Pinterest: Everything You Need To Know Is In This Massive Post

Pinterest: The Ultimate Guide Let me guess, you heard about Pinterest. Or more like, you can’t spend 15 minutes online without hearing about it…

And now you’re thinking, “should I jump on the wagon too?” or “another social network to keep up with?” and on top of that, everybody is talking about using it for marketing and getting tons of traffic and, you just don’t see it.

Alright, I hear you. I’ll give you everything you need to know about Pinterest and a bunch of resources so you can decide if you or your business are ready to join the hottest trend online.

Let’s start with what it is…

Pinterest is another way of collecting and organizing stuff (images) you find online. Think visual bookmarking, publicly and with a social network in it. Some see it as a vision board, some as a catalog and others as a great way to promote your products or generate traffic to your site/blog.

This content is organized in “Boards” that work as categories you create and the images you pin in them are called… yes, “Pins”. See how fast we’re moving here. Pins are like posts on a blog or a Tumblr and other people can “repin” them or comment on them, as well as like them or tweet them, of course.

You can follow people and they can follow you.

Some Demographics

Some think the majority of the users are females, they’re right. According to data Ignite Social Media collected on Google Ad Planner, only 20% of Pinterest users are men. That’s pretty one-sided, don’t you think? This tendency gets started by how Pinterest presents itself to the market, which I personally think you should totally ignore.

But there are other interesting numbers in this data, for example that the biggest age groups are between 25 to 44, 60% of its users have some college and largest percentage of household income is between $25 to $75k. In case you see your target market waving at you here.

How big is Pinterest

I understand, you need to know if it’s worth putting some of your marketing energy into something before you jump in. Here goes, according to a study conducted by ComScore back in November, Pinterest had already joined the big leagues in Unique Visitors with 4,855 million right behind Google+ and it takes the 3rd spot on Time Spent on Site with 88.3 minutes only behind Facebook and Tumblr. That’s pretty impressive.

Leading social networking sites

Then in December, Compete reports that Pinterest reached 7.2 million visitors in the US only. Experian Hitwise on the other hand, reported 11 million total visits during the week ending December 17.

Pinterest Unique Visitors

But Pinterest is really rising eyebrows for becoming one of the highest referral traffic sources. I can tell you for personal experience, just so you don’t think this is only for brands and retail websites, that with just a couple of Pinning sessions, it has already started sending traffic to SocialMouths and in the last week, it’s actually in my top 20 traffic sources (overall).

Update Feb 3: Just ran a traffic report for this blog, Pinterest is the #7 traffic source in the last 2 days above StumbleUpon and LinkedIn. That’s not including traffic from “” (mobile), which is #30.

Update Feb 8: ComScore announces Pinterest just became the fastest standalone website EVER with 10 million Monthly Unique Visit, only in the US.

Just a couple of day ago, Shareaholic published a report on Referral Traffic from Social Networks, the big surprise: Pinterest is referring more traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. Combined! And it’s now breathing on Twitter’s neck.

Referral Traffic Report from Shareaholic

I’m adding an infographic at the end of this post for other related and fun facts.

How do you get in?

Request an invite for Pinterest

Pinterest is still on an “Invitation Only” stage. Some people have told me they have been waiting for a while so at this point you have better chances to get in if you ask a friend to share an invite with you.

How to use it to promote your business or website

You need to get passed the idea the site is only a collection of wedding gowns images to get creative on how to promote your business, website or blog. Chances are you can already find brands and competitors using the network, find them to see some examples and get inspired.

Here are a few ideas entrepreneurs and brands are already implementing and some of the benefits you can leverage from:

Promote your products

Create a specific board for your own products, each pin should link back to that product page on your website. When you add a price in your description, make sure to use the $ character because Pinterest generates a price label on your image.

It’s pretty obvious here that depending on your line of work or services, there is more or less potential to do this, a photographer or a cupcake ninja can really do something interesting here with portfolios.

