Win 5 Social Media And Online Marketing “Plays” From Startup Plays

SocialMouths & Startup Plays Contest

It’s been a while since the last time we ran any contests/sweepstakes here on SocialMouths and I’m super excited, not just about running one again but about the prizes.

This is in collaboration with Startup Plays. In case you don’t know what it is, Startup Plays is a great educational resource for entrepreneurs and startups. They offer digital courses from experts in different aspects of business, including social media and online marketing in general.

Which brings me to the prizes (Ye-yeah!)

The guys at Startup Plays have offer me a set of 5 “Plays” to give away exclusively to the SocialMouths readers. I’ll give you a brief description of each one of these “Plays”. You’re gonna love it.

What’s included in the prize

StartUp Plays

There are 5 “Plays”, related to social media and online marketing, that are made available in your Startup Plays “handbook”, where you can access them for FREE. Here is the list:

1- Drive 250K Visitors/Month to Your Site

Created by Dan Martell, co-founder of Flowtown. Includes:

  • High Converting Keywords
  • Distribution & Premium Channels
  • Create Killer Content
  • Optimizing Your Blog for Search
  • Promotion & LAUNCH

2- Optimize Your Facebook Ads

Created by Aaron Hall, founder and CEO of Includes:

  • Defining Channels and Partners
  • Setting up Your Campaign
  • Launching Your Campaign
  • Refining, Scaling & Reducing Cost

3- Build an Engaged Social Following

Created by Megan Berry, founder of LiftFive. At the end of this plays you’ll have:

  • Consistent, conversation inducing social accounts that breed personality into your startup
  • A collection of influencers and power customers saying positive things about you
  • A clearly defined community manifesto that will guide the future conversation of your employees online
  • A social calendar that guides your social media activity
  • Tools and resources for measuring your social media success
  • Access to an exclusive community of similar startups and social media professionals who have purchased this play

4- Laser-Sighted Marketing Through Social Media

Created by Adam and Matthew Toren, founders of Blogtrepreneur and iSell. The Play includes:

  • Create a strategic plan
  • Create Conversion (Get Them to Buy!)
  • Measure and Adjust
  • Follow Best Practices

5- How to Run a Viral Contest

Created by Mike Mason, Metric Driven Growth at MercuryGrove. Includes:

  • Third Party Application Suggestions
  • A Seed list excel template
  • Contest Terms & Conditions Template
  • Pro tips and insider knowledge

Startup Plays is not your conventional online course. Here’s what inside the interactive How-to’s:

  • A handbook full of comprehensive how-to’s written by entrepreneurs who have had market proven success
  • Interactive task lists with chronological milestones, the exact steps needed to get form A-B
  • A roadmap of documents and templates that help you go through the same successful process
  • Insider pro-tips from the author of the “Play” that will help you benefit from their experience of the learning curve
  • Invite a collaborators or team members to work on the project together
  • Benefit from a community of entrepreneurs who are going through the same “Play”, share insights, stories, and experiences

How many winners?

Great question. We wanted to go all out with this or not do anything. Instead of having just one, we are offering these prizes to 5 winners.

Join Now!

How to Participate


It launches now, October 23 and closes on November 21. Make sure to enter to participate within those dates.


The only thing you need to do is enter your email to participate (Quick disclaimer: You will joining both Startup Plays and SocialMouths email lists). Here is the link to the contest entry page.

That’s all, no required sharing or anything else in order to participate.


Sponsor will select the names of the potential winners in a random drawing of all eligible entries received.


The five (5) winners will be announced right here, through a blog post on SocialMouths within 7 days of the draw. Startup Plays will also notify the winners via email (to the email provided to participate) within those 7 days to deliver the prize.


As stated above, prize includes the following Plays:

  1. Drive 250K Visitors/Month to Your Site
  2. Optimize Your Facebook Ads
  3. Build an Engaged Social Following
  4. Laser-Sighted Marketing Through Social Media
  5. How to Run a Viral Contest

Terms & Conditions

Make sure you read the terms & conditions for details.

Participate NOW

Again, to participate just click this link to enter you email. That’s all!

Join Now!

Good luck, I hope you are one of the 5 lucky winners.

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