The Art Of Getting More Retweets [Infographic]

The Art Of Getting Retweets Infographic

Besides people amplifying your message on Twitter simply because it is good and valuable content and because you have been able to build an audience, there are a few techniques in the art of getting more Retweets.

As I always say, marketing is a game where you have to conduct your own testing, every case is different and what works for one person doesn’t necessarily means it will work for you. That said, there are some common factors we can observe in tweets that get more RT’s than others.

In this infographic, Neil Patel of QuickSprout has collected those factors so you can start adjusting how you craft and publish your tweets to get more RT love.

Happy Retweeting!

The Art of Getting Retweets

Infographic courtesy of QuickSprout.

  • Thanks Francisco, this is a great share. Beautifully designed, simple, easy to follow concise tips.

  • gerri50

    Thanks for sharing the QuickSprout inforgraphic. As geoffreygordon said, the beauty of it is that it is simple and easy to understand!

  • Hi Francisco!

    I loved reading this…wonderfully put together and like the others, easy to understand. I’m definitely going to approach asking for the RT. Thanks for the info and hope you’re having a great day!

  • Nice post!.
    The information is worthit… and the infopragh is really well done.

  • Annie

    Helpful article and Infographic, thanks! The blue clock on the Infographic should say “12 PM” though, not “12 AM”.

  • ReTweeting other user’s content and producing great content yourself are probably the two main strategies for getting more ReTweets.

  • Great post! I love a good infographic!

  • This is a great infographic. I loved the point where it stated that most retweeted tweets are being made on Friday. I would have said that it’d be Monday since everyone will return from the weekend. Thanks for posting it.

  • Jess

    Really interesting! i had to make a video about this for class. Check it out.

  • The statistic I found most interesting from this infographic was that only 1.5% of retweets were self-referential. I advise many of my clients to try to avoid using their social platforms as a way to self-promote as it turns away social engagement. Knowing that such a small percentage of self-promoting tweets get retweeted is a great statistic to keep in mind when building social media plans.

  • Statistics are quite interesting and of-course, I was aware of the fact that “timing does matters”.
    Retweeting, I suppose, is believed to be to more effective as compared to tweets as it shows the high interest of users in a particular tweet and is more easy for the users to tweet.

  • This chart is so unique and informative. Some of the ideas that you presented about optimal ways to get a RT make complete sense. However, there are several that I was shocked by seeing on this list. For example whenever people ask for a RT I find it somewhat desperate. I don’t think people should have to ask for a RT in order to get one. Their tweets should present themselves as substantial with useful content causing other Twitter users to want to RT. I’m not disagreeing with the statistics at all, I’m just in shock due to my own personal experiences. I think the timetable chart is very helpful for those who are struggling with RT’s. It does seem as though there are more users on Twitter during the hours of noon to 2pm. It also makes sense that more users are likely to RT on Fridays. During the week people are stressed out at work and not focusing on social media. However, once Friday rolls around people are in a happier, less stressful mood causing them to hop on Twitter more often.

  • A balanced info graphic , it really helped me .Something valuable thanks 🙂

  • Kevin Payne

    I definently will be putting this advice into motion right away. As well I like the statistic on times that receive the most retweets. The one question I have is what type of audience is the research based on. As a college student I believe social media is used more in the evening and in more nformal ways as time goes by. Please give me your opinions.

  • Beautiful infograph. I was shocked by some of the information provided, which is a rare feat in the land of infographs. My favorite insight is that most retweeted tweets are being made on Friday. My guess would’ve been Wednesday afternoon (when I find myself most bored) but apparently I was wrong. Thanks for the article!

  • Great Job. I never see this much useable data in an infographic. Thanks.

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    It is good and valuable content and because you have been able to build
    an audience, there are a few techniques in the art of getting more

  • sleekinterior

    Those factors so you can start adjusting how you craft and publish your tweets to get more RT love.

  • Barry Overstreet

    Excellent article! Thanks for sharing. Identifying the peak times to tweet in order to get your tweets retweeted. That helps a ton when you’re trying to get your content to spread..

    The infographs really help to drive the point home, too. Thanks

  • Nice infograph…

    I think the peak times provided serves as good starting point for marketers. A lot of things come into play when you are marketing to your target audience such as time zone, when your audience is available, the content that will be provided and more.

    I find that I garner the most RT’s when I go on a tangent about my niche. These tweets are done in succession and usually do not contain links.

    Asking for Retweets works sometimes…I think we need to show more creativity when we ask for retweets (for example, utilize RT This, RT This Please, Share This, Please Share This, etc).

    I also noticed that a lot of brands utilize the tired but effective why of tweeting links. The tweet usually contains the name of the article, the link and the source where it came from. Marketers could also use quotes, stats, etc from the article to show more creativity.

    When do you get your most RT’s?


  • Hey Francisco,

    Well designed infographic. I’ve no doubt that if anyone follow this tactic and can’t get more re tweets. Sometime retwetting other’s content will also come in result to gain retweet from that user too.