Content Marketing

This could also be good to integrate in you content marketing strategy and how you distribute blog content as well as creating exclusive Pinterest content. If you’re a chef, how about creating special recipes for the Pinning crowd.

Another form of content is “user-generated”. You can set a board to accept content from other users, meaning they can also add pins. Although it can be tricky and you’ll have to expect to run some kind of moderation, this can be fun for your followers.

Content Curation

This is probably one of my favorite things about how to use Pinterest. We all know content curation can be a very powerful way to build authority around a topic. Select a couple of topics related to your industry and create boards to curate all kinds of content around them.

If you are a heavy user of any of the other networks, chances are you already curate content at some level. Do a test and bring some of that content you already share on Twitter or Google+ and start dumping it into a board.


As soon as we talk about showcasing products on specific boards, the next step is pretty obvious, you can run exclusive contests and promotions for Pinners or you can use it to complement existing campaigns.

Market Research

It’s nature also provides a great environment to conduct all kinds of market research for future products and services. Imagine the possibilities for crowdsourcing or focus groups.


Connect, comment, like and repin others, this is a s-o-c-i-a-l network after all. Interact with others as you do on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

You can also expand your reach by getting out and sharing Pins on other networks. Or promote specific boards. Pinterest is also ready for frictionless sharing on Facebook’s environment, in other words, you can set your pins to go automatically to your timeline.

Humanize your Brand

This is a great opportunity to humanize your brand or really take your personal brand to the next level. Think about how to add lifestyle to your brand, you can’t be strictly business all the time.

With the rise of visual-centric and timelines in the social web, we are presented with great potential for storytelling. Don’t miss this opportunity.


When you pin something, specially from your own site, make sure to leverage that description box below the image. Use it wisely to write a keyword-rich description. Think of it as the meta description on your blog post.

Smart use of images

The next time you are searching for a good image to use on your post, wherever you get your images from or if you create them yourself, think of how they will be posted on Pinterest to maximize its potential. Your images are becoming more and more important with this kind of image-centric bookmarking.

How to Pin Content

Pin It! Button

The easiest way to pin content is through the “Pin It” browser bookmarlet. You can just drag and drop the button provided here to your Bookmark bar.

Pinterest for iPhone Mobile

Another way to create and add pins is through the iPhone app, where you can Repin, Like and comment on existing pins or you can use your camera and add location to your images.

You can stay tuned for news regarding other platforms on the Pinterest blog.

Good Examples of Pinterest Use

I’m adding a few examples here, of course I’m not showing Redbull, Whole Foods, and the rest of the usual suspects but rather smaller businesses and personal brands so you get to see real examples.

P.S. – I made this…

P.S. I Made This on Pinterest

University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania on Pinterest


Chobani on Pinterest

Evan Sharp

Evan Sharp on Pinterest

Integrate Pinterest into your Website

“Pin It” Button

Obviously one of the best ways to make your content “pinable” is to add the “Pin It” sharing button on your site or blog. This is as easy as choosing the kind of button you like and grabbing the code from the “Goodies” page.

If you use a sharing floating bar such as Sharebar or Digg Digg (now owned by the guys at BufferApp), you can add the button through the plugin (like mine). If you use the Thesis Framework on your WordPress blog, Derek Halpern has a great tutorial on how to add the Pin It button on their User’s Guide.

Pin It button for websites

Follow Button

If you want to take it even further, you can also add the “Follow Me on Pinterest” button. Same thing, head over to the “Goodies” page and grab the code from there to place wherever you want on your site. I added mine here so you can see it:

Follow Me on Pinterest

This is clearly missing a shiny Infographic

The post couldn’t be complete without the shiny Infographic. And since I know you’re not going to read anything below it, I’ll add my closing before.

Over to You

It’ll be awesome if you participate in the comments by sharing how you are already using Pinterest or any new ideas you’re planning to implement as well as any questions you have.

If you want to connect with me on Pinterest, here is my profile: << Check out my profile URL, a clear sign of an early adopter (virtual high-fives!)

