Social Friday: BrowserID, G+ Badge, Tracking Tweets And Likes & A Special #FollowFriday

Social Friday: Google + Badge, BrowserID, New Google Analytics Okay Okay, I know, there was no content this week on SocialMouths and I just went from Friday to Friday. It’s been crazy the last couple of weeks between projects for clients and how SocialMouths is evolving, mostly under the hood for now.

So I apologize and promised there is more coming and there are also some cool people that will honor us as guests in the following weeks.

That said, I welcome you to another Social Friday. Hope you like it!

Let’s start by sharing some of the cool content that saw the light of day this week.

Awesome Posts This Week

Can you track Tweets and Likes with Google Analytics? Here is how…

In case you haven’t been to your Google Analytics dashboard for a while (let’s be honest… it’s been a while for some of you), you probably don’t know that there is a new version and, it not only looks awesome but it also has a few new features. One of those things is a new social section that for now is tracking incoming traffic from G+ but in this post from Social Media Examiner, they tell you how to track tweets and Likes on Google Analytics by adding a few lines of code. This is easy and I know you can totally do it yourself.

7 Unwritten Rules of Social Media – Not the usual ones…

This post has the headline of the typical post I would hit the back button on my browser in less than a second. Luckily I gave it a chance. 7 Unwritten Rules of Social Media by Rajesh Setty is a let’s-come-our-senses-reality-check kind of post, I love these. I specially liked the line “Don’t confuse the two-way connection as permission to interrupt people” but there is a very smart list of things here that you should consider. It’s short and to the point.

A real example of content going viral

This is a very cool post from Pat Flynn because it was created as an interview with one of his readers. Jim followed Pat’s advice on how to drive traffic to a website and his traffic went to the roof right away. Great post about epic content going viral.

Great idea Pat!

Liked, followed, linked and even circled… And then what?

Pam Moore needs no introduction, we’re used to getting great content from her already but I wanted to point this one out because we seem to have fallen into this blind liking and following without even stopping to see if the content or the connection makes sense. Specially now, before we start circling people like there’s no tomorrow. Pam is listing 7 quick tips to maxime your likes, follows, circles and other forms of social connections and interactions.

Google + Badge For Your Site

Google Plus Badge Did you notice my shiny new badge on the sidebar? Yes, the Google + badget right below the BlogWorld ad.

This is very easy to get, head over to Widgets Plus so you can generate your piece of code and paste it in your site or blog’s sidebar. You will need to have your Google + ID number in order to get your badge.

Just in case you don’t know, your Google + ID is located in the URL:

You can connect with me on Google + by the way.


Did you hear about BrowserID? To make it simple, BrowserID is a project from the guys at Mozilla that changes how we interact with website access and passwords online by giving the control to the browser. You would login your browser with a simple email address and that will give you automatic access to all the sites that support the platform.


I don’t know about you but I have an extensive file full of passwords to literally hundreds of websites, this could be a big time saver. Check it out.

My Interview On Univision Radio

SocialMouths on Univision Radio Last week I was on Clickeando, a show on Univision Radio that talks about technology with a cool human point of view. I was invited to talk about Google + so I wanted to share that with you. This is obviously in Spanish. My segment is about 8 minutes (hey, this is national radio okay…) and you can jump 15 minutes into it to listen to it.

Francisco Rosales on Clickeando – Univision Radio

What I love the most about this interview is that turns out in Spanish I have no accent!

A Special #FollowFriday

The intention of this little section is to recognize cool people doing great work online and at the same time introduce them to you (okay… it’s also good karma). So here goes, this week’s Special #FollowFriday is for…

Leo Widrich

Leo Wid Leo Wid is the co-founder of Buffer, where he clearly is in charge of putting this awesome app on the map and he has done just that. But Leo could pretty easily stand on his own as a personal brand, sure he blogs at the Buffer Blog but if you pay attention, the guy is everywhere. There was a point when I was looking at Leo on my dashboard all the time and coming from different sources. He basically hi-jacked the internet.

Leo is a guy with a great guest blogging strategy, he been among others on Social Media Examiner, Kikolani and he has been a guest here at SocialMouths too. I knew he had mad skills when he pulled 300+ retweets in no time.

But mostly I recommend Leo as a #FF because he’s an example of creating something awesome, something you’re so in love with you can’t stop talking about it. That’s how you get people excited enough to pay attention to you, then you let your creation, your work or your portfolio do the rest of the work.

Leo is taking Buffer places man…

How are you adjusting your life this week? About a decade ago my wife decided that she was going to dedicated only 4 days to business/work and she made Friday hers. She decided to have 3-day weekends! Just like that! You wanna know where she is today? Not working, that’s where she is!