The State Of Social Media And Social Media Marketing 2012 [Presentation]

The State Of Social Media 2012

Instagram passed the 50 million mark, Google+ reached 150 million, over 50% of Facebook users are active on a daily basis while it becomes the top ad-selling company and we continue to question its effectiveness, Mobile is becoming the new personal computer…

We read everything that happens with Social Media week after week from so many sources it’s not even funny.

It all goes so fast. Specially as we begin the second half of 2012.

The good thing is that Esteban Contreras from SocialNerdia, and the head of Social Media Marketing for Samsung Electronics America, has put it all together in one place so you can keep up with this madness.

Here is some of the most interesting data in the presentation:

  • The “smaller” social platforms are not so small anymore. Instagram (50M), Pinterest (12M) and Tumblr (55M) while niched apps are also turning in impressive numbers of users, like Foodspotting (2M)
  • Facebook currently owns 71% share of the Social Ad Revenue pie and it continues to gain traction
  • While Google is the #1 in total Online Ad Revenue, Google+ still generates $0 and there are no signs of Ads
  • As social business goes public, the market is still skeptical. Facebook went down 24% from its IPO price
  • The percentage of adults who access the Internet or Email from their phones has gone from 31% in 2009 to 55% in 2012
  • More users access Google+ on mobile than desktop
  • YouTube has grown to 800M users but views have dropped 28% since last December
  • Twitter is the #2 network in unique visitors with 167.9 million in November 2011 with a reach of 11.7% of global Internet users

The list goes on, the presentation covers data from advertising, mobil usage, social-related startups, content marketing, specific platforms such as Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tumblr, Social Influence and more.

Presentation courtesy of SocialNerdia


  • More people on more social sites than ever before. With these stats, it’s important for marketers to properly strategize and not just jump on a social network because it’s popular.they have to think, how engaged are the users, what type of user are they, do the ads work, etc.?

    Social media marketing is here to stay (obviously) but we have to ask ourselves where it fits in our overall marketing strategy. It is not separate, it cannot be siloed.

    Social media and mobile are the new PC, so what does that mean? Are we all always on, always connected? Could this be a bad thing?

  • We read everything that happens with Social Media week after week from so many sources it’s not even funny.