• I was using GetSocial for a long time and I had seen that other people were using the Digg Digg social sharing plugin but didn’t know it was called Digg Digg. 🙂 So now that I do, I have switched over! 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial! 

  • I installed it as soon as I got the email they were taken over by Buffer. Also set it up as you mention, float and below content, I think those are the most used placements. And again I have the same opinion on the number of buttons, I actually keep it at 3 at the moment, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and plan to experiment with 4th to see which 4th network should i use. 

  • I’ve been using Digg Digg for awhile but top & bottom, so I’ve switched it to float on the left side, let’s see if it makes a difference. I can’t however figure out how to make it stay visible as I scroll, nor how to remove the border like you have. What’s the trick? 🙂 

  • Hi Sandi, great to see you here and thanks for the details on some issues with Digg Digg! Happy to let you know we have an update planned for release in the next few days which will hopefully fix the issue where Digg Digg doesn’t scroll for you. So keep an eye out for that in the next few days 🙂 We’ll also add options to hide the border and shadow, so you can make it look just like it is here on SocialMouths. If you still have problems, get in touch with us anytime at diggdigg@bufferapp.com and we’d love to work with you to get it smooth!

  • I will definitely keep my eyes open Joel, and thanks for the quick response!

  • Dev

    I keep hearing goods things about Digg Digg plugin. Currently I’m using DevGrow’s share bar floating plugin, which works well with Thesis Theme.

    I’m planning to use Digg Digg for my new project, that I will be launching in April.

    Thanks for the awesome write up, dude. Enjoy your rest of the weekend.  

  • judithwelltree

    Ubertechnophobe here, if you are not using WordPress what do you do?  I keep hearing about WordPress plugins but am having a lot of success with hits on blogs and podcasts with my new website which isn’t WordPress! 

  • This is a very useful posting. I need to try it out.

  • I use it too. I’ve also seen it used but hard coded without a plugin (to reduce loading time, so I might try that).

    Something to keep in mind is not every visitor will see it, especially those with smaller screens and/or mobile visitors. (And on the latter, ensure your site is mobile optimized.)

  • Great info, Francisco!  We started using Digg Digg a few months ago; I’m glad we made good choice.  

    Out of curiosity, we have you decided to use fb share and not fb like on the floating bar?  What’s better?

  • I use sharebar, but I think I might switch over to digg digg now. seems like it has more options without having to create your own buttons…i like the lazy solutions 🙂

  • I’ve been using the DiggDigg bar on my four sites for awhile. I really love how the floating bar looks, but I had reports from several users that the bar actually covers up the body content of my posts! I’ve removed it from two of my sites and only have the below post option set up. 

    Has this been resolved in the new release?

  • Hi Francisco,

    I received the email from Buffer about Digg Digg and I’m tempted to try it. 
    I use Socialize sharing plugin and it cuts part of the post area. 
    I need to test Pinterest and Linkedin and to see how these options go  

    Useful tutorial 🙂

    Have a great weekend,


  • Heidi

    I just tried to pin this article to Pinterest and the picture did not load nor was I give the option to add or find picture. Does Pinterest option really work?

  • Hi Francisco, I was using ShareBar but I couldn’t get the Pinterest button to work correctly for some reason so I gave up on it. I was really pleased to hear that Leo and Joel purchased Digg Digg and they have Pinterest built in already in addition to Google+ (unlike ShareBar). Thanks for the tutorial. 

  • I now use the GetSocial floating bar on my blog (which is very similar to this one). However, you have to add a code in order for you to be able to use new sharing buttons like Pinterest, so i think i’m going to give Digg Digg a shot. Thanks Francisco

    D Houssem

  • Brilliant information and good to learn from your tactics. Thanks

  • Great to know about a new share toolbar of Digg. Its quite easier to make share with it.

  • Cathryn Peters

    What happens to your count on the social medias that you already have on your site if you are using Sharaholic and decide to switch to Digg Digg floating share bar?

  • Another great post Francisco. I was seeing the toolbar more and more and was thinking about the switch. I need to look into Buffer though, seems that I missed it’s entrance and now see it everywhere but I have no idea what it is.

  • Looks like a pretty cool widget for social sharing.  I agree that having it on the posts can only increase the probability of additional traffic and sharing of the articles.

  • Hello Francisco! Digg Digg is a great bar. I installed it on one of my websites but something was wrong with the plugin. Maybe I did something wrong cause I am not a “tech savvy”!!! LOL…
    Now I saw your post I will try installing it again and see how I can make it work! Thanks for sharing!
    John Mak

  • The only thing I see missing in the Digg Digg ‘s buffer button on your blog is your Twitter ID or via @socialmouths:twitter 
    You see.. I love to use the buffer button, I love to read your blog and share your stuff, but you always cost me an extra step to get the Twitter ID into it when I tweet a post (just like what I did now when I tweeted your awesome post :)Probably you have a reason not to set that!I am looking to use the plugin on the new design I am working on, it’s going to be nice addition this time as I don’t really want to insert more codes into my theme!

  • I really like this plugin but I’m having a problem with it display correctly in Internet Explorer with the Thesis theme. Has anyone else run into this problem? Changing the amount of space the bar is to the left of the content doesn’t have any effect at all.

  • Since Leo and Joel got Digg Digg, I started to recommend it, simply because I believe they do good stuff and they will make it the best!

