Pinterest’s New Secret Boards: Why They Matter

Pinterest’s New Secret Boards: Why They Matter

This is a guest post by Shanna Mallon from Straight North.

If the whole point of Pinterest is pinning what we find interesting or inspiring, think about how the network’s new secret boards can be good for marketing—allowing you to gather ideas without anyone else following along!

Here are some examples of the marketing benefits of Pinterest’s new secret boards…

Pinterest Secret Boards

1. Profiling the Competition

Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing through private boards grouped by name or category. You could build an entire board focused on your biggest competitor, pinning its popular products, blog posts, articles, and press releases. You could keep a board of every new product released in your specific niche. With private boards, you can do this sort of profiling of the competition secretly, without anyone knowing what you’re up to.

2. Profiling Potential Clients

The first step in reaching a new client is understanding him or her. Use Pinterest to profile the corporation or individual you’d like to reach. Gather info on likes, interests, news, etc., and consider it strategic, private brainstorming on your market.

3. Private Collaboration

Private boards offer marketing teams a secret site for shared information. Say a group of employees is brainstorming a certain market or researching the popularity of a given product line. Through private, shareable boards, they can collaborate without releasing their research to other brands online. To create a private group board, simply set up a private board and invite team members by Pinterest username or email address.

Create a Pinterest Secret Board

4. Gathering Marketing Inspiration

From website redesigns to slick online videos, you can gather marketing tactics you like into one single place. You might not want other marketers to know you’re borrowing from and building on their ideas—with private boards, they won’t. What’s more, the user-friendly, visually oriented nature of Pinterest makes the gathering process easier and more enjoyable for you!

5. Networking

Brush up on the names and faces of people who will attend your next PR event, from donors to clients to colleagues, through Pinterest boards only you can see. Pin photos of the individuals to a private board that you can review beforehand.

6. Planning Surprises

Whether you’re about to launch a new product or planning a company-wide Christmas party, knowing you can protect ideas on secret boards is a lifesaver. When you’re ready to let others know about your ideas, you can always switch your board from private to public; just remember that this doesn’t work both ways. Once a board is public, it has to stay that way.

  • Thank you, Shanna. I shall be using some of these for sure.

  • Love these ideas! I have been wondering about the uses for Pinterest’s new secret boards. Now I see the value in creating them. Thanks!

  • These are brilliant ideas! I have only used these secret boards for planning surprises, or simply for planning future boards, but now I see that these secret boards have so much greater potential. Especially keeping an eye on what competitors are doing through private boards grouped by name or category. I will surely use them for that purpose.

  • Superb ideas. Many thank for sharing and demystifying secret Pinterest boards.

  • content writers

    This is a clever development of Pinterest’s
    service that adds considerable usability to their website. Not only can you
    assemble secret dossiers on your competition, it also allows you to develop
    boards of images and links before you make them public. Now businesses will be
    able to develop their Pinterest business pages and present them as a well
    polished finished product. This alone will make Pinterest an important part of
    any new business start up.

  • GoPromotional

    This is a very clever ‘thinking outside the box idea’ – I will certainly be looking into how I can use this for my own business.

  • We found this article very useful. The secret boards are very interesting indeed and if you play with it a little bit, you can really use it to your advantage. This way you can chose when you want to put something online.

  • AnnaMersaydes

    I just wonder if when you make a secret board public all your pins clog up your friends feeds…? Or is it all not seen unless the friends are LOOKING at your boards page? And when you pin new things those are what show on the feed? I just don’t want to make my board public and all my friends are like “whoa… you have been thinking about this for a long time!”