ™‚

  • Very nice one !!

  • You are absolutely right. Just going with the page won’t help you to reach your business goal but for this owe need very patience and accurate strategy which must be measurable too.

  • I will have to share the quote about getting into Harvard versus getting on Facebook’s newsfeed. Thank you for someone just saying it like it is and being honest about how ridiculously difficult it is to get seen as a page. I think what frustrates me is the fact that for those of us who paid once already to gain fans then must pay again to promote posts so that they can get seen. I’m not looking for free (everyone needs to pay the rent) but the double dipping gets old. Facebook has gotten so big it’s tough not to be on it even if you really don’t want to be.

  • Thanks for these tips. Very helpful

  • This is an amazing infographic with lots and lots of great tips and insights on the EdgeRank algorithm and optimization for the Facebook’s News Feed. I really loved the comparison between Harvard acceptance rate and News Feed acceptance rate. That is really something that made me smile. Thanks for sharing it with us, Francisco.

  • Photos do rank better on Facebook than say a static, text-based, update. However, there are many times that you can post a photo and it won’t get picked up. Not only do you need to make sure your images are optimized, you need to get the ball rolling with sharing. Share on your company page, on your personal page, post on other friends walls. Have your employees share the image on their profiles. The more exposure you get on Facebook for a piece of content, the better it will perform in the news feed.

  • Thanks for sharing your perspective on this.

  • Images are crucial for content marketing, especially on Facebook. This is good information to know.

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    Nice Collection of Information in a single Infographic. After seeing this infographic only, i came know about the image dimension should be considered before uploading a picture.

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    Excellent point Nick. Sharing actually increases the reach of the post and it enhances the potential for new Likes.

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