  • LeoWid

    Thanks so much @ileane:disqus and @hishaman:disqus , really amazing to have you guys on board! We are definnitely going to have lots of further improvements coming up for Digg Digg to make it even slicker, I’ll keep you all posted on it! 🙂 

  • Does anyone know whether google analytics picks up the social actions automatically or is there something I need to do to start tracking?

  • hey teresa, does digg digg automatically push the social actions into google analytics or is there something we need to do?  thanks!

  • Cathryn Peters

    Could someone help me with my question posted a few days ago about what happens to the count you have on other plug-ins when you switch over to Digg Digg share bar? I currently run Sexy Bookmarks above and below posts, but that’s too congested for me and I very much like the looks of this sharebar and want to switch, but don’t want to lose the counts I already have. Help!

  • Cathryn Peters

    Finally found the answer myself to my question about what happens to the social network count when you switch from Sexy Bookmarks to Digg Digg share bar, it stays the same and just pulls from a different plug-in!

  • Cathryn Peters

    Having a conflict with the Digg Digg share bar used on the left side, breaking the code in my top navigation drop-down plugin. The drop-down menu tabs all become inactive. Has anyone else complained about this problem and do you have a solution for it Joel?  Thanks, otherwise love it, but had to disable and am going to a different share bar or might go back to Sexy Bookmarks, Shareaholic. 

  • Cathryn,

    No matter where you are getting your sharing buttons, they all use API’s to pull the data from the networks. Your twitter count should not be affected.

    Sorry for the late response.

  • Cathryn, I’ll poke Joel or Leo to see if they can help you.

  • LeoWid

    Hi @google-46f51f57e62acee0e2327729b0199a6e:disqus ,

    Great to hear from you and thanks a lot for the heads up on this issue.Is there any chance you could send me a screenshot or your link to the site of the problem and let me know which theme you are using? I will then go and setup a wordpress blog with it on my end to replicate your bug so I can fix the issue asap in a future update.

    Keen to get things working well for you as soon as possible!Best,
    Leo (Co-Founder Digg Digg by Buffer)

  • LeoWid

    Hi @hishaman:disqus , great to see you here and that is a great suggestion. Yes, absolutely, we are definitely working on getting the option in so you can add the username right away, just like you say! Keep your eyes peeled for an update on this real soon! 🙂 

  • LeoWid

    Hi @keepupweb:disqus ,

    Great to hear from you and thanks a lot for the heads up on this. That’s definitely not good. We are working on a lot of browser related issues with a future update for sure and I am confident we will push a fix live real soon. Please keep an eye out for an update in the coming days.Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions, would love to hear your thoughts! 🙂 


  • Thank you Leo!

  • Have you tried “social sharing” ?

  • Same problem. I am on Suffusion theme. Covers my content in IE and FF. Not in Chrome.

  • I really, really need help with this as well. When someone views my site in Chrome, it views fine. When the view the same post in IE and FF, it covers my content. This is REALLY EMBARRASSING because I am recommending that they switch to Digg Digg bar in my post!! I am really needing to know how to fix this! I am using suffusion theme.  http://social-drivers.com/speed-up-wordpress-from-8-to-1-seconds/ is an example that you can see the problem on.

  • it was recently acquired by the guys at Buffer and it got a pretty cool facelift and some updates in the back-end

  • But today, in this hyper-competitive blogosphere, those things are kind of a given. Everybody does that.

  • Also set it up as you mention, float and below content, I think those are the most used placements.

  • pressednews

    Thanks for referencing some stats and the optimal position of the sharing buttons. By default, I had mine at the top, but I’m going to make a change and test in the future.

  • how to get content shared more and pull new traffic.

  • I also didn’t know how many people were actually using it.

  • The way there is probably something they find worth sharing.

  • It’s no surprise to me that one of the most asked questions.

  • put some focus into blog post SEO and effective social networking are
    some of the key elements at the top of the list. But today, in this
    hyper-competitive blogosphere, those things are kind of a given.
    Everybody does that.

  • Sam

    Hi, I want to ask, why all social network counter didn’t increase in my blog? I’ve tweet the post, but the counter still show 0.

  • The addition of new sharing buttons from networks like Pinterest and of course, the already famous Buffer button.

  • That’s why sometimes focusing on the little things is where we can
    make a difference over our competition. One of those things is providing
    great sharing options, at least I know it made a huge difference for

  • I am using normal display option on my blog but facebook shares have recently stopped appearing …. everything else seems to work normally which has raised my curiosity. On the same page shareaholics is showing facebook shares properly…. Any guess what is causing this ?

  • Vanita Gunther

    But they went deeper to analyse websites that featured social sharing
    buttons prominently on their blog, versus sites who didn’t. The results
    are quite mindblowing:


  • GFerrell

    Your sharebar covers the left edge of this article. To fix that add “#dd_ajax_float{left: 120px !important;}” to your style sheet. Alternatively you may be able to adjust the settings directly in WP (which are probably set at left:0px).

  • Hey – did you know your social sharing bar is sitting on top of the content?

  • Alex

    I think Digg Digg is the perfect plugin to make people know that you need they’re help to spread the word around. I personally use it and I trully think it’s great.
    At first i thought it will make my pages load slower but it didn’t. I use the twitter, facebook like and share and g+ functions and it works great. I’d use the other functions too but in they’re useless in Romania where my website is hosted.
    For those interested, take a look: http://pentakill.ro
    As for socialmouths, keep up the good work!