Happy Pinning evrybody!

Pinterest Infographic

Infographic courtesy of Monetate.

  • Great post! I’ve been on Pinterest for a year now and am just now getting the company I work for to jump on board (I mentioned it a year ago, but it was so new, I got blank stares). When I explain Pinterest to someone, I just say “You know bulletin boards you hang in your home and tack up pictures from magazines, articles, recipes, etc.? That’s Pinterest, only digital and online.”

    Oh, and I should say how we are using it: – we are not just pinning products from our site, but also items (that are not competition for us) that are of interest to our customers. Having a little trouble getting followers, but we’ve only been on a few days and hopefully that will ramp up soon.

  • Awesome post. I’ve heard of Pinterest for a while now but as you started off, I didn’t need another Social Network. Just the thought of using this as a vision board alone is so well worth it. Definitely peeked my curiosity though and the visual appeal alone has me looking forward to jumping in.

    P.S. Anyone have an invite? 🙂

  • Jerome de Beauvoir

    Great post, very “didactique” as we say in france. I just noticed your images are around 100k and this post is quite (very?) long to load… You could easily get them to 30k with still great quality for viewing on a web browser. Anyway thank you so much for this great work.

  • Joi Disroe

    You’ve hit it on the nail.  It’s huge and will be a for sure game changer by the end of this year! I’ve joined several months ago and can’t stop.  I actually followed Mary Larson’s (commenter below) Cake Board, since I’m in catering and always looking for cakes and great ideas.  Now I can follow you too. 

  • Good point Mary, while we don’t want to promote the competition, it’s important to stay in our niche and share related stuff. Always focusing on value for our followers.

    Thanks for your comment.

  • Great post.  Your graphic of the January Referral Traffic Report is a good reminder to businesses that they need to own their traffic. No matter which social media site you are using you need to drive your peeps, your friends, etc to your OWN site and offer something compelling to get them to opt-in so if one day the it site becomes the has been site you will still be able to communicate with your prospects.  The game is constantly changing and whatever time you invest into any of these social media sites should be able to be monetized.

  • Hey Brian, give me your email address and I’ll send you an invite.

  • Jerome, did it take a while for the page to load? Please let me know so I can optimize.

    Thanks for the tip.

  • Joi, good point there, obviously one I missed. Inspiration is a big deal too.

    Thanks for your comment!

  • Thanks bud. I’ll DM it to you on twitter. Appreciate it 🙂

  • I just want to say that this is probably THE best post I’ve read in the last couple of days about Pinterest. You didn’t just tell me what everyone else is (it’s blowing up and it’s huge, and you need to be on it) – but you share concrete examples of lesser-known examples of how people are using Pinterest.

    Thank you!

  •  Thanks for the follow!  🙂

  • This is great. I love the collection of stats. I’m already a believer in what Pinterest has the potential to be, but my eyes are being opened every day to how much more I don’t see yet.  Thanks!

  • Can a brother get an invite? #pinterest

  • Awesome information here, I am going to talk about this with the company I work for. Hopefully they will see the light. 

  • Just sent you one Dino

  • John, I’m glad you liked it. Of course, I didn’t want to showcase the usual examples. My thing is small business and entrepreneurs, even though I work with of those brands.

    Thanks for your comment!

  • I agree with you Stacey, I’m always trying to remind readers and clients that the main focus has to be on properties you own, that’s why I wanted to emphasize referral traffic.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • You rock….so hard.

  • Best Pinterest post I’ve read so far. Good work!

  • I really do love Pinterest but it’s recent attention has seen people flock to it in order to promote themselves contaminating it with ugly stock images … c’mon marketers … we can use it to our advantage AND still protect it’s calm, sublime beauty … can’t we? 

  • Great post, very interesting, extremely well writen and detailed. I’m on Pinterest too and even if I’m not that active I find it pretty interesting. Thanks for such a useful article.

