Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day (And A Cool Infographic)

2013 Community Manager Infographic

The community Manager no longer has to awkwardly explain her/his position to people that don’t understand the new web or how brands approach communications nowadays.

It is clearly an established and recognized position in the corporate landscape, both at brands and agencies.

Today we celebrate their day, and thanks to SocialFresh, we also get a glance at the state of the Community Management segment and how it has changed and grown in the last year, through this Infographic.

So happy day to all of you CM’s out there!

And now, let’s take a look at some of the key findings in this survey:

  • More CM’s are now working on the brand’s side (12% up from the previous year) than on the agency side, which decreased to 21%
  • While women still dominate, it is slowly becoming more balanced. Males in the position increased by 4% compared to last year
  • The most successful platforms for CM’s are Facebook (54%) and Twitter (20%), which is not a surprise
  • What IS a little surprising is that only 1% of CM’s consider themselves to have success on Google+
  • In terms of income, the average CM makes $57k, a nice increment from $51k in the previous year

Community Manager Infographic 2013

Infographic courtesy of SocialFresh.

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  • Beau

    Where is a great place to go and find a community manager? We are looking for someone

  • LinkedIn 🙂

  • sorry for this question .. what’s CMs stand for ? is it ” Content Management System”

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