How Much Time And Money Are Small Businesses Spending On Social Media

Small Business spending on social media

In the last couple of years small business has massively adapted social media and has also become a lot more serious in understanding and integrating it as part of an overall marketing effort.

But where are we today? How much time, energy and money is small business investing?

Vertical Response conducted an online survey with nearly 500 businesses, most of them with less than 100 employees to find out how much time is spent, what social platforms are being used and how much money they spend on tools to be able to manage, publish and analyze these efforts.

Some of the key findings (shown in this infographic) are:

  • Time spent has increased compared to the previous year but, small businesses still struggle with the workload social media represents
  • CEO’s and owners are spending less time and are looking forward to keep decreasing their involvement
  • Most of the weight is put into Facebook and Twitter and many are ignoring other platforms like Google+, Pinterest and even LinkedIn
  • A surprising 55% of the surveyed companies have a blog
  • The most time-consuming task in social media is finding and publishing content
  • 36% rely on paid tools to publish and analyze, which I think is still low

Is your business represented in these numbers? Are you spending more or less time and money than what we see here? Share with us in the comments section.

How much time and money are small businesses spending on social media

Infographic courtesy of Vertical Response.

  • This infographic is a gold mine for my company. We’re a do-it-for-you social media company for small/local businesses – the whole point is to take the burden off the owner for a price they can stomach. I hope it’s ok if I bust out some of these stats in sales meetings.

  • Hey Jason, I’m glad you found it useful. I’m sure Vertical Response will be happy you’re using this for stats.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Great article and thanks for the share. Our clients are enjoying their rewards of increased sales and most important increased profit due to the very HIGH ROI well designed Social Media strategies deliver.
    The info-graph is priceless

  • SAIL

    Great infographic! This will be a great visual for our weekly digest readers showing them the breakdown of time and money SMBs spend on social media platforms. Take a look at the digest.

  • ozio media

    For most small businesses the object of their
    internet marketing is to make connections with potential customers. So it isn’t
    really surprising that Facebook and Twitter are the focus of most of their
    efforts. Social media is probably better suited to the marketing of small
    businesses than it is for corporations simply because they can spend the time
    to really engage personally with those customers.

  • Connie Sung Moyle

    Connie here from VerticalResponse. Go for it!