  • I have had a personal Pinterest account for a while now and have found it a great place for interesting things, but thought I’d create a separate one for my blog. I did that last night, and saw an improvement in traffic within 5 mins.
    I also like how clean it feels. There’s some great stuff on there and it will be interesting to watch it develop further.

  • Anonymous

    Great post as usual! I’m finding it fascinating how Pinterest has mushroomed in the social media collective consciousness even in the past couple of weeks. I just wrote a post on it and I’ve noticed a handful of others just recently. I think we all need to stay tuned.
    Plus, I went to U of Penn. Love that they have a Pinterest page!

  • Anonymous

    Great post as usual! I’m finding it fascinating how Pinterest has mushroomed in the social media collective consciousness even in the past couple of weeks. I just wrote a post on it and I’ve noticed a handful of others just recently. I think we all need to stay tuned.
    Plus, I went to U of Penn. Love that they have a Pinterest page!

  • Francisco, I just discovered your website yesterday and I’m very impressed. Also yesterday, I was “accepted” to join Pinterest and your post has really helped me out. Over the next week, I’ll pin most of my photos, but I must admit, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed right now with so much new information on social media.

  • Francisco, I just discovered your website yesterday and I’m very impressed. Also yesterday, I was “accepted” to join Pinterest and your post has really helped me out. Over the next week, I’ll pin most of my photos, but I must admit, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed right now with so much new information on social media.

  • Fantastic article!  Congratulations on the #1 nod by SocialMedia Examiner too!  I can see why you were selected for number 1.  I would LOVE to check out Pinterest, and if anyone has an invite they can send me, would really appreciate it. From this article alone, I have visions of what I could do with a site like that for my business.

  • Thank you Annie! It’s great to have you here.

  • Randall, I know what you mean, the social web is moving way too fast even for me. I’m glad you’re in, don’t forget to connect with me there.

    Thanks for your comment!

  • Thank you Jennifer!

    Here is the link to the post “Pinterest – The New Love/Hate Relationship” you’re talking about: in case others want to read it (I love that image you used BTW).

  • To go along with what you need to know (well done post by the way) here are some thoughts on why you should care:

  • It’s great to learn more about it. Frankly I’ve kept reading about it, but no idea how it worked. You explained the benefits pretty well. Time to setup my account!

  • Anonymous

     Thank you!

  • This is a great summary!
    What is the one way you are using it most? What results are you seeing?

  • Glad you liked Benny, good to see you here!

    Let me know if you need an invite.

  • Thanks for sharing Steve.

  • Tasty Traveler

    One of the nicest introduction and summary of pintrest I’ve seen so far. Clearly written and comprehensive. Do continue to write on the subject.

  • Tasty Traveler

     Is there anyway to manage multiple accounts from one email address?

  • We are huge Pinterest fans!

  • Useful article! Very detailed. We were lucky to receive an invitation a few months ago and we’ve be using it intensively since then with no regret. It brought us some good traffic,not so much as Google or Twitter but I think is a very promising service.
    We just followed your infographics board,nice! 

  • Surendra

    I have been hearing about Pinterest but was not sure whether to become a member or not and whether it will add any value to my campaigns. But this article has given a good insight into what we should look for and helped me made my decision. Thank you Franc.

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  • I see tremendous capacity for academic applications here; it could easily serve as an organizing tool for student projects, etc.  Do you know of where I might find some info on such uses thus far?  I am trying to introduce it in my own college environment at a curricular level, glad you included the U of Penn dept. example.

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  • I love Pintrest and use it as a bookmark for articles or recipes I want to return to. I encouraged a friend to use it for school, collecting the medical videos and research articles she needed for each class (pin board). It is a wonderful way to share, but also a great way to organize ideas and goals.

  • Dana Terry-Pettigrew

    Thanks for the very insightful post…I’m always wondering if I should invest more time in another social network.   BTW…can you pass along an invite to a member of pinterest’s main demographic? (that would be me 🙂 )

  • Marie Pineau

    It’s a great very to the point article. However I am still struggling : should I invest time in Pinterest and if so, what kind of images a management firm coudl use to describe its services ?

