7 Ways To Build A Strong Online Presence Through Social Media

How to create a strong online presence with social media

This is a guest post by Sara Carter from Mac-Reviews.

There is no getting away from the fact that social media and its marketing uses are essential for any business seeking to establish an online presence. With Facebook and Twitter having more than 1 billion different users combined, it is clear that failure to take advantage of this market is tantamount to closing a bricks and mortar store six and a half days a week.

You will be missing out on an incredible number of potential customers. Fortunately, it is easier than ever to use social media to establish your online presence and if you continue reading, you will discover 7 ways to establish a strong online presence with social media.

1 -Stick To A Handful Of Sites

It’s obvious that Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media networks and frankly, you don’t really need to waste time on others though LinkedIn and Pinterest are also useful. Don’t spend time updating on lesser networks and pour your heart and soul into the big two. The click-through rates on the big two are immense. Existing fans already spend an inordinate amount of time on Facebook in particular: For example, the average American spends 8 hours a month on that one site. What you need to do is communicate with your fans regularly so you stay on their newsfeed.

2 – Photography

Photos stand out far more than status updates or links. They are clear, concise and easily taken in by social media users. If you are in an industry such as music or fashion for example, pictures really are essential. However, you can make use of pictures in any industry by simply showing professional photos of your products and services being used. It is a known fact that profiles with photos generate more engagement that those that only have written updates.

3 – Giveaways

Want to get noticed? Start handing out some freebies! Before you begin to protest about giving goods away for free, please remember that there is method to this madness. In the world of social media, money is not the only currency. Attention and acknowledgement are valuable forms of currency as well. Again, the key word is engagement. You need to get your fans involved in some form of competition or prize draw. Really savvy marketers use this as a means of getting email addresses from Facebook and Twitter users. Giving away a small amount of stock means extra publicity as fans will start discussing you with other social media users.

4 – Create An Awesome Website

What has my website got to go with social media you ask? Everything is the answer! All successful online businesses have a central platform that links all social media accounts, videos on YouTube, blog posts etc. Social media is fantastic but it doesn’t quite get the job done when it comes to centralising your company’s material for fans. Your website needs to look official, professional and established. There are a host of free website builders to get you started though you may need to open your wallet to get a professionally designed one. You need to add links to your website on social media posts, photos and videos. Hopefully, this will lure people to your site where the process of selling can be concluded.

5 – Be An Active Blogger

Whenever your company releases a new product, you should be out there blogging about it. Set up your own special blog and look to guest post on other popular blogs too. Don’t be afraid to submit your products to be reviewed on industry websites. Above all, never be afraid to contact the people that could make your company a success. Make it easy for others to promote you by sending them all the files, text, images etc. they need. Don’t have time to continually write blogs? Hire a professional writer to do it for you, the expense is well worth it.

6 – Brand Loyalty

Arguably the greatest key to success in any industry is gaining hardcore fans and social media is no different. Facebook in particular has seen the rise of the ‘superfan’, individuals that go to great lengths to promote your company. You need to get some loyal fans and keep them. Think about it, if you only had 1,000 loyal fans and they purchased $150 worth of goods from your company a year with you receiving a 40% profit on the goods, that would be $60,000 profit a year from your loyal fans only. Not a bad start. Simply reward your most loyal fans with the occasional gift, discount or special offer. Just do something to show that they’re appreciated.

7 – Make It Easy To Pay

Surely this is common sense right? After all, you want it to be as easy as possible for people to give you their money. Amazingly, some online companies make it insanely hard for their customers by asking them to jump through various hoops on the e-commerce page. Customers should be able to pay for goods within three clicks from your social media site. Begin with a link from the social media page to the website and work from there. Additionally, offer as many payment methods as you can. PayPal is always convenient along with a host of different debit and credit cards.

If you want to succeed online and establish a real presence, you need to step outside your comfort zone and really interact with your customers. Get active, share useful content, reward loyalty and create a great website to link to. Follow the tips above and watch your online reputation soar.

  • These are brilliant tips for a starting online businessman. Everyone who is starting a business and he want to succeed on the internet and on social media should read these tips and stick to them. Thanks for writing that up, Sara.

  • Sara

    You are welcome, Peter 🙂 I’m happy you enjoyed this piece of information.

  • Even though Google+ is not nearly as popular as Facebook and Twitter, creating a Google+ account and updating it with content helps boost your overall web presence. Google+ posts rank well in searches plus an optimized Google+ page helps boost local SEO as Google rolled “Google Places” into Google+ Local. Although it may not give you the same traffic as Facebook and Twitter, a Google+ profile is worth investing in.

  • I think your advice about focusing on few sites is spot on. Social media may be free to use but time is a valuable thing! I would also add that to become an effective blogger, you should also engage with other bloggers in their comment sections and start building a community. Again, I would focus on a few blogs especially those with an already active community. To help you manage your social conversations – you should give Engagio (www.engag.io) a try!

  • I’ve been researching all I can about marketing with social media for
    several years now. I’ve reached the conclusion that you can finesse it
    to death, but 80% of your results will come from mastering the basics. I
    don’t think I’ve seen the basics spelled out as succinctly as in this
    brief post. Thanks Sara. All I need to do to stay focused is come back
    to this one post.

  • Sara

    Thank you, thank you so much. I’m really glad you found this post helpful.

  • Definitely Sara! As a consumer making it easy to pay really resonates. I hate shopping on a site that requires me to take a pop quiz before they accept payment. I also revere an awesome return r refund policy, can’t overlook that one!

    As an entrepreneur brand loyalty sticks with me of course. Great tips and honest basics for a solid foundation. Thanks for the post! Did you enjoy your holiday?

  • Fiza Malik

    Hey Sara,

    You described informative point for the online presence of social media, point 2, 3 and 6 are the best tips.

    Thanks for the worth full content.

  • Great post Sara! Will be sharing with clients and my readers. Simple and actionable! Happy new year!

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  • With the increased use of Social Media, such as Twitter, Facebook and
    LinkedIn, people are constantly online checking out what is new, updating their pages and looking at the latest gossip. Establishing a social media presence will put your company not only on the web but in the palm of everyone’s hand. Thanks

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    Very good article only you forgot to mention YouTube. Even celebrities are using this social media much more than Facebook or Twitter.

  • BigcomDevloper

    Very Nice Sara, Its trur that the goal of a successful social media campaign is to start conversations and interact with customers and potential customers, selling your products or services is the underlying reason you’re doing social media in the first place.

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