Mobile Is Changing Business, Is Yours Ready? [Infographic]

How Mobile is changing Business

Just last week, we proposed a mobile landing page to a client after seeing how much of their traffic was coming from mobile devices. There was a brief moment of silence, not the uncomfortable kind but more like that honest question mark in facial expression.

He can figure out what a “mobile landing page” is in about 3 seconds, the term is pretty obvious. The question mark on his face was instead screaming something like “we’re barely starting to get social media and you’re telling me know we have to dive into mobile marketing too?”

So here is the bad news for you: Yes. The good news for me is that I don’t have to convince of it anymore, this beautiful Infographic from Kissmetrics just did.

Why businesses have to take Mobile seriously?

The key points here are very simple:

Traffic and Internet access

  • Web traffic originated from smartphones claims a 14.6% chunk of the pie (72% of that coming from iOS and 26% from Android devices)
  • In 2013, the Internet is going to be accessed more from mobile devices than from actual desktops

Actual transactions

  • Black Friday 2012 had a 40% increment from 2011 on mobile purchases
  • And a 190% increase on mobile payments

Even the usage experience is changing, while the average time for website abandonment on a desktop is 3 seconds, the mobile user seems to have an additional 2 seconds of patience.

Mobile is changing business, are yours ready?

  • sharon

    mobiles are now occupying a lion’s share in the market…It good to shift the focus of media into th mobile networking also..

  • Great article Francisco, thanks for that. Mobile devices are really an issue nowadays and all of marketers should consider that. Or at least take it into account when developing their marketing strategies. If all of the numbers in the infographic are true, we should really focus on optimizing our websites for mobile devices and focus our marketing strategies on mobile devices as well.

  • There’s no excuse these days not to have a mobile presence. Having a mobile website is a small investment compared to the return you’ll get from it. You could consider it future-proofing your website. I’m proud to say to say that even with a limited budget I have a responsive site that scales beautifully to any device.

  • Hey Matt, I see you’re using MD. Cool.

  • Great stats and yes, companies need to be getting ready for mobile, if they haven’t already.

  • Avery G

    Francisco, the general point of this article is great and I agree that
    companies must anticipate that their customers expect mobile access.

    I’m curious about how the infographic determined that in 2013, the internet is
    going to be accessed more from mobile devices than from actual desktops. The article
    cited is from January 2010 and loosely says that more mobile-enabled phones
    than PCs will be in use, not that more people will literally use mobile devices
    to access the web. It seems like a very profound statement and would make
    mobile presence more important than desktop access. I find it hard to believe
    that the majority of internet usage, especially
    business-related, will come from mobile terminals instead of desktops,
    laptops, etc. I’m not trying to discredit you, just bringing some context
    to the information.

    I would attribute the fact that a mobile user spends an additional 2 seconds waiting
    on a website to load before abandonment to people simply expecting slow loading
    speeds. Now just imagine if network providers lifted restrictions on speed and usage
    on mobile wireless networks. Users would reach content much faster and users
    would be able to see more content before abandonment.

    Mobile is certainly changing business and companies should be ready to shape that
    change in their favor.

    Avery G
    Tulane University

  • muhamad fawad

    Great article.Yes,i agree with you.Thank you for sharing.
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  • cdoane

    Really great article and very interesting stats. As an iPhone user who entered the game later than most (in December 2011), I still have managed to use my iPhone significantly more than my laptop. I personally consider it a huge turnoff when I visit a webpage and it isn’t mobile user-friendly. I am not surprised by the 40% increase in Black Friday purchases online- I assume that many want to avoid the crowds! However, one huge problem I have with shopping and purchasing from my iPhone is that it takes much longer to navigate and browse through clothing options. On my laptop, I can easily view a large page of 90 different dresses, but often, on my mobile phone I can only view one dress at a time. There definitely still are things that I prefer to do on my laptop!

  • Melissa LeBato

    Eye opening article! I have currently made the switch from a blackberry to an Iphone. I would definitely agree that I use my laptop around 50% less now than I did when I had my blackberry. How did the article determine that in 2013 most of the internet traffic would jump from 14% mobile to having more mobile than computer use? Seems like an awfully large jump for one year.

    Melissa LeBato

    Tulane University Student

  • Mia Wirtshafter,Tulane Student

    Since switching to the iPhone last year, I’ve noticed a huge
    shift in my habits- I use my laptop considerably less. Using the internet on my
    phone is quick, easy and convenient, and my phone is always with me. Now I can
    shop while I’m walking to class and order those concert tickets while I waiting
    for an appointment. I’ve also noticed what you mentioned about mobile users
    having a longer attention span. When I’m using my laptop and a website is
    loading slowly, I usually attribute it to a flawed website. But when I am using
    my smart phone and a website is loading slowly, I usually attribute it to my
    phones service. Companies need to follow the trend and be sure their websites
    are mobile-friendly so they aren’t missing out on the opportunity to capture
    new customers (or just keep their old ones).

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    Businesses that aren’t at least looking at a
    mobile web presence right now must have their heads in the sand. The mass media
    marketing that has focused on how users can make use of their mobile devices to
    sell them smart phones must also inform businesses of the demand that is being
    created for mobile options within their own operations. Ignoring the potential
    of mobile customers can only see a business lose a significant part of their
    market share to their more tech savvy competitors.

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    the huge numbers of people that are using mobile devices, it has become a universal
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    their smart phones, many consumers want to use businesses that accommodate
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    to customers are going to find that they lose a perceptible amount of their
    market share in the coming years.

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  • Daniela

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