  • Laura Dana Lewis

    Fran, great post. Question. If your a brand do you participate in comments in pinterest? If you are a skin care company can you comment on a pin of a great looking steak wuith the hopes that some people will click on your profile brand name in pinterest and check out your boards?

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  • Thanks for the update – wow!! It’s truly amazing, but not too surprising – I knew Pinterest was a great thing a long time ago. 😉 Oh, and I had a pin I uploaded go viral last night on my personal Pinterest, and that is fun to watch!

  • This is great – I just got my beta signup so I’ll make best use of it. Just as a thought – with all that extra cash they’re going to have lying around fairly soon, any bets on whether Pinterest might become a new Facebook ‘feature’ at some point in the future? It would be a good addition to their current feature set…

  • I’ve been dabbling in Pinterest recently and trying to use it as a way to promote not only my blog but also the principles and ideas behind the blog. You have given me several good tips I’m going to try and incorporate. It’s somewhat less overwhelming now.

  • I joined Pinterest at the suggestion of my sisters. At first, I recognized the site’s niche as a trendsetter for humorous content and source for fun recipes. After really exploring it, I’ve realized the potential that it has as a marketer. I work for a resort and we’re using amazing pictures from all over our community and sourcing them back to our webpage. We’re following our repins down rabbit holes and finding our pins end up on the dream vacation boards for people all over the country. The potential for this site is very exciting and I recommend it to all of my friends and colleagues!

  • Nice post Ben, and congrats for being on TechCrunch!

  • linus moran

    A great article explaining it all very clearly.  I have been using Pinterest for some time on my blog, but have not really explored all the marketing possibilites.  Top post !!

  • Great comprehensive rundown of Pinterest! I recently wrote an article on some success stories and how Pinterest is affecting bloggers:

    While I’m super happy to have the DiggDigg update with the PinIt button added to the mix, I noticed your PinIt button not pulling images like mine doesn’t. I’m hoping to see a fix for this from Buffer soon.

  • I started reading your post as I sat down to lunch today.  When I got to the part where you said “Do a test and bring some of that content you already share on Twitter or Google+ and start dumping it into a board.” I stopped reading and eating immediately and went to my fledgling blog and began pinning posts I wanted to showcase on my blog board–where previously I had only three pins.  By the time I was finished with your article (and my lunch), I went to gmail and already had 17 emails with multiple pins–repinning my pins. (Does that make sense? LOL) Anyway, I am just a “little” blogger and am thankful for your info because I am getting traffic to posts no one ever bothered to look at before. Thanks so much for your challenge statement that opened my eyes!  Anyone else up for the challenge?

  • paul stickland

    Very interesting, I’ve been on Pinterest for nearly a year now and it is amazing how it and our use of it has developed. I was using it purely for visual reference and promotion of my art but it has great possibilities for affiliate marketing and for blogging too. I have used it a lot for promoting my g+ profile.

  • Stafford Sterner

    As always, you nailed it with this post Francisco. I am awaiting my invite and will follow the suggestions you outlined here ASAP. 

  • great post, Agree with a lot of it! Although Pinterest’s etiquette pages says please don’t use for self promotion. The potential for brands to move into the space is colossal, but it seems as though Pinterest wants boards to be used for the things you love, not the things you are trying to pedal.

  • Candace Marquette

    Wow dude, you know your stuff! Thank you so much for helping people like myself.
    I dream of having  5,000+ followers. Don’t laugh, I only have 12 but I have a feeling in the next
    6 months to a year, with your expertise and knowledge, I can get there!

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    I love pinterest! I’ve just published an ebook
    Pinterest is such a fun site to use it was a pleasure to put it together 🙂

  • Christopher

    Great article! It helped stir up some ideas. Thanks!

  • Chuck

    I’d like to see more musicians taking advantage of Pinterest. I think there could be some really interesting ways for bands to build their brand. Not only could the their songs from Youtube, SoundCloud etc, but they could also start boards of the music that inspired them. 

