The Shift to Visual Social Media [Infographic]

The shift to visual social media The social web has turned more visual than ever.

Not only we have platforms like Instagram and Pinterest but, the bigger networks also have turned a lot more visual than they were a year ago.

The most common questions this year had to do with how a brand/business can also leverage the visual web, be part of the stream and get love from users.

Obviously simply posting a shot of your product on Instagram doesn’t cut it…

In this Infographic, Socially Sorted goes over how the shift developed and 6 tips brands and small businesses can follow to help become more visual.

The shift to visual social media

Infographic courtesy of Socially Sorted.


  • Jay Perkins

    Nice infographic, thanks for sharing, Francisco! Be interesting to see how Twitter’s recent image filter feature will impact Instagram’s traffic over time. Revenge after Twitter missed out on the purchase of Instagram? 😉

  • Interesting, I did read somewhere that when you post on Facebook your should always include an image. That way it attracts more attention.
    Images are the future of social media. I knew I should have stayed in photography, lol.

  • Hey Jay, Now that Instagram blocked the inline previews on Twitter, they are already seeing more pageviews on their web properties but you’re right, it’d be interesting to see if Twitter can grab some of that traffic with their own filters.

    Thanks for your comment.

  • Hey Allie, I started sharing my blog posts as images with a link in the text recently, rather than sharing it as a post as we usually do and I can tell you that I see more engagement on Facebook and more clickthroughs back to my site.

  • I really like the infographic. It was a really good way to get out the message of the post when it is in regards to how people are attracted to images rather than text.

    I am curious on your thoughts with the latest Instagram rule changes. Do you see more people going to use Flickr or posting images directly from cameras or smart devices or continuing to use Instagram.

  • kirbyshedd

    “Over 80% of pins are repins on Pinterest”… Wow, great stat.

  • Hey Francisco – thanks for sharing my infographic and great site by the way – I first saw your blog through SME and congrats on getting #1 in 2012! Hey if your readers want to read the extended article with additional tips to the infographic, they can go here: – you are now officially on my RSS Reader/Feeddler. I will be at SMMW next year – give me a heads up if you will be there (a few of us Aussies are coming over!).

  • The rise of the infographic! End of the world is coming I say! 😛 Thanks for the advice Francisco, I’m learning alot from your style and it’s really helping my blog Cheers.

  • Great stuff! I make sure I watermark my pics with my domain name so if anybody shares them or copies and pastes them elsewhere, i will benefit from that.

  • This is a really nice infographic, thanks for sharing it with us. It will really be interesting, what will happen to the usage of Instagram with their recent privacy changes and disabling the Twitter previews – whether people will stop using it or the traffic will be more forced on their webpages.

  • Francisco, I started blogging just over a year ago and think I have a decent looking site. But is there a training session on how to create infographics out there?

  • league

    thanks to share. definitely. social media is so essential in internet sale. is now beginning using some social media to promote too.

  • MyDisabilityPlans

    Not only we have platforms like Instagram and Pinterest but, the
    bigger networks also have turned a lot more visual than they were a year

  • I think video will be a big part of visual social media in 2013, especially in terms of crowdsourcing.

  • Amit Kumar

    The infographic is really awesome. great works. keep it up!…

  • Alex Naseree

    Mr. Rosales,

    I agree, the idea that “a picture is worth a thousand words” has proven to be true with the growth of social media. Not only have individual attention spans decreased, but visuals often allow for communication to so many more than before and quicker processing of the information. Visuals in social media can the cross language boundaries that previously made some cross-cultural communication difficult, leading to greater reach.

    Alex Naseree
    Tulane University Student

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