The Perfect Facebook Contest App [Infographic]

Elements of the perfect Facebook Contest app

As you know, Facebook contest have become a huge part of social media in the last year or so, specially as a vehicle for brands trying to increase their digital footprint and implement loyalty programs.

Here is the problem, a huge percentage of these contests fall short in one way or another, from failing to follow Facebook guidelines to ineffective calls to action, not following with a good promotion, or even not having clear instructions on how to participate.

This Infographic by Shortstack outlines all the elements you should consider when planning your next contest, designing the Facebook App for it, and a few tips on how to promote it.

The perfect Facebook Contest app

Infographic courtesy of Shortstack

  • great post, thank you!

  • This is phenomenal! Thank you. I’d like to work on another one of these giveaway campaigns and get the most out of it. This should help.

  • Carey

    Great infographic! I’m ShortStack’s biggest fangirl. They’re fabulous!

  • WOW! Whoever though of this infographic is simply amazing. I mean, this was a brilliant idea to begin with. And not only it looks nice and not only it is a good idea, but there are some great insights and information. Thanks for sharing it with us, Francisco.

  • Very detailed infographic and Facebook Contest App data is helpful for those who are not quite sure how they should approach it.

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    The most important part of this breakdown is the advice on how to promote Facebook contests. Many people would imagine that just creating the contest and posting it to Facebook would see a flood of entrants. The truth is that contests have to be promoted more vigorously than the products that they are being used to market. Competitions may be seen as a cheap way to advertise a business or its products but it may be wise to cost out the whole project before designing the app.

  • There is no denying that Facebook Contests are really effective for growing your fans and increasing engagement. A proper planed contest can do wonders and make people take more interest in your brand. The above infographic is really good as a guidance for a perfect contest.

  • Sara Piccola

    This infographic was created by ShortStack, you should check it out: 🙂