  • Useful insights. It’s amazing how Pinterest has, within a short span of time, emerged as a popular social networking site.

  • Hi Francisco, great post – I am a new follower of your newsletters, and I have learned so mmuch from reading your posts.  I humbly request an Invite to Pinterest — have been waiting weeks for them to let me in.  Thanks in advance

  • Great information! I love Pinterest. Not only am I addicted but its a wonderfully creative way to market your business and express your interests.

  • Gwphoto

    Please advise your audience regarding the legal implications of posting photos that they do mot own.

  • SSBimini

    super informative post Francisco, love to have an invite.

  • :  Initially I read
    this article because I was new to Pintrest and have been reading anything I can
    about the site itself.  Something that
    stood out to me that I think is very important is number 3.  It is important to see different points of view.  A lot of times, people get caught up in
    selling and lose sight of what the consumers want and are looking for.  Taking a step back and realizing how the
    consumer is viewing the company is very important to sales and popularity.  This post really showed me how Pintrest is used and hopefully I can get organized with it a little better.

  • Sbonesz

    Great article! Here are my thoughts on why Pinterest is growing so fast. We all know how popular Twitter is, and if a picture is worth a thousand
    words, and Twitter allows about 23 words per post, then a pinterest
    upload is about 43 times more powerful than a single tweet.

    Math aside, I think most folks love the simplicity of Pinterest. I
    always hear non social media people complain that they don’t use it,
    because they don’t know what to say. Pinterest allows you to say it with
    a pic!

    You might like this Pinterest spoof my friends and I made.

  • Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular social network in the U.S. in terms of traffic.

  • Nitapipkins

    This was a great overview with excellent examples!

  • Nita Pipkins

    Thank you for posting Jennifer’s blog link.  I really enjoyed it, and subscribed to her email list. 

  • Pinterest is clearly driving much more traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined, but I wonder over time if it will prove to be qualified traffic that turns into leads and customers, and ultimately higher brand loyalty. I suppose time, studies, and more infographics will tell.

  • and on top of that, everybody is talking about using it for marketing and getting tons of traffic and, you just don’t see it.

  • Max

    Great post. I’m new to this. Question: When I go to
    Pinterest Home, there is an “Everything” tab at the top, in the drop-down for
    that tab, there is a category called “Humor”. If I am on IcanHasCheezburger and
    I want to pin a funny cat photo, how do I get that pin to appear on the “Humor”
    page of Pinterest? Thanks for your help.

  • That content is successful in reaching its goals or has even been put out there with a business goal.

  • Or more like, you can’t spend 15 minutes online without hearing about it…

  • Thank you for this!  So informative!

  • Alright, I hear you. I’ll give you everything you need to know about
    Pinterest and a bunch of resources so you can decide if you or your
    business are ready to join the hottest trend online.

  • Alright, I hear you. I’ll give you everything you need to know about
    Pinterest and a bunch of resources so you can decide if you or your
    business are ready to join the hottest trend online.

  • I am pleased to say that this blog raises the belief of those reading it. 

  • Tumblr and other people can “repin” them or comment on them, as well as like them or tweet them, of course.

  • We are doing the same thing, pinning other products that complement ours (that aren’t from our competitors) on this board  with some success. One of our biggest challenges has been getting followers too. Our follower count was pretty stagnant for a few weeks but now it’s starting to gain a lot of momentum. Good luck with your own Pinterest campaigns!

  •  I’ve seen some success with Pinterest – a page of a site mentioned in a pin starts ranking better. I am yet to explore all other benefits of Pinterest… thank for the article.

  • annabelle

    um, i requested an invite and was accepted the next morning… so yeah, it’s not actually that hard. i find pintrest pretty boring actually. it was fun at first but…

  • And now you’re thinking, “should I jump on the wagon too?” or “another
    social network to keep up with?” and on top of that, everybody is
    talking about using it for marketing and getting tons of traffic and,
    you just don’t see it.

  • Lottie Nevin

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